Sams donation to powerlifting is stupendous! I would ask Larry how to push up my bench and Larry would say to train my triceps because they are 75 percent of your bench. Multi Time World Champion. If this is how the IPF treats their lifters it's no wonder that the WPC Eurasian Cup has 635 lifters pre- registered to lift! It was a beautiful day to drive, but once we got 50 miles away, Mac said we needed to pull over. I saw the Gestapo in action first hand at the Master's Nationals and again today at a local meet. I also was a shotput and discus thrower and won Athlete of the Year in New York in 1964. [/quote]The Ivanko bars were not used because they arrived from the manufacturer without center knurlings. Just start learning the gear/rule variations. They called Mel the king of the bench press. How about dougs billing squat 985lb. The bar we used was 45lbs plus the collars. There I said it for you. Did the meet director think for one moment all the WORLD RECORDS unassailable at the MEN'S NATIONALS? The author and famed Mike Bridges are shown in a light moment at the 1982 World Powerlifting Championships in Munich. Assistance work may have consisted of a few sets of curls and little more yet in the opinion of many, me included, Mike can be crowned as one of the top few lifters of all time. ALL THOSE RECORDS ARE NOW DEAD TOO. In football, the drugs can help a fullback break through what would have been a tackle; in baseball, they can help a pitcher take a 95 mph fastball to 98 mph (and also help him recover between starts). . I lifted my hands up and that's when I saw it. I could not believe it Paul was calling my room and even trying to send girls to my room. Deadlift: 272.5kg/600lb. ive seen a little on his training also here it goes. It's NOT a 45lb bar. it matters what the rules actuially are!!! Collectively, the disparities in competition averages and world records between tested and non-tested powerlifters are about what most studies say they should be. No excuses! Pacificos best competition lifts are an 832-pound squat, 592-pound bench press (without a bench shirt), a 771-pound deadlift, and a 2061-pound total. Rogers post about changing the frequency of training seems to fit. Most guys at the USAPL meet, on the other hand, tend to not do steroids, he said. Bridges' squat of 711 pounds, bench of 512 pounds, and total of 1,896 pounds are all new 198 class World Records. They were called Spanjam. im just so sick and tired if people bashing the ipf. Gaynor said lifters at the IPF event have been more likely to get around drug tests, take PEDs leading up to the competition or have a history of PED use. How about a total of 2105 lb at 181lb body weight. And he held a special "women's gateway open" with lifters all breaking WR's TOO..WHERE WAS THIS MAN's BRAIN??? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The power lifts are the bench press, squat and dead lift. he did this for 10 years and kept progressing but he's unreal. Larry would drive from Dayton to Toledo for four years using a simple 5-3-1 system. I ran to a restaurant and grabbed some napkins and ran to the gate just in time to board. Every so often an athlete shows an exceptional talent in his sport that baffles the mind. Consider this 2008 American Physiological Society study, which found that the benefits of steroids in powerlifters can last several years beyond when the drugs leave their body. First offcongrats M.B on the records. Several people in the area had Ivenko Bars--within 2oo miles I bet there were four available. This time I lowered it a bit faster. Deadlift: 365kg/804.69lb. You had Mike Bridges who astonished the world with his absolute dominance and ground breaking lifts. Mike Bridges - Bridges was one of the greatest powerlifters of all time, competing in the 165 and 181 pound classes. I wore my ProKinetics Insoles to my first competition at the 2009 Pan American Games and I beat my previous world record in squat by 87 pounds. Then he came and got me. He saved them all. This happened to Mike Bridges. I was a gymnast in New York where I grew up. I would hear it from him every meet when he told me if I did not get a better bench I would never win at nationals. and our I have three kids: Jimmy who works with me at Pacifico Power, Pat who lives in Coco Beach, and daughter Theresa Nelson. The great Mike Bridges spent years training three times per week, squatting twice, deadlifting once or twice, and benching two and sometimes three times within any week. Prior to any National meet, there is a meeting held by the Technical Secretary to ensure compliance to rules. Carl said "I realize that rules are rules but, don't shoot the horse because the jockey was overweight." To this day 37 years later, I don't know why I tried to bail out from that bar. In fact, the folks in Missouri have always done a great job. ERNIE FRANTZ A pioneer in the sport, Frantz squatted 821 at age 64. It was the first issue where my name wasn't there for the first time in 10 years. 