Makes me miss Wrex". He has been married to Elizabeth Barnes since 1996. Sometimes Garrus will say something spontaneously, without being prompted. When Shepard tries to talk to Garrus once in a while, they will be unable to do so due since he is busy with some calibrations. Brandon Keener, Actor: Mass Effect 3. Garrus makes Femshep a romantic dinner, and is nervous about Valentine's Day. Shepard will respond “Not by half. your own Pins on Pinterest If Liara is the other squadmate and she notes that krogan once had an artistic side, Garrus will state that "had" is the operative word and that the krogan now only have rubble. no-pretence-of-something liked this Myself Ashlin Thekkan from India. after Garrus says his line. Not only is the quote add some comic relief to the scene but it also provides a look into his training, specifically turian military training. After interacting with the third Prothean item, regardless of which one it is, Garrus muses, "It's starting to feel like we're missing something. Jan 7, 2014 - Maybe he is sitting there wishing shepard was there, he doesn't know she is alive again and he misses an old friend, maybe even likes her but since she is human never admitted to it until it was too late? Speaking with Wrex before going down to retrieve the females yields interesting comments from Garrus. While dealing with the Phantoms in that area Garrus will remark, "Just like Cerberus to bring a knife into a gunfight". Hair Ideas. If Shepard is male, he'll say, "Ah probably for the best. After talking to Victus and finding out about his plans for a krogan-turian alliance, Garrus will say "this summit just got a lot more interesting". Shepard will then add, "Remember that- because here they come! If Wreav is the Urdnot leader, during the battle with the Atlas he will say something to egg Shepard on - depending on whether Maelon's cure was preserved or destroyed. when Joker hesitates to leave. Garrus replies that that only makes him angrier. A quote that does not just describe the world of Mass Effect but also the real world as well. During missions, in combat, Garrus will shout "Scratch one! Damn. Hospitals aren't fun to fight through." While traveling through the krogan ruins, after Wrex and, At the beginning of the mission when investigating the parked skycar, if the shuttle near the entrance is investigated, Garrus will comment, "My visor's IR says this car is still warm. After Shepard's squad is locked in a vault, Garrus will deadpan, "Well, that went well." But many would argue though that the best of the best might be the turian sharpshooter, Garrus Vakarian. When exiting the room where Samara is first encountered, Garrus will ask, "Why did the Reapers invade a monastery?" Garrus Vakarian: Long story. If Garrus enters with male Shepard, Shepard will ask Garrus if he's wearing his "dress blues," which Garrus confirms as the "downside of a militaristic culture," saying humans beat turians in formal wear. Garrus Vakarian: Shepherd is on a roll. I’m in the middle of some calibrations.” We’ve all heard that line before. Before the end of the main story, as the crew approaches the Omega 4 Relay, the scene for the Garrus Vakarian Romance will be triggered. They were always ignoring you and hitting on me. Continuously harassing Garrus Vakarian on the SSV Normandy never got old. ", Partway through the mission, Garrus will say "Being the son of Adrien Victus is a lot to live up to. While it is pretty simple, since it foreshadows just how bad the Reaper War will be. It adds a layer of humor to the game since all the squad members never actually say no to joining Shepard on a suicide mission, even if they are not loyal. ", After transmitting the signal to open the pod, Cerberus troops begin arriving. When James comments on the loss of a turian, Garrus sympathizes with James's distress at thinking about husks overrunning Earth, saying "It's gonna be bad all over". This shows a more witty side to Garrus that was kind of absent from him in the first game. Throughout Shepard's travels, there are specific points where Garrus will voice his opinions. ", In the same room, if the other squad member speaks first, Garrus will then wonder why the quarians would go there, concluding, "Whatever they're after, I hope it's worth it. If Garrus has been romanced and the paragon choice has been selected, a female Shepard will proclaim she will always love him, to which Garrus will respond Shepard "I love you too”. What's strange is the Primarch knows that. ", When Liara says the squad needs to go toward the Reaper, Garrus will ask, "You suddenly feeling lucky, T'Soni?" If certain dialogue choices are made during his loyalty mission and if certain actions were taken in Mass Effect (e.g. Remember how we'd always ask you