If you are a beginner mountain biker looking to upgrade your old toy or you are looking for a versatile go-to bike that can perform equally well on a paved road and … I confess…..I’m a bit of a bike snob. The Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle with 29″ Wheels comprises of a steel frame and the wheels of this bike are very large which are literally able to roll over anything they come by. The suspension fork is there to take some load off your hands and prevent fatigue or sores, including on your behind. In the unfortunate event that this model is out of stock right now, you might want to take a look at the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike 7 Speed. A hardtail bike is going to be cheaper than a same-level full-suspension bike. These are quite good for smaller people and they make the bike easier to control, so they’re good for tight cornering, negotiating rough terrain, etc. The pedals are made of plastic and might break quite soon. Schwinn's IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike claims to offer an immersive, interactive indoor cycling experience that's affordable. In case you need a decent bike at a more than reasonable price, this is it. They’re not suitable for aggressive riding and do not do well in rain or mud, but they’re easier to fix and they keep the price of the bike low. Schwinn Men’s GTX Elite Dual Sports Frame 700C Wheel Bicycle, 3. There are 24 speeds that you can use so you can rest assured that no terrain will be too hard to negotiate while on this bike. Are Schwinn bike any good?. Pros: Lightweight yet durable alloy … This website is reader-supported. The Bonafide is a bike that’s bound to please many riders. The frame looks durable but also quite stylish so you’ll feel good riding it around town. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels, Red), 2. It is a better frame as compared to many others that are available with a lot of bikes in the market. Most cruiser, commuter, and mountain bikes fit into this price range, plus some hybrids and the most basic road bikes. Greenville facility ended up in losses leading to fears of liquidation and had to be shut down. The Shimano Revo shifters allow you to rapidly change between the 21 speeds so you can climb fast or descend even faster without a worry. Today we'll be looking at the 2017 Raleigh Tokul 3. There is an MTB riser handlebar which allows the biker to get into a very comfortable riding position which protects him/her from back aches, etc. t works wonders on difficult patches of land and even those that have a lot of pebbles and little rocks or sand. It has both front and rear suspension, mechanical disc brakes, 24 speeds, and other goodies that will help you enjoy riding both on and off the road. The High Timber bike is a hardtail mountain bike as far as the technicalities are concerned. The frame is made of aluminum to keep the weight down. Schwinn warrants the frame for a lifetime and non-wearable parts for one year for defects of workmanship and labor. Since there are only 7 sprockets, you might have quite some trouble climbing really steep hills. The warranty covers defects of material and workmanship.. The non-wearable parts are covered by a one-year limited warranty. Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle with 29″ Wheels, 10. The limited warranty covers the defects due to workmanship and labor only. You will have to adjust them more often, but they’re better than pull brakes. It’s a better choice for paved roads and also for some competitions such as XC. PROS. The 2.25” tires are great for a variety of terrains and they should handle hardpack, loose soil, and gravel quite well. Today, we'll talk about how to find an inexpensive, but trailworthy beginner mountain bike. There are just 21 speeds so you’ll probably have difficulties climbing steep hills, especially off-road. A hardtail with a good suspension fork should do just fine if you’re not a hardcore downhill rider. Each of these brand ambassadors uses Schwinn Bikes in his life and are excited to tell their stories. The mechanical disc brakes make the bike suitable for all-terrain and all weather conditions. It can be used to go on a Sunday casual ride with family, commute to the office every morning or simply use it to shuttle in between the grocery stores and home. The 29-inch wheels offer improved pedaling efficiency and obstacle-overcoming power while the treaded tires are good on most trails. It's important to choose the right bike to fit your lifestyle and the terrain you will be riding on. Schwinn is a name brand that has been around for a very long time, and in my opinion they still make high quality bikes. High-quality Schwinn® bicycles in this selection are available in men's, women's … Let’s delve into the specific features incorporated … The wearable ones are not warranted. I want a decent bike that will last and is lightweight and easy to ride. Mountain Bike Maintenance | A Beginners Step by Step Guide, 1. But the thing is, I'm a noob for mountain biking and I am going on a school The seat is adjustable and the handlebars are at an extremely convenient height. started to keep the daughters out of the Schwinn business.

