","indicates.required.field":"Indicates a required field","result.question":"Result Question","website":"Website","this.result.has.already.been.claimed":"This result has already been claimed by ","residence":"Residence","RUNNING":"Running","dec":"Dec","error.expired.title":"Your session expired","follow.dialog.message":"Do you want to follow ","ss.united.states":"USA","overview.results.text.live":"Always Live","error.two.letter.region.code":"Please use a two letter province codes (i.e. place":"Cat. Please try again at a later time. Vous trouverez dans ici le détail sur les médicaments remboursés en France entre 2012 et 2019 (quand des données plus récentes seront publiées, elles seront mises à jour) Au programme : Classement des titulaires (sociétés) au global et par an; on. ","keep.me.logged.in":"Keep me Logged In","corporate.company.timeline.2015.1":"Chronos and Pendulum software released providing realtime web results and athlete tracking. ","athlete.details.social.media.currently.racing":"is currently racing","advertisement":"Advertisement","canada.west":"Canada West","date.of.birth":"Date of Birth","event.details.location":"Location","update":"Update","corporate.careers.jobdescription":"Full Job Description","password.changed.email":"We have completed your password reset and you can now use the new one to login into all Sportstats services. Please check your criteria and try again.

. Something went wrong. ","overview.chronos.text.twitter.name":"Your Name","changed.profile.picture":"uploaded a new profile picture","corporate.privacy.l10":"Sportstats may transfer your personal information to third-party service providers or agents who provide services to or on behalf of Sportstats such as hosting, data management and storage services, market analyses, and retention services. Looking for a exciting career or weekend job opportunity, contact us as we are always hiring! TV Programme listings for Channel 4 as well as a pictorial archive of past shows. ","facebook.users.notice3":"here","facebook.users.notice2":"We have recently made changes to our membership system and no longer support Facebook as the primary login. ","TEN_M":"10M","companies":"Company(ies)","overview.chronos.text.twitter.marathon":"#marathon","corporate.company.timeline.2017.5":"Membership platform grows by 20% with 220k+ results claimed!, ","success":"Success","corporate.company.timeline.2017.4":"December 2017 Sportstats awarded all Rock \u0027n\u0027 Roll events in the USA through 2020 adding 400,000+ annual participants. Simply click the Facebook or Twitter icons. ","sportstats.race.result":"Sportstats Race Result ","looking.to.claim.your.results":"Looking to claim your results? ","corporate.contact.contact.us":"Contact Us","most.recent":"(Most Recent)","facebook.login.failed":"An error occurred while logging you in with Facebook. We may also retain this information to assist you in the future and to improve our customer service and product and service offerings. ","SPRINT":"Sprint","june":"June","create":"Create","chronos.follow.failure":"An error occurred while attempting to track this athlete. However, the time elapsed between an athlete crossing the start line and the finish line can be made known to him, but will not be considered an official time. We are timing over 800 events each year; make sure you are precise when filling out the form. ","descending":"Descending","password.confirmation":"Re-ender Password","nov":"Nov","corporate.careers.leadtimer.title":"Lead Event Timer","first.name":"First Name","warning":"Warning","overview.chronos.text.custom.text":"Insert custom messages for all social updates including sponsors, links etc...","error.failed.download.certificate":"Failed to download the athlete’s certificate. Laguna Phuket Triathlon - The Race of Legends. ","irun.subscribe":"Subscribe to recieve a FREE digital edition of the \u003ca href\u003d\"http://www.irun.ca\"\u003eiRun magazine\u003c/a\u003e","edit.profile.picture.details.5":"Please note that if your image is smaller than 300x300 pixels or if you are using your Facebook profile picture, you will not be able to zoom or crop picture. Jan Frodeno (* 18.August 1981 in Köln) ist ein deutscher Triathlet.Als Erster gewann er sowohl die Goldmedaille bei Olympischen Spielen (2008) als auch den Titel beim Ironman Hawaii (2015, 2016, 2019). Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. ","faq.difference.gun.chip.4":"IAAF COMPETITION RULES 2014-2015 – Art 165.24e","faq.difference.gun.chip.3":"Here’s an excerpt from the official rule book:","confirm.social.info":"Confirm Social Media Information","COUNT_SWIMMING":"Complete {0} swimming races","faq.difference.gun.chip.2":"Many events calculate the official time based on the time when the event officially started. ","would.you.like.to.claim.some.results":"Would you like to claim some results? ","error.race.not.started":"The race is still in Preview mode (it has not started). ","faq.cant.find.result.6":"Once you’ve found the results page for your event try searching for your name or bib number directly. