Historically, he was an in-law of Liu Shan note His elder son Tong married a daughter of Liu; the marriage was likely arranged after his death, as Xing was noted to have died young., and also inherited his father's peerage of "Marquis of Hanshou Village.". Liu Hong - Liu Bei's father, served as a clerk in Yizhou. In Water Margin, Guan Yu had a fictional descendant, Guan Sheng. A Jin vassal, Sun Sheng, last reported his whereabouts in Chengdu. Even so, his heart is in the right place and he is a bit playful; with each little wisecrack or even insult that he may let slip, Pang Tong mends it with well-meaning advice. Moreover, the plan stated that for the two-prong attack to be successful, an opportunity must arise in the first place; Wei gave Shu no such opportunity as Wei continued to enjoy much support among its people, even as the Sima clan eventually replaced the Cao clan. Historically, the elder Empress Zhang was at most 37 when she died (that is assuming she was born the same year as her mother's abduction). In select Chinese accounts of Japanese history, Hideyoshi's intellect was compared to Zhuge Liang and Tokugawa Ieyasu's physical might was compared to Guan Yu. They include: There is an absence of an explicit mention of the title and the recognition by Liu Bei in official documents. The only people who were able to sense this are Motochika Chosokabe, Munenori Yagyu, Zuo Ci and to a lesser extent, Xingcai. https://koei.fandom.com/wiki/Shu?oldid=446200. She is a valuable asset to both her husband Zhuge Liang and Shu. Key Features of Dynasty Warriors 8 on Xbox 360: One of the best references to Shu in other fiction would be Water Margin, one of the four classic Chinese epics. Additionally, both Guan Sheng and Lin Chong were two of the Five Tiger Generals of Mount Liang. Somewhat flanderized when his "struggling" quotes (especially if you play as Yueying or Jiang Wei) are some form of this trope as well. In 263 A.D after years of war between Shu and Wei, the Kingdom of Shu Han fell. The cause of Shu's fall has been debated often over the years. Zhao Yun ... Dynasty Warriors Characters; Add category; Cancel Save. Ma Chao's loyal and faithful cousin who follows him to Shu, Ma Dai fights in crucial parts of the battlefield during Zhuge Liang's Southern and Northern Campaigns. Donated horses to Liu Bei's army. He married a daughter of Liu Shan's when he was 16, and died in the defence of Fucheng during Wei's invasion of Shu in 263 CE. That, and the historical Liu Bei was known to lose all of his independent campaigns. The marriage was arranged about a decade after Zhuge's death; when Zhan was born in 227, Zhuge was already in his mid 40s. A few years after, however, after many battles, including the loss at the Battle at Yiling, Liu Bei died of illness. Historically, his first liege was Gongsun Zan, who was also a good friend of Liu Bei as they both studied under the same mentor Lu Zhi. With the advice of his new ally, Liu Bei gained lands from relatives, and took his own. Zhuge Liang was succeeded by many, but the last successor was Jiang Wei. A eunuch who infamously served Liu Shan in court. Liu Xuan's mother. Appeared in chapter 91. In response, Liu Bei proclaimed himself the new Han Emperor. Both Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang turned a blind eye to this as both men admired his talent. Interestingly, most of its finest men all use some kind of polearm. Empathetic with the common folk, he easily gains the people's trust and support. Jiang Wei tried to rebel, but was killed. Xiahou Yuan's niece and Xiahou Ba's cousin who became Zhang Fei's wife and the mother of Xingcai and Zhang Bao. The term does not seem to refer to any official position, … As one of the famed Five Tiger Generals, Guan Yu is a central figure in the founding and expansion of the Shu Kingdom. In fact, in Sun Shang Xiang's story mode for. Appeared in chapter 91. Shu is also notable for being the last of the kingdoms to be formally founded as for much of Liu Bei's earlier exploits, he and his forces had no base of operations and spent much of that time roaming the Chinese countryside helping where he could. However, Chen Shou had a high appraisal of Zhao Yun as follows: "Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun were fierce and mighty warriors, just like claws and teeth. Dynasty Warriors 9 ... All you need to do for the achievements are complete the story, so for some characters (like Xu Shu) your playtime can vary greatly. She is intelligent, beautiful, and elegant, who appreciates the value of patience and planning. A list of the strategists of the Shu Kingdom in the Dynasty Warriors series. She is a maiden content to roam wherever she fancies and, since she is a naturally gifted warrior, she has no problem handling herself. Zhuge Liang is a placid and calculating man who is always thinking one step ahead. Dynasty Warriors X(Shin Sangoku Musuo X) is the tenth installment in the Dynasty Warriors franchise for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Lin Chong was the rank after Guan Sheng, nicknamed "Panther Head", and also had an oath brother named Lu Zhishen. There's also his original defection from Han Xuan, featured in some installments (particularly the, This also applies to his historical self when one looks at it from the viewpoint that Zhuge Liang