about life on the flotilla? It's all just expected.". During the investigation to find out whether Saren had gone rogue, Commander Shepard can learn from Harkin that Garrus has gone to the Med Clinic in the Wards. We won't get a second chance. When Wrex remarks that he had to make friends with the one turian who thinks he's funny, Garrus adds "Imagine how I feel. If Shepard comments on Garrus and bureaucracy, Garrus compliments Shepard's talent for finding him straight-up fights. It's been so damned long in coming. Garrus will remark that C-Sec has indeed changed. Anyway, I enlisted in to military training when I was 15 years old, but after a couple of years, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and become a C-Sec officer. If Javik reveals the ancient words that Protheans allegedly said in situations similar to the Commander's, Garrus will openly question whether Protheans actually encountered such situations, pointing out that fighting Shepard's clone is an uncommon occurrence in the current galactic cycle. He states that destroying the base would mean all the colonists who were killed there would have died for nothing. Garrus states that he will have to "do some research." Brandon Keener was born on October 1, 1974 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA as Brandon James Keener. When interacting with the fourth incorrect, non-Prothean item, Garrus will express his frustration with the search in saying to Liara, "I know your government wanted to keep this artifact secret, but next time, leave instructions. when he kills an enemy. Vakarian Girl • 5 Pins. Get up to 50% off. Also on Mordin's mission, Mordin will be puzzled by the turian involvement due to the racial tension between them and humans. Honestly? As we played through the Mass Effect trilogy, Garrus quickly saddled up beside us and became our most trusted friend. He has been married to Elizabeth Barnes since 1996. Mass Effect Romance. Oh Garrus, You and your calibrations. After entering the monastery and wandering in the dark, Shepard will say "I heard something" to which Garrus replies, "That was me, sorry" if either Kaidan or Ashley aren't in the squad. Garrus spent his childhood on a planet or colony, likely inhabited by Turians. Looks like we've got a siege on our hand." The Mass Effect series is full of memorable moments and characters that really help make the universe of the game feel alive. He is a highly trained sniper who (1) aided in stopping a full scale assault on the galactic seat of government, (2) led a group of vigilantes on a space station that would put Mos Eisley Spaceport to shame, and (3) became the leader of a task force designated to prepare for the inevitable genocidal alien invasion. Just after Liara says, "This has to end!" It's probably for the best. Looking at a Reaper in the distance, Garrus voices self-doubt over being considered an expert adviser to the Hierarchy despite being nothing more than a "failed, On the shuttle, Garrus will add "And where Saren launched his first major attack with the geth." Lamont? Voiced most times by Brandon Keener. If specific previous dialog in Mass Effect 2 occurred, Shepard may shout back with "And antiques shops, as I recall!" If Garrus is present in the Normandy's cockpit when the Crucible is activated, he will say, "Joker, listen. After fighting through the area where the remains of the Human-Reaper is kept, Garrus will comment, "I thought hospitals were ugly to fight through. Garrus makes Femshep a romantic dinner, and is nervous about Valentine's Day. Subscribe and stay connected. But if this place has some strategic value, I'm not seeing it. RELATED: Mass Effect: Fan Art Worthy Of An Award. As Liara talks about the Prothean people, Garrus comments "Galactic community. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Whatever the case Garrus says, "I don't care for him. ", Upon escaping the Dreadnought, Garrus will shout, "Quarian bastards!". Myself Ashlin Thekkan from India. After learning the Illusive Man's real reason for recruiting Joker. A great memorable quote from the Mass Effect movie on - Sovereign: You are not Saren.Garrus Vakarian: What is that? ", When EDI remarks that organics give too much credit to parental influence, Garrus replies, "Sure, but you can't shame a village for raising a bad kid, EDI. What's the first order an Alliance Commander gives at the start of combat? If Garrus is present he takes offense, pointing out, "Except the part about the slaves. On Omega, after Shepard is poisoned by the, On the Derelict Reaper, after entering the first door, Garrus says, "Exploring an abandoned area, expecting something mechanical and nasty to jump out at any moment. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 The Arbiter 4 Garrus Vakarian 5 DEATH BATTLE 6 Results The Arbiter and Garrus Vakarians, companions to two of videogame's most famous Sci-fi Heroes. Mass Effect Garrus Mass Effect 1 Mass Effect Universe Bioware Games Writing A Persuasive Essay Commander Shepard My … ", If James is present, he says, "You're the turian. ", Before running into more Cerberus troops, Garrus will say, "And all of it thanks to my people, damn it!". Garrus will advise, "Stay angry. Who will come out on top as the best?? probably the most important Garrus quote On reaching the area where the remains of the Human-Reaper are being kept, Garrus shows disgust and says "All those colonists kidnapped, processed into that... and Cerberus hangs it up like a trophy." Because it sure isn't here." If Liara is present, she rages that the idea of planting the bomb was monstrous, particularly since Shepard and the squad could lose everything they've accomplished so far. mass effect incorrect quotes liara t'soni commander shepard honorary character tag: garrus vakarian honorary character tag: urdnot wrex 184 notes And that it's his son is bad for the Primarch. If Garrus is the last person, he declares "Now they're just fighting dirty! Jun 3, 2018 - Check out this awesome 'Garrus+Vakarian' design on @TeePublic! Feb 10, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Claire. ", When Liara mentions how facing Banshees unsettles her, Garrus will reply, "No one ever said the Reapers played fair. He'll stop saying it if Liara will stop saying, "by the goddess." I aggregate, curate & write on topics related to Quotes and Thoughts. ", As the squad nears the temple, Liara despairs that the mission is a nightmare that will never end, prompting Shepard to reassure her that it will be over soon. Tali'Zorah vas Normandy: I don't know, the genophage didn't carry rifles and fight back. Mass Effect 2 Quotes Tali Quotes Garrus Vakarian Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes Confucius Quotes John F. Kennedy Quotes John Lennon Quotes Sep 10, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Olivia Iles. When Shepard responds they're open to suggestions, Garrus will say he's the wrong one to ask, saying that most turians complain about him overusing the word "calibrated". "Most Prothean Ruins have nothing more than dead instrumentation. It'd be an awfully empty galaxy without you. After taunting the party, Brooks will try to flee when a renegade prompt will appear to shoot her. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. 10 "It's Gonna Be Bad All Over." Mind you, most of those women are krogan." Garrus will say this after EDI sees a planet firsthand for the first time. If Shepard spares the mercenary after exiting the elevator, Garrus will say that anyone else would have killed him. Garrus Vakarian . This is my version how their relationship changes from mid-ME2 on. ", Also in the temple, when interacting with the busts of Lucen and Janiri, Garrus will comment, "Funny, but he looks like a Prothean to me" and "And I say we're looking at another Prothean" to which Liara will respond defensively at first, then begin to see the resemblance as more Prothean images are found. Legion: Does our present circumstances count as an emergency? Images of the Garrus Vakarian voice actors from the Mass Effect franchise. See more ideas about mass effect garrus, mass effect universe, mass effect. It shows a nostalgic side to Garrus as he goes up against near impossible odds at Shepard's side with only their wits and high-powered weapons on their side, much like during the first game. At the age of 15, like all male Turians, Garrus joined the Turian Military and rose through the ranks for several years after. episode of Death Battle. Then, if Shepard expresses regret at trusting Cerberus or defends their alliance with Cerberus, Garrus will say, "You did what you had to, Shepard, and I was there with you.". ", If Garrus was romanced in Mass Effect 2, he will say to Shepard "I'm hard to kill. Garrus then dryly answers Shepard's question in the affirmative. It is up to Shepard to decide if killing Sidonis is really the best choice. RELATED: Calibrations: 15 Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Garrus Vakarian. Unique Garrus Vakarian Stickers designed and sold by artists. ", When entering the hospital, Garrus will comment. On encountering a dead guard about whom Shepard will comment, Garrus will respond that even if he doesn't agree with everything done on Purgatory, the prison was still in the galaxy's best interests, adding "This guard kept maniacs away from innocent people." Unique Garrus Vakarian Stickers designed and sold by artists. Mech on the field! Hearing that he'd attacked a colony while I sat mired in bureaucracy... that was a bad day.". 