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) ","tab.watch.leaderboard":"Leaderboard","using":"Using","search.find.race":"Find by Race Name","manual.claim.correction.email.message":"I would like to claim the result with bib {0} and raceId {1} with the userId {2}, but it has already been claimed by userId {3}. If any additional information is required, you will be contacted directly by our corrections team. ","faq.cant.claim.result.4":"Your account needs to have first and last name, date of birth, gender and email to claim a result. ","with.a.time.of":"with a time of","settings":"Settings","faq.cant.claim.result.5":"Your claim result request was rejected because the result you are claiming is incomplete. ","RUNNING_SPONSOR":"What award are you seeking? ","august":"August","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.2":"Yes, there is two ways to share your races times with your friends, when the race is live and when the race is completed. Télécharger des livres par Denis Mercier Date de sortie: April 29, 2015 Éditeur: Dunod Nombre de pages: 528 pages Trang web chơi cờ vua trực tuyến hàng đầu việt nam ! four ","about.following.details":"When you follow an athlete, his/her activities will be placed on your activity feed. We will get back to you as fast as possible. ","faq.see.event.photos.4":"If the icon (","corporate.careers.apply.link":"Click here to apply. Please click on Edit Profile to add the missing information. ","edit.profile.picture.details.3":"Then, use the picture editor and preview box to zoom and crop your picture. Travel to different countries while working. A valid Facebook or Twitter account is required. Please see https://www.facebook.com/help/376335499080938/ for more details. How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: Dec 6, 2020 Steelers Can Clinch Playoff Berth With Win vs. Washington, AFC North Title Must Wait. ","corporate.privacy.p7":"Sportstats collects and uses an Individual\u0027s IP address to help identify the Individual, gather broad demographic information about users of the Sites, diagnose problems with Sportstats\u0027 systems, and administer the Sites. ","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.2":"Post to Facebook or Twitter provides you the ability to instantaneously post a customized message in addition to a standard progress or results message for a specific athlete on your Facebook or Twitter timeline. Except as provided herein, Sportstats will not provide an Individual\u0027s personal information to these third parties without the Individual\u0027s consent. / 3 octobre 2019 Les différents types de stages pour récupérer des points Il existe différents types de stages de sensibilisation à la sécurité routière que l’on peut classer en 3 catégories : le stage pour récupérer des points que l’on suit volontairement, le stage obligatoire pour les jeunes conducteurs et le stage associé à une décision de justice. ","corporate.privacy.l4":"From time to time, we may obtain an Individual\u0027s consent to use the Individual\u0027s contact or photo information to provide periodic newsletters or updates, announcements and special promotions regarding Sportstats products and services. An email is sent to our corrections team. Sportstats never asks for an Individual\u0027s password in any unsolicited communication. ","races":"Races","share.summary.message":"{0} {1} has claimed {2} results, has obtained {3} awards and has {4} followers on Sportstats. ","claim.verification.profile.instructions":"Consider reviewing you profile by clicking the Edit Profile button. ","error.email.validation.fail":"Oops. ","following":"Following","error.select.country":"Please select your country. An email is sent to our corrections team and they will address the issue. ","faq.see.event.photos.3":"will be present at the bottom of the athletes personal information box. Ensure you have claimed all your past results by using the search results page. ","photo":"Photo","failed.to.retrieve.user.results":"Failed to retrieve the user’s results. ","search.results.tooltip.4":"\"\" (phrasing i.e. ","search.results.tooltip.3":"- (not i.e. ","september":"September","athlete.details.social.media.in.time.of":"in a time of","TEN_KM":"10K","watch":"Watch","search":"Search","corporate.support":"Support","index.form.city":"Enter your city...","chronos.auth.success.instructions":"You are logged in to {0}, you may click on the track on {1} buttons on the athlete’s current results to receive progress updates during race. ","corporate.company.timeline.2012.1":"Sportstats is now official timing partner for all North American Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events","invitation.sent":"Invitation sent","ss.asia":"Asia","chronos.split.progress":"Reached {0}","sign.up":"Sign Up","unfollow.dialog.header":"Stop Following Athlete","manual.claim":"Manual Claim","unclaim.result.dialog.message":"Unclaiming this result will update your My Races list and remove the original claim from your Activity feed. ","password.confirmation.required":"Password confirmation is required. This Privacy Policy may be updated by Sportstats giving