they are found in subtropical oceans in the Southern Hemisphere . It is a delicacy especially in Australia and New Zealand. 9563).Feeds on polychaetes, isopods, amphipods and brown algae. im sure someone can correct this and tell us what it really is. Word of the Day: SEA CARP (9D: Bottom-feeding fish known formally as the morwong) — Morwongs (also called butterfish , fingerfins , jackassfish , snappers , and moki ) are perciform fishes comprising the family Cheilodactylidae . Found in seagrass beds and near rocky outcrops (Ref. They live in large schools and inhabit depths from 25 m (82 ft) to 200 m (660 ft). Their rate of growth is fast in the first 5 years and then slows. The tarakihi is also called jackassfish, ocean bream and silver bream. Flesh of smaller fish is excellent eating, but its quality deteriorates with age (Ref. Jackass morwong is caught alongside many other species, some of which are overfished, including blue warehou and gemfish. Up to half of the catch weight in the otter trawl fishery may be discarded, and many of these fish die during the process. Ive eaten plenty of them and some have been reasonable and others down right terriable. The Blue Morwong or Queen Snapper is definitely a top-quality eating fish, and is actively sought by many southern anglers. Several species of morwongs are commercially harvested as food fish, particularly in Australia. Using tackle such as 10-15kg breaking strain line and a 3/0 – 6/0 is ideal for catching Morwong off … 2156). Males grow larger than females and mature banded morwong may be as old as 90 years. Most Blue Morwong are caught from boats. Tarakihi is a morwong or perciform fish found mostly in the Southern hemisphere but also off the coasts of Japan and Hawaii. cheers fisheroo [attachmentid=38778 Responsible fishing tips: Cut the mesh in the net to release the fish in preference to pulling as this may damage the gills, eyes, skin and fins. Butter fish ( Dusky Morwong ) .....Not the oceans finest eating fish, a weed eater , and mushy flesh when cooked.....Haven't eaten one since I was a kid, Give it a try anyways. ... Not the oceans finest eating fish, a weed eater , and mushy flesh when cooked.....Haven't eaten one since I was a kid, Give it a try anyways. he is claiming it to be a winter bream. The fishery also catches unwanted fish that are then discarded. Their maximum weight is 70 kg (150 lb) [citation needed]. the weight when measured was 5.8kg at 60cm. ALTERNATIVE 4: Redfish The flesh of Redfish and Morwong is similar, being white, medium-firm and mildly sweet. Jackass Morwong has creamy, white, medium-firm flesh that can be replaced by Dory in recipes calling for both whole fish and fillets. guys tjhis is the fsh that fishraider something fishy had caught in the bay. This is Shane's recipe for Morwong that appeared on Adventure Bound during season 9. Each to his own, but id drown … The fillets of the fish have firm, moist, white flesh and are usually cooked with spices. The largest species grow up to 1.2 m (3.9 ft), but most species only reach around half that length. The old slatey bream, (morwong)is one of those fish that varry in taste depending on what they have been feeding on.

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