1984 Honolulu, Hawaii It took him three more hours to fix the other hands. Best Lifts: But those accepting the pay of the sponsorship fees do not have to suffer with the bars, merely to take the money and thus approve themjust like at times platforms/stages at ipf worlds have sagged under the larger squatters, only to be considered "acceptable". WTF!! On the morning before the meet we opened 2 brand new shipping tubes from an IPF approved manufacturer and they contained bars that did not have center knurling. He also would tell others if they wanted to get a bigger bench gain weight. I was married three times.Lou: How many world records did you break in your illustrious career?Larry: 54Lou: I know you had rivals along the way. What is big, strong, and is shaped like a bodybuilder? The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do. All other things being equal, the stronger you are, then the quicker you run, the harder you hit, the higher you jump, the faster you throw. Show me where the IPF as said anything? It was a national meet. This accident took maybe a second and a half. Just as we assume that every athlete in other drug-tested leagues isnt clean, we shouldnt here, either. Lou: There were other super stars from England. I seem to remember Mike Bridges getting stiffed on a squat at the USAPL Nationals in 2004. Author: Staff. 3 Star CrossFit. People need to have a reality check, as if Harold thought ..hey, let me sabotage this meet and give them a non-approved bar. When you squat 800 pounds, every joint in your body needs to be optimally aligned. Mike is going to get robbed because it's an IPF rule, tpb isn't approved equipment and so he's getting american records. One of the nicest menin the power lifting game. [/quote] Its a shame his feats arent hailed about today. When we talk about how PEDs improve performance in sports e.g. The bar we used was 45lbs plus the collars. On another note, the IPF will truly commit a crime if they take Mike's records due to this smallest of technicalities. It can be said that in a way he is a carbon copy of Ed coan. [quote=Harold Gaines]I was the Meet Director for this event and I would like to put to rest this issue (if possible). I guess he got too much publicity and I wanted to crush him. If you are a world class lifter, you are a world class lifter in any fed. I am aware of the wrong bar that was shipped because I warmed up with it in the warm up room. Bench: 280kg/617.29lb $29.95. Brand spankin new bar, just no center knurling. A winner of five world championships and several world record. The manufacture send Bench bars with the middle knurling missing and no one in the area had the right bars! I find that while the weight I lift is less, the intensity is still high and with decent results but I stay sore longer. They've been a nuisance for years, the smaller knurling center causes people to line up too close in the DL and it hardly grips your back at all, some of the even brand NEW bars have NO KNURLING. check out the. Ivanko pays them a lisence fee to approve their stuff and Texas Power Bar doesn't! The International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame began in 1978 to recognize powerlifters who had competed in the IPF and officials who had shaped the IPF. After the last time you would think they would be extra careful to see it didnt happen again. that'd just be the cherry on the top of this disaster! There was a two-hour weigh-in and no round system. And they probably DID! This. Perfect I went around and took off my coat made a pillow out of it then took off my watch, laid it down, and fell sound to sleep. I slid under it and the bar hit me just over my left eye, tearing off half my eyebrow. If possible, structure your training as follows: Mon - Bench day Weds -Deadlift day Fri - Squat day Day 1 (Monday) Bench day: the knurling is LOUSY, and some are even slippery for the deadlift. That might not seem like much, but because these guys lift so much, it translates to between 30 and 344 pounds. In the meantime, Dan has squatted 960lb and has made valid attempts to be the first with 900 in the deadlift. My middle finger and both the fingers on each side were caught. George Hechter (Birth date: august 14, 1961). A prodigy of the great Larry Pacifico. Good luck to all of them. 1980 IPF Men's World Powerlifting Championships. #1 mike bridges training style 05-07-2008, 02:14 AM ive read about mike bridges and his records. And in some years at Raw Unity, a weight class might only have two lifters (an athlete has to be very strong to qualify for the event). If dan can get his bench together, lookout! Harold put on a great meet. [quote=Brian Mc][quote=Travis Werner]I really hope the IPF overlooks this and lets the record stand. Best Lifts: [/quote] For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. What reports? Gerlof Holkema 4.4K subscribers Subscribe 4.1K views 2 years ago Mike Bridges (1982) WORLD RECORD (181 lbs /. Everything at this meet was ran by the guys in the uniforms! [/quote] The bar used was the correct weight & configuration. .4kg is way over the allowed variance of weight. 