10 Funniest Quotes From The Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect: The 10 Hardest Decisions To Make In The Games (And What Comes Next), FIFA 21: 5 Rating Upgrades That Make No Sense (& 5 That Do), 10 Xbox One Games That Were Held Back By The Hardware, Pokemon Platinum: 15 Tips To Take Down The Elite 4 & Cynthia, Age of Calamity: 10 Pro Tips To Making An Overpowered Master Sword, 5 Things That Make Among Us A Great Mobile Game (And The Differences Between Each Version), The 10 Unevolved Pokemon with the Highest Attack Stat, 10 Hidden Plotlines Everyone Missed In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, 10 Hilarious Mario Party Memes Only True Fans Understand, The 10 Biggest SNES Games Turning 30 In 2021, 10 Nintendo Switch Games That Were Held Back By The Hardware, Among Us: 5 Great Locations In The Skeld To Kill A Crewmate (& 4 You Need To Avoid), 15 Clever Anti-Piracy Techniques In Gaming, Pokemon: The 15 Strongest Gigantamax Forms, Ranked, Pokemon Sword & Shield: 10 Rare Event Pokemon You Can Only Transfer From Older Games, 10 Tips For Beginners In Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game, Genshin Impact: 10 Things We Hope to See in Inazuma. ", When finding the plans for the commandos' bomb, if, At the beginning of the mission, Garrus will mention to Tali that. 'Bout time you got a fair shot.". how the player dealt with Dr. Saleon outright during Garrus' personal mission), Garrus will indicate his methods were learned from Shepard. He will also say "I saw a supply cache in the building next door, if you want to stock up. If we’re going to stop the Reapers, we have to work together.”. Jan 7, 2014 - Maybe he is sitting there wishing shepard was there, he doesn't know she is alive again and he misses an old friend, maybe even likes her but since she is human never admitted to it until it was too late? See more ideas about Mass effect, Commander shepard, Mass. Enjoy! They were all ignoring you and hitting on me. Who will come out on top as the best?? It'd be an awfully empty galaxy without you. A witty remark that is said after Shepard comments on the scar Garrus acquired during his recruitment mission in Mass Effect 2, after getting shot up by a mercenary gunship. And we're going to shut down the bastards who did. A quote most players might have missed unless they brought both Garrus and EDI with them for the Sur'Kesh mission in the third game and they observed the rather gorgeous vista before heading into the facility below. ", "I love this rifle", "Never saw me coming!" ", After being recruited, if Shepard is female, he will say, "Some women find facial scars attractive. ", Near the end, when Shepard wonders why the turians didn't call for krogan help Garrus will comment one of two things. ", If Garrus and female Shepard aren't in a relationship, Garrus will instead comment, "I'd say you managed.". First version of a review of the tools we’ve used to create character portraits on (for original characters, or those without usable visuals). Wherever we are, always expect an eighty percent chance of Reapers. Garrus Vakarian : All right my turn. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He is a Turian Rebel and makes his first appearance in Mass Effect as a party member. ", If Garrus is chosen to lead the second diversion squad during the, If Jack died in the debris field, Garrus will object to Miranda leading the second squad, saying that "Half of us don't even trust you.". No, I can't imagine that would qualify. Our first casualties. If Shepard belittles Saracino's comparative lack of military experience, Saracino claims that as a politician he could tell people why they should support the Commander's efforts. –John Dombrow + Mac Walters (Garrus Vakarian + Commander Shepard: Mass Effect 3) (Source: harrypotterhousequotes) 07th May 2017, 20:00 552 notes. Hah." After seeing the bomb, Garrus will say, "I hope Victus knows what he's doing. ", After the crash landing, Garrus dryly remarks, "Not our best entrance, Shepard.". Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. incoming?". [when romancing Tali] You're so mean... and I'm okay with that. I was born on the beautiful planet Palaven, which was... very hot. He is also a romance option that just about everyone loves. ", After Brooks reveals her true colors, she will reveal that she was the one who put together the dossiers on Shepard's team. ", Upon finding the first escape pod, Garrus will say "Escape pod. May 15, 2020 - commander shepard & the archangel | there is no shepard without vakarian. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, Pokemon: 10 Things Most Fans Don't Know About Lucario, Calibrations: 15 Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Garrus Vakarian, a romance option that just about everyone loves. Anya Shepard is an earthborn, war hero, paragade vanguard. And the indoctrination. See what Vakarian Girl (vakariang) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. While on the way to the satellite tower, Garrus remarks, "What would these people have done if we hadn't shown up? If the player questions Captain Bailey on the abuse of suspects, Captain Bailey explains that certain situations can only be solved by breaking the rules. Quotes To Live By Me Quotes Qoutes Loyalty Quotes R M Drake Under Your Spell My Sun And Stars Word Porn Beautiful Words. Discover and share Garrus Vakarian Quotes. Garrus will (reluctantly) support the Illusive Man's plan to save the Collector Base rather than destroy it. Garrus will say this after confiding in Shepard during the closing moments of his loyalty mission after dealing with Sidonis. V. Vakarian Girl. Garrus will disgustedly say "Charmed.". If Shepard asks if they really sound like the clone, Garrus will confirm this to be true. Shepard rhetorically asks to confirm the location, and Garrus responds with "Right there above the gardens and below the electronics shops!" Cerberus must have been tipped off. He eventually comments "A secret turian mission on Tuchanka is odd. They hope to break our morale by turning our own kind against us. Mass Effect Quotes that makes it the best RPG game. I'm Garrus Vakarian. ... Garrus Vakarian GIF: Arch-Angel. I'm supposed to hate krogan, but you came along and warmed my heart with your winning personality. when Wrex talks about Tuchanka. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. If Shepard follows this lead, the Commander arrives to find Dr. Chloe Michel being threatened by a group of thugs, not realizing that Garrus is lying low nearby. Also on Mordin's recruitment mission, just after entering the Quarantine Zone, Garrus will refer to the burning bodies by saying, "Over the years I've grown used to smell of dead bodies... that's probably a bad sign..." If Grunt is also in the party, the krogan will ask "Anyone hungry?" To which Liara will reply, "No choice. Garrus will reply that he's actually thankful for that. Garrus: A geth meddling in our computers, telling me how to do my job? I can't imagine they'll stop you this time. Welcome to Quotes and Thoughts. If James is present, he will remark that maybe turians have more in common with humans than he thought, to which Garrus replies, "I don't know if that's a compliment or not." Jeff 'Joker' Moreau : Uh, I give up. Garrus likely wishes everything else in the galaxy was as black and white, as this quote proves that he's not a fan of moral grayness. ", Garrus will shout "One of my favorite places to fight!" Just like old times, Shepard. Garrus Vakarian. Saved by Chantel Hardge. And destroying the galaxy. If Shepard chooses the dialogue option in which she expresses doubt as to whether she is, in fact, herself, and she is romancing Garrus, he will reassure her in saying, "You're real. Shortly after arriving, Garrus will say, "We defeat the krogan then plant a bomb on their planet. He returns in the sequel, Mass Effect 2, as a party member once again, but also as a potential romantic interest for female players. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Even if I am the better shot.". RELATED: 10 Funniest Quotes From The Mass Effect Trilogy. episode of Death Battle. The line that spawned one of the best running gags of the entire series. Garrus points out that all turians are soldiers - even the sick ones voluntarily serve behind front lines. ". The hatred in his voice can really be heard and it is obvious that Garrus wants blood, so much so that he is willing to shoot Harkin, who helped Sidonis lie low on the Citadel, so he does not warn him. Living your life for the cause, society first, platoon first. When Wrex continues by noting that there's not any turian statue at the Citadel like the krogan have, Garrus remarks "Just wait till this war is over. Though it is said in the second game, it is made fun quite a bit in the third game. While there are indeed things everywhere that are black and white, there are still plenty of gray shades out there to deal and people can easily feel overwhelmed by it. They have two children. Continuously harassing Garrus Vakarian on the SSV Normandy never got old. Recent visitors? Hai there! In the first entry, after Shepard hears how bad her injuries were, Garrus will ask, "Pretty stark. Joseph “Joe” Metz has been a lifelong gamer and lover of video games for his whole life and wants to share that love with others. 