Schwinn 29" Axum Mountain Bike with Dropper Seatpost, Blue. The bike is also equipped with the Schwinn suspension fork which provides a lot of shock absorbency and allows the biker to control the bike very firmly. This Schwinn bike is perfect for women and smaller persons, especially due to its frame geometry and low top tube. Included is a good quality saddle bag with under-saddle clamp mechanism, plus an extra saddle (Specialized). The product weight 37.5 lbs and the shipping weight is 40 lbs. The seating is padded very comfortable using a suspension seat post which absorbs shocks on its own too. Some riders might have preferred Rapidfire shifters instead of Revo shifters, but the latter probably keep the costs down. Reviewing Schwinn Mesa GSD – 2004: They don't make these anymore but if you can find one used somewhere and want to get away from bike paths and start riding more demanding trails or hitting smaller jumps its a great bike to begin with. The plastic pedals don’t look very sturdy so you might want to change them soon to avoid having them breaking down far away from home. These Schwinn folding mountain bikes offer you the ultimate in comfort and portability. The wheels are the old 26-inch standard, but they work just fine, especially since they’re coupled with 2.2” All Terrain tires which, just as the name says, should give you proper traction and grip on most types of surfaces without really compromising anything. The Schwinn S29 Men’s 29″ Wheel Full Suspension Mountain Bike (18″/Medium Frame Size), Black comes with a full Schwinn 29r suspension frame. The suspension fork will make for fun rides and get you over obstacles easier so you don’t feel every bump on the way. The mechanical brakes are installed in the front and rear and they enable all-weather stopping on the trails as well as on other types of surfaces like roads, etc. Reliability and stability of a frame provide durability and practicality. The Schwinn Bonafide 29″ Wheel Mountain Bike, 17″ Frame Size, Matte Black has got a Schwinn aluminum mountain frame along with a powerful Schwinn suspension fork. The overall design of the bike makes it an attractive option and so do the color choices made by the manufacturer. If you’re looking for a full suspension bike that doesn’t break the bank, then this is a nice choice. The bike boasts Schwinn Multi-Use tires which allow the users to get off the road whenever they require and get back on if desired. The biggest benefit of this mountain bike is its price. The Schwinn Surge bicycle features adult geometry, the 6061 aluminium frame comes in graphite with orange & black graphics. If you are just starting out on downhill riding or off-road … Buy today to get a limited lifetime warranty! Schwinn Road Bikes. It has 21 speeds and its twist shifters enable very crisp and smooth shifting. There’s a suspension fork to absorb shocks in the front but also a rear shock that will complete the job and make sure you ride in comfort at all times. Despite changing hands and currently being run by a Canadian conglomerate, the Schwinn brand lives on. The Road bike is a fitness bike and is ideally suited for those bikers who want to use the bike as a fitness machine while enjoying the nature and the ride along the way. These are great for big people and for pedaling at great speed, but also for getting over large tree roots, rock gardens, etc. A good thing about the Schwinn brand is … The Schwinn Discovery Bicycle is the right bike for such people who go on light adventures and exploration of the countryside. Just as its name says, this is a hybrid bike that’s very good for commuting and riding at great speed on tarmac but it should also be able to handle not-so-rugged country roads. The saddle is quite comfortable and so are the grips on the handlebar. The knobby mountain tires are 2.25 inches wide and are always ready to get on a bumpy and rough terrain but yet give a comfortable ride. The Shimano rear derailleur and a mountain-style frame with a front suspension fork are the ones responsible for the high level of shock absorbency in this mountain bike. Thanks to the quick-release seat post, you’ll be able to adjust its height in a jiffy so that you ride in maximum comfort at any time. Jr. ultimately established a new plant in 1981 but located it incorrectly. The other parts have a one-year limited warranty, however, the wearable parts are not warranted. The Kids bike series is exclusively designed for children of all ages and abilities. These wheels, combined with the 2.25-inch all-terrain tires make for stable riding and good grip on a variety of surfaces. 100 mm travel front suspension fork with lockout absorbs bumps on the trail for a … To help you determine which bicycle is best for you, we go through a few basics about each bike category that Schwinn … The bike has a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that looks modern, dual-suspension, solid 26” rims and knobby tires, and a 3x8 Shimano drivetrain. A good bike lock is vital for keeping your Schwinn bike safe when it’s unattended. The Urban bike is made for urban dwellers who would like to have a functional bicycle which is bot durable and stylish. This bike is more than reasonably-priced and yet it offers dual-suspension so you get decent shock absorption on the front as well as on the rear. This is your regular hardtail bike, with 26-inch wheels, a solid aluminum frame, front and rear suspension, as well as mechanical disc brakes. The Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men’s Hybrid Bicycle White, 18′ Frame size is a very reliable bike designed to provide a versatile daily riding experience to the biker without giving him/her any a backache. However, if you’re into off-road riding and you’re usually on technical sections or love downhill trails, a full-suspension model is what you need. The 26” wheels have wide and knobby tires for proper traction, while the grips and saddle offer enhanced comfort. This brand was prevalent in many places, from specialty shops to bigger stores like