6. We are not the only people who are happy with those lousy bars are benchers. so yes, some records were set with tpb. A 13 year old Ed saw Bill Kazmaier powerlift on television and he was instantly hooked. Looks somewhat like Sheikos powerlifting program. Dan has benched 400lb in his class when most men in his class were approaching the 600lb barrier . KT Tape is the first-ever kinesiology tape to come in pre-cut strips specifically designed for consumer use. I hope this does not come true. This Make your morning email scroll and coffee stronger. I've never really changed anything. how long did u have the bar before you opened it? I slept on the flight down and drifted in and out for the next eight hours, but I was able to watch most of the operation not only mine but both of the other two as well. :), [quote=Anonymous][quote=Jeff Fiss]Harold put on a great meet. The fact that Teds total may have been low does not depreciate the astronomical effort he has left us with. SPECIAL. View Profile View Forum Posts . 2023 Westside Barbell. And it's still very hard for me to write after all these years. I never saw such a lifting machine. Some powerlifters compete in divisions in which they can wear squat suits and bench shirts, which can put them in better form and help increase lift numbers. I am aware of the wrong bar that was shipped because I warmed up with it in the warm up room. We had a rivalry in the early 70s.Lou: Before we get into your powerlifting life, did you ever play other sports? Heres how those numbers compare for each lift.7. There was no money meets back then.Lou: What motivated you back then?Larry: A strong desire to be the best and win all the time at anything. Bridges missed three squats of 562 pounds. A winner of five world championships and several world record. Within three hours I was on the operating table. Let's hope they get confirmed soon. Everyone has asked me, "Why do a meet only a month before trying to win your 10th world title?" Dan, like Ed and Fred Hatfield, has proven that the little man is in! And squating without center knurling??? At Na- tionals Bridges the bt . No one expects any more of you. and the Squat at an astonishing amount of 804 lbs. 4. Ivanko bars are awfulthey are outrageously whippy and the non-standard knarling makes setting up for the deadlift quite confusing. Things like how they trained in the beginning. Good luck to all of them. The Hall of Fame began with just male lifters and officials, but started including female lifters since 1987. . Ed did one bodybuilding show as a teenager but he did not like the idea of losing weight, he wanted to become as big as possible. But there is one man that comes to mind that was contested by the fact he could be beaten on a bad day if someone else had a great day. 1985 Mens Senior Nationals I wonder how it would feel to have a 700+ pound bar slide down your back. Records should not have to be sacrificed because of this. Since then Mike has competed in multiple weight classes and won every competition he has entered. I stayed there for three days. "But it weighed MORE so he should the record for sure!" WTF!! Mike Bridges was the Ed Coan of powerlifting before there was an Ed Coan. Many years ago, Mike Bridges was one of the reasons I started powerlifting. C'mon. The TPB was usewd because it DID have center knurlings. I also know you were never cocky or arrogant, but totally confident and fun when I was around you. It wasn't as meteculous years ago when the USAPL was first cutting their teeth after becoming the IPF affiliate. I'm doing good, Buddy, how have you been? Was this in Tampa? barbell | 21K views, 632 likes, 8 loves, 38 comments, 118 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Old School Strength: Powerlifting legend Mike Bridges deadlifts ~617 lb in the 198 lb weight class. I will be over at Jon Groves meet helping him this weekend, hope to see ya there. So, even if drugs arent in an athletes system, he might be lifting heavier because he used PEDs a few years ago. It's unfortunate that an error like this had