Professional References

Matt Mickle - Firefighter, EMT, Analyst for Golub Corporation – (518) 727-1191

Served with Mr. Mickle for 7 years in the fire service as a firefighter under his command. 

I was a co-trainer with Mr.Mickle in the vast majority of fire training provided to the South Schenectady Fire Department. 

Developed resources and training material in conjuction.

Bob Mercoglan - Firefighter, EMT for Sarasota County Florida – (518) 469-5100

Mr. Mercoglan was my training officer and front line command officer at Mariaville Fire Department for 4years and I also served with him at South Schenectady Fire Department for 7 additional years. 

Also did extensive computer work for his auto repair business.  

Chad Smith - Firefighter, NYS Thruway Emergency Dispatcher – (518) 424-9074

Served in the fire service with Mr. Smith for 7 years and attended many advanced training classes with him.

Howard Relyea - Retired Chief and Fire Commissioner – (518) 928-1567

I served under Chief Relyea for 3 years, he was also a Fire Commissioner for the other 4 years that I was a firefigher at South Schenectady.

Served on the Firematic Procedures committee under his direction as well. 

Kevin Jones M.D. - Attending Physician Albany Medical Center –

Former Paramedic before going to medical school in 2003 worked with Dr. Jones in both the medical and fire services. 

Personal References

Former Scoutmaster in my Boy Scout Troop for 5 years.  Worked on many projects with Mr. Fontana for the troop as well. 

Family friend my entire youth, also went to the same schools as her children.

Reference Letters