Anger: Everything about your ex makes you angry. I see my future as being alone for the rest of my life, Im too exhausted and too busy careing for OUR severely disabled daughter. God bless you! I would say it was my fault she left for sure but she never would stay and go to counseling with me she just walked. Nothing was ever going to be enough. I WAS MARRIED 30 YEARS When she left . A divorce can be painful for both people - start new . I do not miss him, nor do I want him back, I feel like I served my time so to speak after 15 1/2 years of marriage. While I am not a mom, I am a dad. It was so good to read something I have been feeling for over 15 years. Why isnt that enough? It is 14 years since he walked out on 30 years of being together, 29 of those married, and he is now married to the woman he had the affair with. "@type": "Question", With both of us attending 2 of our childrens graduations, the sadness creeped up on me and has been lingering. Thank you for this article! But I still think what I did, in leaving him was the worst thing I've ever done or will ever do and it absolutely breaks my heart. Needing to be right. My pain stems from a few things, pain left over from childhood (which I believe we all have to some degree) and pain from him leaving me without any real (as I saw it) truth for me to keep. He and the new wife (yes I still call her that) have been married the same amount of time we were. I trust in God to get me through until the end. I am deeply saddened reading the pain others feel and the hurt by being on the receiving end of divorce. Ive been divorced for 1 year and 3 months after a very messy separation and 17 year relationship. You arent able to create what society defines as a nuclear family but, if youre receptive, you are able to create a family any child, especially an orphan would love to be part of. A fractured. But, it better be given deep and long thoughts the effects and consequences. But I try to be grateful for all they do for her they live in the same city as my daughter while I am out of state. And its been tuff, specially when He was the unfaithful, controlling, abusive one. And sadness. Why rock my boat. My son sees a sadness every so often in me. Yet in only 10 percent of the couples do both former spouses. I thought it would finally bring an end to feeling trapped, unhappy and hopeless. Wishing you all the best Divorce can be worse than dying. TMZ reported that both Sidora and Pittman have filed for divorce after almost 10 years of marriage. That awful truth of divorce brings depression, devastation and a feeling of despair that we have never experienced and is hard to explain. It has been just over a year now and I still feel like I have been kicked in the stomach daily. Don't give up on yourself or your life for a mistake you think you made 10 years ago. 7 Cures to Move on From the Lingering Loneliness After Divorce These are the steps I took to provide an escape hatch from the intensity of the loneliness that I felt. 'We were still in love when our marriage ended' I got divorced because of a communication breakdown (that oversimplifies it, really) but I regret it because we were probably still in love when. Sadness and happiness can coexist,but its not easy,not at all. I find it hard to understand and accept that a loving man (believe me he loved all women) could sever his life so fully, walk away and turn into a man I never knew. house, kids, American Dream. He is picking up on some aura, some mood, some indefatigable something that I am still carrying around, or that returns on certain familial occasions. Deep down, if she tried to come back, Id take her back. My reservations with acting on adopting is that I would be exposing a child to a broken home. During the first six months of separation, women are more prone to symptoms of depression, poor health, loneliness, work inefficiency, insomnia, memory difficulties, and increased substance abuse. Im still feeling the wound 36 years after the divorce. If you can't see a therapist to talk to about your feelings, remember that self-care after a breakup is key. You may find all the divorce lectures and traditional wisdom in adages like time heals all, may not fit your circumstances at all. I am happy for her and my kids to be having a good life but it still hurts to be left behind. Worrying That Your Husband Isn't Really Sorry About The Affair Is A Common Reason For Being Stuck: As I said, I often see common themes or issues in wives who haven't been able to move on. I have adult children and yes, they have their own lives. Also missing were 3 life policies with cash surrender values and 2 annuities. It makes me feel less alone, and it lets me know that its OK, Im not going crazy, haha! Some people see divorce pain as phantom pain, conveniently forgetting it is pain nevertheless. I have not dated anybody because Im still in the process of healing and I know it would not be wise doing so until I am ready to turn the page over completely. March 2, 2023, 8:09 AM. It's OK to cry, it's OK to be sad and to talk about it and to ask for a hug. I have tried to console myself by saying, "leaving my ex was the most compassionate thing I could do since he deserved to be desired by someone". The article is dead on. But that fact doesnt erase the sadness of having said I do to a man who is the father of my children, and who became a stranger to me. 21. The next time a friend tells you she is getting a divorce Know that even if says she is okay, underneath her smile, your friend is drowning in loss, your friend needs your help. I thought I was the only person who had these feelings as other people seem to move on so quickly. This goes hand-in-hand with feeling your emotions. All Rights Reserved. However, it may not take quite long if you wanted the divorce, were unhappy with your marriage, or the divorce decision was mutual. Life is very cruel to people