DD already requires mid diff but when G4+Law hax come into play Sabo will lose since he'll already be damaged by DD. He grew up to become a member of the Revolutionary Army. 2:01. I would argue Sabo physically is stronger and faster as well as having better armament haki. Actually, it was Sabo who first set sail, but a passing Celestial Dragon ended his dream preemptively. Burgess still remains a non factor. Burgess then decided to take Sabo's Devil … Sabo no efforted Burgess and Bastille, and held his own 1v1 with fujitora pretty easily (how hard either was trying is questionable) . After Luffy promised to defeat Doflamingo once he recovered, Sabo entrusted Gatz to him. SABO VS BURGESS | ONE PIECE CHAPTER / KAPITEL 786 MANGA REVIEW. Report. Sabo also saved Luffy from Burgess' attack. Sabo (Lucy) Vs Burgess Vostfr. Ok so I've posted before about how I was kinda let down at how easy-ish Luffy beat Doflamingo compared to how he's fought previous antagonists. Sabo defeated burgess pretty easily. To pose a serious threat to Sabo, Burgess would most certainly need the powers of Devil Fruit, and we may actually see him eat one soon. Playing next. 3 Different: Paths. Sabo then informed Burgess of his relationship to Luffy and Burgess realized that Sabo was the Lucy who fought in the colosseum finals. I mean, the guy had the devil fruit for a day and he was shitting on Burgess and pressuring an admiral. Parasite doesn't matter against a logia. level 2. Despite all of the three brothers wanting to become pirates, only two were successful. Sabo VS Burgess. Melvin Seaman. Sabo (Lucy) Vs Burgess Vostfr. Scenario 3 he loses. Sabo was portrayed as overwhelming Burgess and doing so w/o a terrible amount off difficulty. 7 Can't Beat: Monkey D. Luffy. 6 years ago | 33 views. Sabo is Luffy and Ace's childhood friend and sworn "brother". I don't think Burgess is anyone to sneeze at, so Sabo's probably just that strong. Sabo vs Burguess. Playing next. Report. They clashed twice, and both times Burgess was shown to be inferior. One Piece - Lucy-Sabo Dragon Claw on Jesus Burgess. Follow. I was also sorta disappointed in how easy Sabo faired against Jesus Burgess. This was even before he ate the Mera Fruit. His base physicals seem better then Luffy, same with Haki. Discussion . Browse more videos. So Sabo Pre-Mera fruit at worst defeats Burgess with Mid-diff, and after Mera Fruit low diffs Burgess. The protagonist of One Piece and the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, Luffy is easily one of the strongest characters in the series. His weapon of choice is a long pipe, and was the first of them to set out on their dream of becoming great pirates. Burgess can even try and connect a sneak attack but he's so useless that he might even miss against a distracted Sabo. Browse more videos.

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