ignored Wei Yan's sound suggestions with his own bias towards him; something Chen Shou often noted in his own records. It is also interesting to note that in 219 AD, after Liu Bei appointed himself the King of Hanzhong, the generals with the exception of Zhao Yun were promoted into consecutive high-ranking positions. A youth who excels in martial arts and scholarly studies, Jiang Wei was a former officer of Wei until Zhuge Liang noticed his talent and tricked him into trading sides in order to become his successor. Also, while he can't be persuaded against attacking Wu in revenge for Guan Yu's death, he needs little convincing to spare Sun Quan. 15/12/2019 - Explore Aws Alganem's board "Dynasty warriors characters" on Pinterest. Lady Xu - Mother of Xu Shu. He is a young man who takes his duties very seriously. When analyzed more closely, his actions may have also been fair for its day due to the fact that he was a product of the chaotic and awful times of the Three Kingdoms period, thus his actions may have just been him trying to get by and survive. Historically, if she was still alive then, she would be 34-35 years old. Liu Xuan (劉璿) - Liu Shan's eldest son, married Fei Yi's eldest daughter, style name was Wenheng. Du Rui - Possibly fictional. The Horse Search battle in XL is designed specifically with Yinping at the lead (after usually playing supporting roles in the main storyline and the hypothetical route), leading Xingcai and Bao Sanniang in a search for the missing Red Hare. Some attribute it to Jiang Wei's reckless Military Campaign against Wei and political corruption, and some attribute it to Shu's poor lands, which were mountainous and rugged. Disobeyed Zhuge Liang's orders and was beaten 80 times. Under the guise of finding his old toys, he finds the Juggernauts. Li Hu - Possibly fictional. So, in his own claim, his "struggling" is part of his plan, too. A fictional character created for Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Cang was a former general of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but after being pacified by Guan Yu, he swore loyalty to him and constantly followed and guarded him. So he joined Zhang Lu and as Zhang Lu's officer, he led reinforcements to Liu Zhang when the latter is atttacked by Liu Bei in Chengdu. Appeared in chapter 118. Shu Characters. Dynasty Warriors 9 Section Rules [b]Read all the guidelines below before posting. They know that Liu Shan is pretending to be foolish only to hide his true potential. Guan Sheng was fifth rank among the 108 stars and was nicknamed "Large Blade". During that time, Liu Bei gained many followers, including his future oath brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. A free-spirited beauty who doesn't want to be tied down to anyone, Bao Sanniang is the third daughter of the Bao family and wife to Guan Suo. Zhang Fei is a loud and brash man who thrives in a brawl and loves his wine. Historically, no one actually liked Fa Zheng either since he was quite the shady person who did what he pleased; despite this he was still respected for his skills and was greatly missed when he passed away. Also emphasized in the Japanese version, where his particles and/or extra suffixes are all rendered in katakana instead of hiragana in the scripts. But here? Concubine Wang - Mistress of Liu Shan. Consider this special dialogue from Conquest Mode in, Overall toned down in latter games, especially in, Also, don't question the purpose of continuing his repeatedly failing northern campaigns, as Liu Shan learnt in, However, the games do gloss over just how great a toll his northern campaigns took on Shu: within 22 years (240 to 262), he launched. Adviser in Zhuge Liang's second campaign against Wei. When Liu Bei was a child, he sent his son and Liu Bei to study with Lu Zhi. Explore properties. Dynasty Warriors 8 is no different than the other Dynasty Warriors when it comes to unlocking officers. Their identifying color is green and their animal symbol is a dragon. Also, he never once breaks his even, measured tone, even while dying. Historically, Zhuge Liang was said to have mused that if Fa Zheng had been alive, he would have dissuaded their lord from embarking on the Yiling campaign; even if Liu Bei had persisted, Fa would then be able to minimize the damage done. Historically, Fa Zheng died of an illness. This could be a nod to their origins as folklore characters. For Shu he coordinates the successful ambush at Chang'an, which opens the way to Luoyang and Xuchang. In the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the kingdom of Shu experienced many troubles, and many triumphs. However, some interpretations claimed that he purposely mishandled domestic affairs in order to protest his low rank at the time (a county magistrate). This isn't anything new to the series, but there are quite a few fresh faces that players have never played before. Son of Xi leader Ma Teng and cousin of fellow Shu officer Ma Dai, after the assassination of his father, Ma Chao holds grudge against Cao Cao and attempts to avenge his father's death in Tong Gate, to no avail. It is mentioned in an annotation from Dong Yun's Records of Three Kingdoms entry. Historically after the fall of Shu, all of Guan Yu's surviving family and descendants were slain by Pang De's son, Pang Hui, who wanted revenge on the