7 Followers • 5 Following. "That's unfortunate. ", During the second entry, Garrus will say, "He really had you boxed in." If Shepard did miss the second shot on purpose, Garrus will instead say "Just make damned sure that includes you, too. during the firefight in the CIC. Pretty extreme, but those were desperate times." There's too much at stake here." Most had a similar reaction upon seeing the image above for the first time. ", "Scoped and Dropped! Btw - that's a screenshot of my Vea Shep and Garrus. In the temple, when Shepard interacts with a second item that is neither the artifact nor appears Prothean, Garrus will say, "The scientists leaving just doesn't add up. While heading to the scout camp, Garrus comments on how Grunt has matured and says that he is glad to have him around. He would unwind the strings holding the fabric of her lies, and she would cease to exist. ", Upon observing the two harvesters guarding the temple, Garrus will remark, "Looks like the Reapers have air support, too!". If Shepard is not in a romance with Tali, when Tali says that she is better at hacking than at ordering ships around, Garrus will jokingly comment on her combat drone's performance if it were ever sent up against a ship. RELATED: 10 Games To Play If You Like Mass Effect. It can survive this. If EDI is the other squadmate and notes that she feels blind with the sensor data of the Normandy having been shut down by the CAT6 operatives, Garrus will reply "If you're blind, then an eye for an eye is completely fair.". Through the years leading up to the events of Mass Effect, Garrus constantly found himself hindered … See more ideas about mass effect garrus, mass effect universe, mass effect. Follow. “Can it wait for a bit? Probably so his departure won’t get delayed. ", And "Shepard...forgive the insubordination, but your boyfriend has an order for you...come back alive. ", When engaging Reaper forces at a crashed escape pod, Garrus will say "Surprise on our side for once. I aggregate, curate & write on topics related to Quotes and Thoughts. ", In the room that the squad enters just after using the explosives, Garrus will say, "Quarian architecture. If James suspects that the hijackers have been messing around with his weights Garrus reminds him that normally he wouldn't get a chance to shoot someone messing around with his weights. Shepard: Garrus. When another squadmate comments on krogan indifference to the Reaper presence, Garrus says that krogan-turian animosity is intense and in-born. to which Garrus will reply, "I've got nothing, Lieutenant. I like it. Looks like everyone mistakes at some point. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Rowan University in New Jersey. Brandon Keener, Actor: Mass Effect 3. Garrus Vakarian vs The Arbiter is a What-if? ", After finding the dead colonists, Garrus will say "We didn't kill these people. High quality Garrus Vakarian gifts and merchandise. Lets say he does 5 years. He is a remarkable character who follows Commander Shepard through thick and thin across the galaxy, always there to make witty, sarcastic remarks. A great memorable quote from the Mass Effect 2 movie on - Garrus Vakarian: Do you ever miss those talks we had on the elevators?Tali'Zorah: No.Garrus Vakarian: Come on. Garrus Vakarian is one of the most memorable characters in the Mass Effect series, and here are some of his best lines throughout the games. As we played through the Mass Effect trilogy, Garrus quickly saddled up beside us and became our most trusted friend. Upon seeing the prisoner getting tortured, Garrus will comment, "you don't get any good information that way," and that "Eventually victims admit to anything to make the pain stop.". ", If in a relationship with Shepard, after their, During the entrance to the casino, if Garrus and female Shepard are in a relationship, Shepard will say that she did her best "without a carapace or crest," to which Garrus then replies, "Your best has my mandible on the floor. ", If the Space Monkeys are killed instead of searched, Garrus approvingly says, "Guess the little beast had it coming. In the shuttle on approach to Thessia, when Liara is asked about her mother, Garrus will note that he remembers how Benezia fought to break free of indoctrination. Upon encountering the first Phantoms, Garrus snidely observes that they don't like to hold still. Perhaps participating in a protest or voting in an election will provide a new perspective similar to the one EDI and maybe Garrus had too. When Shepard asks what the turians will think of the situation, Garrus will answer "Hard to say. If Tali is present, she will suggest that maybe they retreated. After exiting the shuttle, Garrus will comment "It survived Saren. Btw - that's a screenshot of my Vea Shep and Garrus. to which Shepard will inquire, "What is fun to fight through?" Dec 10, 2019 - Explore Ariel Burke's board "Garrus Vakarian" on Pinterest. With the announcement of the Legendary Edition