By continuing to use our website you are consenting to their use. This is the union’s helpline for members, stewards and potential members. ... Legal Helpline. There are some areas of law that are either too complex to deal with in a phone call or they are of strategic importance to our members. Clients are asked to phone 416-653-5400 ext. Downloads are available and stored for 7 days and have a 3 time download limit following your initial purchase. ... Helpline open until midnight. It is important to note our Legal Assistance scheme is subject to terms and conditions, for further information on the scope of that scheme and eligibility please refer to our Legal Services Guide. 24 hour PIP legal helpline for UNISON members. A member must have joined at least four weeks before the incident or occurrence that leads them to seek that assistance. * Call 0800 709 007 for legal advice or to make a claim. Updated January 2017. Furlough, Annual Leave, Sickness and Redundancies Q&A, UNISON operates an initial free online wills service for members for standard wills and partners if drawing up a mirror will – simply call 0808 252 2783. Branch Name – WYCAT Branch Number – 13293 Join UNISON online here… Join securely online. We provide the broadest range of legal help to union members in the UK. We use cookies on our website to ensure you find the information you need in the simplest way. UNISON provides quality legal services for employment-related and non-work issues at no extra cost to members and their family. This branch guide outlines the legal services provided by UNISON. You can find this at the bottom of any emails we’ve sent you. Find out more. Lawyers on the helpline will not be able to consider large quantities of paper but will be able to signpost you to information on the legal issues raised and give you confidence in dealing with the employer or other party. All UNISON members can get free legal advice and help with work-related issues (provided you have been a member for at least four weeks before you knew you needed legal help and sought that help from UNISON. By continuing to use our website you are consenting to their use. Get help by: UNISON, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY. For all other issues call 0808 252 2783. UNISON offers a 24 hour Police Post Incident Procedures (PIP) legal helpline for UNISON members. Can't find the answer you're looking for here? Updated September 2018. It is important that you contact the union
 as soon as possible as legal rights often have time limits. These need to be referred to regions in the normal way, to ensure the best possible legal solutions for our members. All legal support is granted at the discretion of the union’s national executive council. We represent staff who provide public services in the public and private sector. General Legal Advice. If you need UNISON help or information fast and can’t contact your union rep or branch, or don’t know who they are, call UNISONdirect on 08000 857 857. Join today. Return a paper form. UNISON West Sussex members can access free initial legal advice on non-work related issues, along with support for members and their family members for personal injury cases, a free wills service, low-cost conveyancing and help with immigration issues. As a UNISON member, you receive free legal advice and assistance for: UNISON members’ families are covered for: And if you or a loved one think you have been injured as the result of clinical negligence, we can support you with free initial advice from UNISON’s lawyers. If you are arrested contact the Thompsons 24 Hour Legal Helpline on Exclusive prices for UNISON members Alternative accommodation for your family and pets Interest FREE monthly payments Accidental damage to laptops, games consoles and TVs in the home ‘New for old’ contents cover FREE 24/7 legal helpline UNISON home insurance UNISON offers a 24 hour Police Post Incident Procedures (PIP) legal helpline for UNISON members of police staff in England and Wales who are involved in an incident where someone dies, may die, or is seriously injured following contact with the police. An A4 poster advertising UNISON legal helpline for police staff members involved in a post incident procedure. Update your details. Free expert legal services for Unite members and their families. Join UNISON online. Accredited stewards and branch officers can contact UNISONdirect, who will check that you are eligible to use the service. Subscription payments must be up to date. 2. As well as providing legal support with employment tribunals and settlements, UNISON’s legal team Thompsons also support members with other types of legal claim. © Copyright 2021 Privacy policy A guide designed to inform members about the legal services they and their families may be entitled to and how to access them. Card carrier and card" Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 7 reasons to join UNISON ... as well as professional legal advisors and experts when appropriate. As a Unite member, you can obtain free initial advice on any non-work related legal matter by telephoning our 24-hour legal helpline. Thompsons will then ring back within two hours, take some details and provide basic advice. For cases of injury, illness or disease in the workplace. There are some areas of law that are strategically important to the union and it will not be possbile to deal with them via the helpline. The helpline provides speedy and efficient preliminary advice and points you to the next steps. Your branch’s accredited stewards should talk to the branch officers to check the matter is suitable for helpline advice. This service entitles you to receive a 30 minute telephone interview. Call 0800 0 857857 for further information. Issues related to your work and employment law assistance should in the first instance continue to be directed to your branch. Unite members get: Free legal advice and … This pack includes a factsheet for members, a checklist that branches must complete with members and a suggested letter template. Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2019. The helpline is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Wills and Conveyancing Service UNISON’s legal assistance scheme includes a free initial standard wills service for members (and their partners if drawing up mirror wills). if our members want criminal law advice or to access our initial free legal advice scheme; or if they/their families want legal help with complex wills and conveyancing Phone 0800 916 9066 for legal advice on any issue apart from employment matters.

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