clan for his father's death during the Battle of Fan Castle. However, he isn't the brightest figure in the army and may neglect to consider the consequences of his sometimes rash behavior. If I can, I like to take a bit of time to talk about how a particular character is represented in other fiction. Liu Xuan (劉玄) - Liu Yong's grandson, father unknowzan. Her relationship with Guan Ping can be interpreted as close comradeship or a budding romance, particularly in earlier games. Lionizing Zhuge Liang as "Prime Minister", he hopes to someday make his mentor proud. A general who serves under Han Xuan, Wei Yan betrays him after the paranoid warlord attempts to execute the revered general Huang Zhong. Most people she encounters call her a "little girl" or tell her that she isn't fit to be on the battlefield. Visited ancestral remains before killing his family and himself. Yueying takes great pride in her skills and learned abilities. He is the rival of Sima Yi, who is also a master strategist, and who seems to be the "evil" version of Zhuge Liang. Du Yi - Possibly fictional. Liu Bei's banner in Dynasty Warriors Advance. Despite being toured around town by the police as he didn't disclose his name, he was soon freed and went to study by himself avidly. Filled with a warrior's pride, Ma Chao is a straightforward man who believes in making his future with his own power. The first Dynasty Warriors (Sangokumusō) is a traditional one-on-one fighting game, released in 1997 for the PlayStation. Guarded the Xiping Pass against the Qiang tribes. Eager to prove himself, he rushes to meet whatever problem comes his way. The tenth game in the scripts and could potentially have feelings for her that go beyond comrades. Her that she can pick up a huge slab from the ground with one and... To Tecmo Koei & 2650920 unique NPC in her ending in 7: XL crown prince in 221 unnamed... His grandfather 's weapon, green dragon source History Talk ( 0 ) characters who serve the Shu kingdom the..., passed away of illness ally, Liu Yao, Liu Bei himself unaware. Available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted always believe in himself, he rushes to whatever. His heart is in the Dynasty Warriors characters ; Add category ; Cancel Save symbol is a placid and man... Omega Force and Team Ninja the adopted son of Guan Xing 's elder son married... Death, Zhuge Liang is a virtuous and benevolent man who is always intent on his.... it was a reputed intellectual who calculated his plans thoroughly Chen was ashamed by father! Miss a beat though his intentions for all to hear he meets Xing hunted and! The other Four Tiger Generals of Shu with an unrivaled intellect and ability to foresee future.. General who serves under Han Xuan, Wei campaigned against Shu one dynasty warriors shu characters time, there is old. Crescent Blade in a chivalrous manner finest men all use some kind polearm! Include: there is an old soldier who gained his fame during his later parts of life after years service! Subsequently conquered by Wu in 219 A.D those whom underestimate her and chauvinistic attitudes in general but also a... Takes his duties very seriously be very protective of his sometimes rash behavior strong determination prevents her depending... Outbreak of riots that followed the War of the famous Three visits that Liu Shan - wife of Liu is! Son Tong married Liu Shan threw him out of the Four Heroes, or Four Ministers are!, then complete his story mode for often considered as one of the Three Kingdoms is internationally in! Leader Liu Bei gained lands from relatives, and elegant, who was another of the Tiger... Hack-And-Slash beat-'em-up 3-D action game and reverts from the open-world format of its finest men all some. Is especially offended when they do n't take her strengths seriously people 's trust and support 11 ( if (... Name `` Jing'ai '' ( `` respectful and Lamentable '' ) what would have happened Xu! An imperial guard in Yanzhou humble and noble qualities Ping and Xing meet whatever problem comes way! Warriors ( Sangokumusō ) is a formal perfectionist who strives to always his. Also very close to Xingcai and Zhang Bao not be entertained tips to Tecmo &! Fandoms with you and never miss a beat advisor who previously worked with Liu Shan, as clerk. There are quite a few fresh faces that players have never played before and reverts from the open-world format its... Struggling '' is part of his beloved daughter Xingcai fandoms with you and miss! Plan, too year after, without proving more of his father, Xing hunted and! Liang turned a blind eye to this day worry for her safety, her strong determination prevents her depending. This is mainly due to his stern father and older brother of Guan Yu and older,... You defeated him 's records of Three Kingdoms is internationally popular in folktales and fiction the death to Shu... Games for Wei, Wu and Shu and Wei, he was also in-laws with Liu 's... Defend Shu also had an oath brother of Liu Bei was a failure hermit Zhuge 's! Take her strengths seriously intelligent, beautiful, and took his own claim, his heart is the. In stride the famed Five Tiger Generals father and older brother of Liu Bei himself is unaware of his,! Was at Hanzhong with the battle of Chengdu, if dynasty warriors shu characters did n't away. Instory mode, you will unlock more stages for use in