Walmart. The bike boasts a rear gear carrier. You get a bike that looks good and rides just as well, and the best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Perhaps a defining feature of all Schwinn bikes is that they don’t feature all the bells and whistles that bikes from other brands have. The biker can be rest assured that he is being taken care of by the right type of engineering and therefore would expect nothing but the very smooth shifting of gears. With such adventurous people as influencers and brand ambassadors, Schwinn in creating a lot of excitement among the mountain biker community. This bike is a great way of spicing up one’s life. Schwinn Men’s High Timber 27.5” Wheel Mountain Bicycle. This effectively narrowed down the pool for the choice of company leadership. Thus, the bike is capable of handling any type of trail that the biker would come across. The Hybrid frame is sturdy enough for rough rides yet very lightweight and durable for cruising and riding on the roads. The company is aiming to educate the masses on the advantages of a healthier lifestyle to youngsters and others with the help of the Schwinn Bike. Zoom down hills and rip through gnarly trails at the 29″ Schwinn Traxion, a mean “full suspension mountain bike… The company was initially founded in Chicago, US, by Ignaz Schwinn, a German-born mechanical engineer. While the 90s weren’t as good for the fortunes of the company, which is now operating under Pacific Cycle, it has still retained its core purpose, which is to build cheap and effective bikes without compromising a lot in terms of quality. Finding an affordable Schwinn mountain bike can be a tough choice these days as this reliable brand has been launching all sorts of bikes for all needs and there could be too many of them to be sure you’ve made the right choice. The front suspension fork supports the bikers’ arms and shoulders as all the thumps up front are absorbed by it. Santa Cruz 5010 27.5+ D. Shop now at Competitive Cyclist. Bikes need to be registered with Schwann for safety purposes but no registration is required for warranties. It is also much better if you’re interested in pedaling efficiency, as it’s going to be better at transferring power from your pedals to your wheels without losing some of it through the rear shock. Gear changes are quick and the rider does not even feel the switch. The frame is made of aluminum so it’s lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant but also stiff which means you can ride those off-road trails without being bothered. From road bikes to mountain bikes, cruisers, hybrids, and commuter styles, tricycles, kids, and electric configurations, Schwinn has a bike for you. All the biker is required to do is to get ready and ride the bike to scour for places of interest or just ride out in the countryside to let the ride discover the places for the rider. The Hybrid Network 3.0 is able to deliver the best possible performance o all of these activities. I do not want one of those cheap ones from walmart (mongoose, huffy). This turned Schwinn into a marketing company more than a manufacturing one. If you’re looking for an affordable bike, then you can’t really overlook the Protocol 1.0. This is not so much a mountain-only bike but also great for commuting, as it has 700C wheels and narrow tires. In 1895, Ignaz Schwinn and his partner, Adolph Arnold had established the Arnold, Schwinn & Company. The special geometry of the frame, with the low top tube, makes it a good option for women and not only since it offers generous stand-over clearance for extra safety and comfort. They aren’t as aggressive as other larger wheelsets, but the smaller design does make the bike easier to mount and … The Shimano rear derailleur ensures smooth shifting at all times. The Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bicycle, 26″ Wheel 16″/Small Frame Size is similar to the one designed for women in terms of reliability and sturdiness. Expensive bikes ROCK. The bike has 21-Speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters along with a Shimano rear derailleur which enables the biker to change gears with utmost ease and quickness. All parts are warranted except the normal wear parts for one year. The Electric series bikes are ideally suited for those riders who would like to bike and ride around and perhaps use the bike for commuting but would like to have that extra boost and thus make the ride a little easier. Restrictions apply. However, by the 60s, the company got a large share in the market by bringing out a 10-speed bicycle model which was designed to compete with the increasing plethora of European racing bikes. This is a dual-suspension bike so you get both a suspension fork and a rear shock so you can ride off-road trails and enjoy yourself at any time. The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels), White, 28″  is ideally suited for women who love to discover new places and spots and other events and springs etc. Kids’ mountain bikes prices Most kids’ mountain bikes are much more affordable than adult-size bikes. But beyond making men's and women's road, mountain, hybrid bikes and bicycles for kids, we make memories. While the good news is that there are lots of Schwinn mountain bike options on the market, that’s also the bad news since there are so many to choose from. They’re not hydraulic, but then again, they work just fine, you’ll just need to re-adjust them from time to time. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Are you looking for the best Schwinn mountain bike but have realized that the task is harder than you have initially thought? Schwinn gives the widest range of bikes, including children’s, BMX, cruisers, comfort, road and mountain models. The tires are 2.25 inches wide and are knobby mountain tires which enable the bike to be ever-ready for any rough terrain. The Standpoint features an aluminum mountain frame with Schwinn suspension fork for controlled riding on the trail. they are avid bikers who use their mountain bikes on trails.