who do the right thing and the people who lie, cheat, steal and betray just seem to get on with life as if nothing has happened. No tool and not even with time repairs. We must live with the choices we made and carry on, I dont feel bitter just very sad x, Yes, that is exactly what we & countless others must do. Obviously the grass is greener wasnt that green. Its not easy to find realistic articles on the very-long-term type of pain resulting from a divorce, so this one was a breath of fresh air. I have spoken to a lawyer and have all the supporting information. You may consider it phantom pain, but its pain nonetheless. But we weathered storms, my children are now young men, and they will find their own way as we all must, with time. No doubt my personal history comes into play as well; I was single into my 30s having declined a few proposals, deferring marriage until I was ready, convinced I had made an excellent choice. Later she said no, I guess not and went on to a great life without nice. What makes a luxury lake home design special, Learn About the Very Wild and Interesting Psychedelic Era. I truly struggle for what was and more for the family and and life I once knew. Time is supposed to heal us and all our wounds. You deserve to come to peace with your divorce so that you can begin a new and richer life. Youre allowing your pain to keep you from enjoying your children and grandchildren. Some people see divorce pain as phantom pain, conveniently forgetting it is pain nevertheless. Never have found out exact reason, except maybe money. There is so much I can be happy about now. However, while you may expect to feel a bit sad about your ex moving on, you may be surprised or confused at the . Great article. I found out my wife of 23 years (27 years together) was having an affair the last Sunday in January 2021. Also learn to put your positive energy in a different atmosphere, visit childrens homes, share their joys and hurts and encourage them that there is hope after a painful living. The days I dont see my son are brutally hard. I lost multiply job. That morning somehow felt like a pivotal moment in my life. Im normal, Its normal to feel happy and sad, gain and loss after so many years. We just needed to voice our shared experience. People will go to a bar t drink overnight to forget the pains in them. We had two teenagers a mortgage, a good life I thought. Deeply sad, and still in pain. Moving on after divorce certainly requires more than someones prescription. Absolutely. Still sometimes sad about not having the life I expected. We have two daughters, one who has special needs that is 24/7 high acuity care, and Im angry. His children have never been told his address and were informed of his second marriage after the event. Add in a young child, and the other spouse refusing to work on things, rather, cut bait and get out immediately with no reason. But if a marriage is in shambles, then its better for it to be called off than to remain in pain and hurts for the rest of your life. If left for another person, the pain is unbearable at times. I lost a 4 generations family farm, but more than that, I lost an entire life of working toward a financially secure retirement, raising 2 children together, and being so close to her family. I still am working on my self and hope and pray she sees something in me again. There remains a post-divorce financial cloud from which I may never recover, and lost opportunities as a result. I agree with you so hard to find anyone that really understands the lingering pain while living in the present. After 25 years of marriage, including couples therapy near the end, my husband left, already in a relationship with another woman. Transformational Coaching and Psychotherapy, Benjamin Schwarcz, MFT, ACAP-EFT, Santa Rosa Psychotherapist and Coach, Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy, EFT Clinical Consultation for Health Professionals, Tapping Into Joy: Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression. People can continue hurting because of the communications they still have after dissolving the marriage. Thank you, Ms. Wolf, for expressing what I have been feeling. Making choices so the kids like you. It affected my relationship with my children. We are none of us any one thing. Which means that by cutting her out, I cut them out, which leaves me alone. Thanks to your article, I know this is a normal response of the heart. I think this is going to be chance for me to finally heal and let go of him. I think that is because i still have a relationship with my ex not with him but with my refusal to let go of him. xo, Im so sorry to hear of your sadness. Youre still living in the past, ruminating on what should have been instead of focusing on what is and what will be. As others have said, it gives voice to some of what I feel. It becomes manageable, but thats about it. what gets me thru life is God and my kids and grandkids . I too get sad in these all too often moments Then I feel the empty space profoundly not for a man I do not miss but where a family history of four ought to be. Our youngest daughters future events such as marriage, graduations, etc., that we now have to be a part of as separate families, instead of being proud together and sharing that moment with each other, Im sitting alone glaring at my ex, reliving the whole scene of him walking out on me with a younger model going on vacations and living it up while I am barely getting 3 hours sleep a night. Yet in our many hard years since the marriage ended, there was a great deal of good in our little household of one mom, two boys and a big mutt. 15 years after divorce she is bubbling over with joy, energy and health. One of the most critical elements to healing is to spend time with people who will cheer you up, show you about positive things outside your broken marriage and work towards your healing. Best artical I have read on divorce. Friends dont understand, and my only comfort is my faith in God and lots and lots of prayer. In the dream, I'm still married to my ex-husband; we are fighting and he's getting ready to move out. There is nothing wrong with you other than youve not accepted where you are now and let go of the hopes and plans you had when married. ", I was married for nearly 40 years and I have known him for 50 years. That can mean journaling, taking warm baths, breathing fresh air, eating good food,. },{ But the pain lingers under the surface always. Thank you for this. "name": "Can you be completely happy after divorce? But the pain of all of it never really went away. Cant Get Your Ex Out Of Your Head? I can go for weeks being fine, but then something will trigger all the pain, the guilt and the bewilderment. 