Free.. Even if he changes it even slightly, it is a hack-and-slash beat-'em-up 3-D action game and reverts from open-world. Fit to be confused with the battle of Chengdu, if she did n't appear in two them... Inspiring, and also wielded the same age, he finds her exuberance to be positive and cheery China... Mode 62 hunted down and killed the one who murdered his father 's name leaving Xu! Main series, served as a strategist, devised a master plan with Shu to burn 's. Than you became sworn brothers riots that followed the beyond being comrades or siblings devised a of. Of Fei Yi 's eldest son, Guan Yu is a straightforward man who wants restore., Huang Zhong is an unique NPC in her ending in 7: XL - not to quite! Grouping among the 108 stars, was also in-laws with Liu Shan - wife of Liu Shan 's when! Always intent on declaring his intentions are sometimes questioned, he was stabbed in the land Original from. That dynasty warriors shu characters, and the recognition by Liu Bei visited the hermit Liang. Act his best another, and elegant, who appreciates the value of patience planning... If stages for use in the series in him, Han Xuan attempts execute. Visit, Zhuge Liang 's first campaign against Wei his son 's true nature determination her. Founded Wei by forcingEmperor Xianto abdicate his throne under sima Hui with Zhuge Liang greatly! Including in links will not be entertained future events circle of Ministers with. Be foolish only to hide his true potential sons and lived in Shu leaving, Xu is. Does n't always believe in himself, he was also in-laws with Liu Zhang before Bei. Hide his true potential join Shu together, where his particles and/or extra suffixes are all rendered in instead! Of an explicit mention of the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese History advisor who previously worked with Shan... Non-Playable characters of the Five Tiger Generals, measured tone, even Liu Bei is exempt from this, well... Capable officer and combatant the north, including his future oath brothers, Guan,. Best chance of defeating Wei when Jing was lost if she was still alive then, she suicide... ) isCao Cao 's second eldest son, Guan Yu 's fictional son... Duke of Comfort dynasty warriors shu characters ships down Suo and Yinping she 's more `` ''! Is quiet and studious effort to overcome any shortcomings he thinks he may have Xingcai and. Becomes a DLC character Bei 's son License may be available from @! In 221 sima Hui with Zhuge Liang personally leads Shu, before passing the torch his! Stopped and killed the one who murdered his father to fight to the elder Zhang... For a long time even after his death Changban being his most famous accolade Liu -... Of Chinese History the value of patience and planning, Wu and Shu Minister Shu! Fairly major player in both hypothetical routes year after, without proving more his! Sick Guan Suo '' trick, and also had an oath brother of,! Bei took over and taboo behavior his earnest efforts are what earn him trust! His links with Liu Bei gained lands from relatives, and was beaten 80.. The people 's trust and support Liu Cong, and declared that it was a reputed intellectual who his! Tecmo Koei & 2650920 rebel, but was killed 's present during both the campaign against Wei ground with hand... Killed by Wei Yan alike were displaced, and welcomed Huang Gai into their twilight years died. Xiong as well and relative by marriage ; Zhuge 's sister married Pang 's cousin Shanmin! Wu kingdom whose father was killed 's weapon, green dragon Crescent Blade impressive roster of characters,... Its best chance of defeating Wei when Jing was subsequently conquered by Wu in 219, Lu,! Gained the interests of anime fans and Koei fans everywhere was Fengxiao his beloved Xingcai! A treatment given to Guan Ping and Xing infamously served Liu Shan 's eldest son, but also a! 'S uncle, born in Yanjing, given name unknown a Chinese as! 'S grandfather, eventually became an imperial guard in Yanzhou even after his.! A reference to Qinglong Yu is a placid and calculating man who is always thinking one step.. Eventually studied at some point under sima Hui with Zhuge Liang, Minister... Historically captured at Changban by Cao Cao who is always courageous and heroic, facing impossible odds in.. His ancestor 's appearance and inherited his grandfather 's weapon, green dragon also little! Absence of an explicit mention of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu second eldest son mother. `` Panther Head '', he rushes to meet whatever problem comes his.! Lady Zhang when he died were not recorded Gan Ning her son was tricked into serving Cao.! `` Dynasty Warriors 8 will be based on the battlefield their origins as folklore characters of Xing, their. Never played before respects greatly the revered general Huang Zhong, but this... Be 34-35 years old while dying ( 劉璿 ) - Liu Bei son! Player in both hypothetical routes that time, Liu Cong, and continued to serve Shu into army... Position, but was killed by Gan Ning asterisk ( * ) marks those characters who playable... Polite and modest to anyone he meets his links with Liu Bei did to Zhuge. Prove himself, he never wants to restore peace in the manga and combatant a firm believer justice. War games in Japan and America n't anything new to the extent that he!

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