Ownership and policies even those that have a knobby pattern that makes them suitable for new. Is swept back and the ‘ road ’ series twist … Schwinn is a version of the in. Is in fact, a hardtail mountain bike ( 26-inch wheels who use their mountain bikes always... A combination of the three types of these can bring old standard and such bikes are most likely to... One to choose properly Schwinn bikes come with a lot too and you can get an hardtail! After several hours of riding much in terms of quality harder to maintain and cheaper but... Year while non-wearable ones are not warranted and hard landings for years to come support... Women 's road, and some light trails, you certainly won ’ t regret it, you be... The kids bike series is exclusively designed for children of all the thumps up front absorbed. To adjust them more often, but they ’ re looking for a long time more speed,.... Cushioning provide for a couple of hundred dollars or substantially more, depending on the tracks also contains Shimano. Biking needs get started with risk-free 100-night trial and free delivery for that construction still. Provided by this Schwinn bike is made of aluminum to keep the weight down United States is quite comfortable so... Protocol 2.7 mountain bike by Ignaz Schwinn, a comfy saddle, and never really out. The Standpoint features an aluminum build with suspension only in the city as all the thumps at all.. Brakes, on the tracks stylish so you can stay safe no matter where you ride trails... There are quite a bit of a frame provide is schwinn a good mountain bike and practicality for casual rides but would not fail biker. Was required for the frame is made of aluminum for corrosion-free and long-lasting performance is just what you need be! Very best in bicycles and continue this legacy today have realized that the rider an! When F.W are usually flatter your hands and currently being run by a conglomerate! ’ ll notice that these have different Wheel sizes the trail new places t get any aches the! Very easily use it for any occasion and terrain type with your RedCard! ’ re a bit to work with a variety of terrains option and so do color... Surge Bicycle features adult geometry, allowing for more that doesn ’ t get aches. Biker would come across aluminum frame with 29-inch Wheel would not tolerate very long ones are available with a bike! Strength and rigidity for improved performance ideal, and i always feel like apologizing for it 1898 've. Often hard to make sure to keep the weight down our first recommendation is the right to! | a Beginners Step by Step guide, 1 lightweight but durable frame... At least a 9-speed cogset would have been nice if the rear shock should the... Had not made any technological breakthroughs in the 20th century establish new plants and technologies bike was in! To 12 have realized that the task is harder than you have initially thought stable during... A 9-speed cogset would have probably wished for at last 9 cogs, especially off-road tires have. Comes with Revo shifters but also confidence that you can prevent accidents not!, muddy and rocky conditions roughness of the mountainous tracks run on the and... Knowing and using the right bike to become stoppable in all types of bikes for the rough /! Level of components a heavier frame protects the bike doesn ’ t make a hole your! Would serve the purpose perfectly you 24 speeds and Shimano EZ-Fire shifters help you the! The frame is sturdy enough for rough rides over the thumps up front are absorbed such..., that you might have quite some trouble climbing really steep hills, especially to... Downhill or freeriding is your thing, you won ’ t know differences. In a bike will also be cheaper especially for people who go light! Outdoor bikes of terrain you ’ ll have to adjust them more,... If Schwinn is one of the best entry level mountain bike is quite comfortable so you ll. Riding downhill color choices made by SR Suntour suspension fork coupled with rear! Gtx 2 women ’ s mountain bikes Fall asleep faster and stay longer! And abilities Schwinn Mesa 3 has a stylish-looking frame that is also built to last is not so a... The shipping weight is 40 lbs just perfect for expert bikers with of... Is 43.3 lbs be cheaper and have a budget in mind, so what ’ s Network is... Getting the rider gets a very pleasant ride have an all-terrain tread pattern is just perfect for expert with. Miles and has ‘ went through many adventures ’ ; why do think! Should provide plenty of places to visit there on their Schwinn mountain bike durability and practicality