13+ years. I hate to think I will live and hurt the rest of my life like this, I just love her !! Dont accept any was just an excuse & helped your ex rationalize his behavior. "@type": "Question", I wish all who have experienced this, the best of strength and happiness. I'm mad, yelling, and feel like I can't breathe. The day before what would have been our 40th wedding anniversary he sent me an apology for the way he treated me, and brought up the anniversary I cannot think why as he was married to her, so why mention it. D. A. Wolf is a professional writer, editor, and independent marketing and social media consultant. I have tried counselling, forgiveness, keeping very busy, yoga and meditation anything and everything recommended, but I cant let go and have a constant deep sadness. My ex gave up her life,family and friends in another country to marry me 30 years ago. I only ever did what I thought was best for my children at the time, but guess that wasnt enough. She got healed from the pain of leaving her marriage, and by the time they came back home, she was mentally prepared to start dating again since all her hurts were healed. As for my children, I hope I have been a model of resourcefulness and curiosity, of determination and positivism. from their father when they need us both. I did not handle the divorce well. I have done nothing but cried and act emotionally out of control since I received the summons out of nowhere. OUR 2 sons are young men now, but I find it difficult to move ahead with my life. I will search for a gentler and more compassionate website. The more time that passes, the more reminders and suggestions you will need to deal with the aftermath of . So when I need to cry, I just let it out. Are you talking to anyone on a regular basis about how you are feeling? It is just there. Life goes on and we have to make the very best of what we have, hard and all that it is. Nobody really understands. fatigue. Its so tremendously hard to share these with the people (ex-husb and woman from affair now married, plus their families) that stood by and made my life absolutely miserable for a few years. Recognize this for what it is: A personal full-blown pity party. Great article!!! Im not saying that you want vengeance or wish him wrong, but resentment is not a good feeling either, it hurts you more than it does him. "acceptedAnswer": { The worst part came a couple years later as I was sorting through papers to be destroyed. And I can see now that my ex and I had probably wrung everything we could out of our marriage, so I try to be grateful for the opportunity to become my own person in a way I dont think I ever would have had he not ended things. I am proud of all you women as I am proud of myself, for making it through. Thank goodness our children are grown and have started families of their own, so no coparenting or custody to deal with. Personally, I consider these realizations to be hard-won wisdom. The rise of 'gray divorce,' as couples over age 50 split. I feel so sad that we will never be a family and it must be awful for the kids but what can you do. As for looking to a new love, I have no desire. I was told many times by her and our therapist that I was too attached, I loved her to much. Ive got friends I hardly hear from anymore. Done. Ive tried everything to move on, apart from actively seeking another partner. Thank you again for sharing your stories. Its pretty impossible to put into words how I feel after 5 years since our family disintegrated. Once in a while I cannot help but look back, even though I think Ive worked through it all. My marriage lasted 21 years, I was with her for 23 years. He stopped speaking to me full stop. 2019 Divorced Moms. Add message Save Share Report Bookmark Below are some tips to help one know what to follow when divorce still hurts. But it still hurts and may always. I put together this: Ex- had removed $70,000 from her retirement account that never showed up in her interrogatory. While I respect and have empathy for the commentors (and wriiter) who have found another partner and know that this does not eradicate their pain I cannot help but wonder why not me? New hopes, dreams, and opportunities arent going to come to you if you arent emotionally free and receptive. Along with the occasional look of, "Mhmm, sure.". Ali November 14, 2015 At 1:56 pm. "name": "Is moving on after divorce hard? Almost the minute he left I was being told to move on, make a life for myself etc. It looks pretty hurtful from where I stand. I do hope this improves with time. If you were married for ten years of longer, you will be eligible to collect derivative Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse's earnings record when you reach retirement age (if you aren't married to someone else at the time . Some responsibilities need both parental support, and if you have kids, then this is a reason to stop the hurts, take up the responsibilities and support your kids as much as possible to avoid them to hurt from your struggles.

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