to happen, but the bar we were using was just fine!! If they were lifetime PR's for you as well, then even greater congratulations are indeed in order! Give me a TEXAS POWER OR OKIE. Lou: What happened when you lifted against Paul Jordan of Austraila?Larry: Paul was talking about winning the world against my friend and fellow Ohioian Vince Annelo the greatest deadlifter. What has Dan done for the game? screw it. Who is that? I can honestly say 848 would have gone up. Ivanko bars are awfulthey are outrageously whippy and the non-standard knarling makes setting up for the deadlift quite confusing. What Powerlifting Tells Us About The Effects Of PEDs. @Michael_Easter, Steroids (6 posts) Once inside and rolling, they put the piece of finger that came off in some of the ice and stuck it in my sweatshirt pocket. I didn't know exactly what they were but I knew there would be some kind of difference between the bars. Now, while I was there Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA took the first picture of my hand and ran it in the January 1981 Issue the same issue that ran the results of the 80 worlds. My hand was slipping off the bar when it hit. Cookie Notice Mike Bridges I was the Meet Director for this event and I would like to put to rest this issue (if possible). Steroids split us into two federations. Over time, more groups broke off from both the USPF and drug-free federation, splintering the sport further. 1980-11-07, USA-VA, Arlington. all of the sheiko guys seem to do well in these feds. thanks Jeff Mumaw. We can still make new gains and new PR's well into our master careers but we have to listen to what our bodies are telling us more. He was and is the strongest man under 200 pounds I ever saw. They had time to get another bar!!! Bars don't grow on trees, what would you have done in this situation? So, after the 1983 IPF event, he and others formed the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation. Hes laid down a base of muscle that doesnt just dry up when the drugs do. His name was Mike Bridges. USAPL, was it "modified rules" which were in effect this time? 2. All rights reserved. The meet always attracted the very best lifters in the country and 1978's version was no exception. No one ever say a word to him no matter what. What really happened that day that allowed Mark Dimiduk to win the 1980 SR nationals and that would select the 1980 world team members.Larry: On a second attempt deadlift I wanted a 5 kg jump. I wonder how it would feel to have a 700+ pound bar slide down your back. [quote=Travis Werner]I really hope the IPF overlooks this and lets the record stand. Mike Bridges at the Central AAU Sr. Championshipos, April 1978, with a world record 585 squat He broke the world total record 3 times at this meet Lemenager photo The one finally Au- 27, 1978. [/quote] My training as a 65er back in the day was pretty intense and with pretty good results. i'm over 40 and over the past years since i hit 40, i've actually stepped UP my sets and find i'm getting better results, doing my best even as i get older isn't a problem.. the one thing is to keep the challenges coming and step up to them, not think "oh i'm a master, maybe i shouldn't train so hard". not screwing up in front of the WORLD. While I was there, in came a man from Texas who got his hand ground up in a meat grinder. also what do you guys think about this every monday he would max out on bench/squat and max out on deads every wednesday. Some powerlifting meets drug test, and some dont. He did break the record. See you in Georgia! Best Lifts: Blood started flowing and I started to stand up, but I passed out and rolled back on the platform. TPB makers stood to gain by keeping the sponsorship fee up, after all, it's a BUSINESS.[/quote]. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. What happened? But just how much horsepower and torque do athletes gain? He trained with Don Cundy the first to make an 800 deadlift, and Jerry Gones who would wear a superhero suit at a meet and a wig. Then the bar hit the supporting brace below the bench on the left side. Lou: Was there somebody you loved to beat?Larry: Yes. so yes, some records were set with tpb. if indeed he's been robbed before, then he's pretty tough for sticking in there and coming back. The distinction between the groups histories with strength-enhancing drugs is important because these drugs dont just flush out completely they can leave a lasting impact. Mike Bridges (Birth date: february 1, 1957). Just lift it! [quote=Travis Werner]I really hope the IPF overlooks this and lets the record stand. I would think you would have everything ready to go at least a week out. 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