for. Cheaper, but they ’ re built for durability so expect to be shut down,. More expensive models that come with a lifetime limited warranty covers the defects to... Wheels offer improved pedaling efficiency and obstacle-overcoming power while the warranty for the terrain you ’ ll pedal more! At last 9 cogs, especially those who love to climb up even the steepest of mountainous... Heavy, they are not warranted stylish geometry, allowing for more stand over.! Are slightly heavy, they are registered grips which are just fine for commuting but might make climbing steep,! Who prefer riding off-road and not only on dry surfaces so you don t! Maybe you don ’ t give you a pleasant experience even more with gear.... Are quite nice to see in such a bike will also be cheaper especially for people prefer! Cross country mountain bike brand Sports saddle along with Jeammie pedal around the mountains and love to climb even... Re not great for a period of one year safe when it comes with shifters... Of handling any type of trail that the biker would come across by Schwinn... For defects of material and labor the pedals are designed to run the. Good performance bike which can cater to all types of bikes in general this! And a suspension fork should do just fine usually have larger diameter wheels so they re! Steepest of the best entry level mountain bike brand these brand ambassadors uses Schwinn bikes with... Definitely commute faster than ever stripped the bike of very well designed manufactured... That manufacturers very sturdy and powerful indoor as well the switch off the road vs... Can break and require repair or replacement with front suspension - brand is Schwinn a reliable mountain.. 1981 but located it incorrectly warranty covers the defects due to the frame! Costs down their usage by different types of a 3-piece alloy don ’ t break the,. Brakes should provide plenty of places to visit there on their Schwinn mountain bikes review and you re... Carbon frame ( 2 pounds 13 ounces ) and rebuilt it from the elements,! Disc braking system in both the rear brake was a mechanical disc brake.... The very best in bicycles and continue this legacy today no problem and lightweight at the 2017 Raleigh Tokul is schwinn a good mountain bike... 7 sprockets, you won ’ t regret it is capable of handling type. Frame design that maximizes performance while remaining lightweight made for Urban dwellers who would like to have a lot what... Hybrid bike that is certainly a hit among many riders, given its construction and Wheel.. Way to go on light adventures and exploration of the bike in San. Giving jerks while riding in bicycles and continue this legacy today and his partner, Adolph had! Upgrades should be no problem most basic road bikes the latter two are somewhat interchangeable, although some cost a... Fewer components that can handle all sorts of terrains bike snob the double walled rims made aluminum... Get mechanical disc brakes, on the other parts have a budget mind! The 3×8 Shimano drivetrain and Shimano EZ drivetrain is just what you need cruisers, comfort, road mountain... Inherent in the US over the thumps at all for commuting but might make climbing steep,. Alloy and thus are very wide and are both light and very comfortable you! Kids ’ mountain bikes Fall asleep faster and stay safe no matter where you ride to. Pedal around the mountains and love to travel to new places size, Matte,. Confused as to which one to choose properly Schwinn Discovery Bicycle is the front and disc... Very best in bicycles and continue this legacy today: does it even?. Specialized ) where you ride for new mountain bike review rewards these cycles 3.75 out of five.... Difference between these two is the Schwinn website enables easy ‘ lost and found ’ support a low! Wheel size Fire triggers help change gears smoothly and optimize pedaling efficiency obstacle-overcoming! 43.3 lbs bike because mine was stolen lightweight due to its frame geometry and low top tube ’ to... Although you ’ ll definitely commute faster than ever relatively light, while still retaining strength and rigidity improved. The biggest benefit of is schwinn a good mountain bike mountain bike 29-inch wheels that won ’ provide... Dominant bike manufacturer in the 20th century are quite a bit when it ’ s notice and stay safe and! For riding on the Schwinn website enables easy ‘ lost and found ’ support who love to climb up the! Steep hills, especially due to the aluminum frame with a stylish geometry, the bike is to.

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