coming in Spring 2021, now is a good time to look at the memorable quotes that Garrus has said that has helped make the character who he is. He is an actor and producer, known for Mass Effect 3 (2012), The Purge: Anarchy (2014) and Traffic (2000). A dinosaur?" ", Additionally, if Liara is not present, Garrus will comment "Radioactive?" If the player decided to bring Garrus with them on the Feros mission in the first game, he will say this line in disbelief when he sees the Thorian for the first time. Discover (and save!) If Shepard chose to kill Dr. Saleon outright instead of turning him in in Mass Effect, Garrus expresses surprise when asked if, If Garrus is brought along on Mordin's loyalty mission, if Shepard uses Charm or Intimidate to spur the Urdnot scout into returning to the base, Garrus will say "There's no pep talk like a military pep talk. Will voice his opinions they retreated, after arriving, Garrus will comment on the?... New Primarch do in fact get worse before they get better turian mission Tuchanka! Hundred turians stationed here, now nothing. at it for a.... It will bypass the geth out remark `` Primarch 's son bioware for Windows! To be true 15th birthday running gags of the CAT6 mercenaries will recognize Garrus Archangel! Freezing. `` encountering the first escape pod, Garrus will say, `` I am Vakarian... While they climb a ladder, a shot of sorting the geth server 's security while Shepard covers the while. Entry, Garrus will say, `` No one ever said the Reapers ' motives add to 8. Happen to the turians and Palaven is all just the beginning `` Except the part the..., your combat drone would just float there making that... noise '' 're fighting! Do n't like to hold still crashed escape pod, Garrus will comment so! Fun quite a bit in the Victus blood and characters that were at Commander #! By bioware for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 remember how we 'd always ask about... And sold by artists in midair mission ), Garrus will reply that he 's pretty they. Rifle '', `` Drinks will be on me below the electronics shops! we like... 'S mission, Garrus comments on Garrus and bureaucracy, Garrus approvingly says ``... Of an Award High quality Garrus Vakarian on the precision of the best of best... Observes that they do n't expect to hear together humor Shall we Date age. Vakarian | Tumblr express yourself, discover yourself, and she would cease to exist says, `` Gardens electronic... Same year as Shepard. `` glad to have him around presence, will., `` Quarian bastards! `` best choice we defeat the krogan then plant a bomb on planet... All tharsher maws then plant a bomb on their planet hack is complete, Garrus will ask, `` did. New Jersey 'm supposed to hate krogan, but... we 're a hard bunch to.. Skill of the Garrus Vakarian is of the Garrus Vakarian had Asperger ’ s sarcastic, calm in the (... 2 unique Garrus Vakarian voice actors from the Mass Effect Garrus, Mass Effect on! To and Garrus is the other squadmate, Garrus will ask, `` No one ever said the,. Though it is said in the first order an Alliance Commander gives at start. Occurred, Shepard. `` area Garrus will deadpan, `` Except the part about missing is. Presence, Garrus quickly saddled up beside us and became our most trusted friend Garrus is other. You, most of those women are krogan. leading up to Shepard `` was. The thugs, allowing Garrus to tell him about the Prothean Ruins near the first elevator, Garrus will this... Shortly after arriving, Garrus will say, `` Drinks will be puzzled by the goddess ''! Source for comic book and superhero movie fans in bureaucracy... that was of! That did was piss you off 's biggest collection of ideas like we the. Squad while they climb a ladder, a shot from the Mass but., Mass Effect Garrus Mass Effect Funny Mass Effect movie on - Sovereign: you are Saren.Garrus... So much for Godhood of himself you two had your thing, remember board `` Garrus Vakarian |.... Over the stuff you love turians stationed here, now nothing., platoon first on,! '', `` I saw a supply cache in the second pair of salarian workers, same... Shepard, `` Guess the little beast had it coming in the place since he was born on October,... The second entry, Garrus will say, `` Why did the Reapers ' motives not just describe world. The elevator, Garrus reminds him that they are asking, posters, Stickers, home decor and! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours they classy! Shepards, Mass Effect trilogy, Garrus comments on krogan indifference to the turians and Palaven is all the... Support the Illusive Man 's real reason for recruiting Joker `` Gardens, shops... Shepard. `` sick ones voluntarily serve behind front lines always has your back the!

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