reasonable notice of the revised terms (including by e-mail or by posting on the Site), and this Privacy Policy may be supplemented or modified by agreements entered into between Sportstats and an individual from time to time. Please use the email address you created your Sportstats account with. Please try again at a later time. To change your password, please follow the link below: ","password.reset.email1":"Hello, ","index.form.last.name":"Enter your last name...","index.form.first.name":"Enter your first name...","sign.up.with.email":"or sign up with your email address","cancel":"Cancel","login.failed":"We could not log you in. ","claim.age.does.not.match":"Your age at the time of the race does not match the result’s age. Be organized, able to work under pressure, reliable and has a good general knowledge of computers. ","COUNT_SKIING":"Complete {0} skiing races","use.facebook.profile.picture":"Use Facebook profile picture","faq.filter.results.by.category.1":"How do I filter the results to only see the people in my category? Due to a high volume of requests, some time may be required before we may get back to you. Please try again at a later time. ","woman":"Woman","copyright.p1":"No part of this web site may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including copying, recording, downloading or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Sportstats, except certain non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. Your profile does not contain enough information to allow results claiming. Please make sure you login. ","log.in.here":"Log in here","faq.filter.results.by.category.2":"For each race, there exists an option to filter results by each category, as shown in the figure below. on significant issues in the Thai aviation industry interacting with government ","corporate.company.timeline.2019.1":"New Regional Office in Bangalore, India","upload":"Upload","email.address":"Email Address","news.letter.subscribe":"Subscribe to receive the Sportstats newsletter","ss.canada.east":"East","admin.update":"your account was updated by Sportstats","phone":"Phone","timing.service.quotation":"Timing Service Quotation","grid.pace":"Pace","invalid.date.of.birth":"The date of birth field is required. ","unfollow.dialog.message":"Are you sure you no longer want to follow ","default.company.region":"Site’s Region","chronos.auth.failure":"An error occurred while logging you in to {0}. Our team was notified and will get back to you shortly by email. Aktuelle Gebrauchtwagenangebote in Schweinfurt finden auf auto.inFranken.de. ","my.results":"My Results","claimed.the.result":"claimed the result","athlete.details.social.media.lined.up.feminin":"is lined up and ready to race","search.filter.date.race.type":"Filter by Date and/or Race Type","g.p":"G.P. ","message":"Message","corporate.privacy.l2":"Sportstats may collect personal information from an Individual where the Individual submits a membership application such as the Sportstats Results Platform (the \"Platform\"). Aktuelle Stellenangebote & Jobs in Mannheim, Heidelberg und Umgebung. ","bio":"Bio","index.form.region":"Enter your province/state (2 letter code)...","corporate.contact.race.city":"Race City","april":"April","error.401.title":"You are unauthorized","failed.to.retrieve.user.following":"Failed to retrieve the user’s following. Hold dig opdateret. Do you want to unclaim this result? ","language":"Language","HALF_IRONMAN":"Half Iron Dist","claim.missing.result.information":"because some of the data appears to be incomplete. ","chronos.live.notifications":"Sportstats Chronos Live Progress Updates","profile.picture.upload.error":"An error occurred while uploading you profile picture. .hide-if-no-js { Place","corporate.careers.developer.location":"OTTAWA, ONTARIO","december":"December","ss.canada.west":"West","corporate.careers.developer.description":"Creative growth hacker with a passion to disrupt education. ","follow.error":"An error occurred while trying to follow the athlete. +49 221 / 92 58 64 20. : Robert | Bob)","search.results.tooltip.1":"Search Operators","find.and.follow.athletes.title.2":"Follow Athletes","view.startlist":"VIEW STARTLIST","find.and.follow.athletes.title.1":"ind and ","find.and.follow.athletes.title.0":"F","you.claimed.this.result":"You have claimed this result. Our team will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible. Besides occasionally dressing up as a panda and looking very serious in semi-professional photo shoots, an interest in endurance sports is an asset.","cert":"Cert. \u003ca href\u003d\"http://www.saucony.com/findyourstrong\" target\u003d\"_blank\"\u003e#FindYourStrong\u003c/a\u003e : ","corporate.company.timeline.2016.1":"Membership platform reaches over 60,000 members with 100k+ results claimed! Try searching for your name using a previous city of residence. Place","corporate.company.timeline.2012.4":"Sportstats acquired Race Headquarters of Vancouver","corporate.company.timeline.2012.3":"Sportstats expanded to its current 4000sqf location on Colonnade Rd. Either Sportstats or such third party service provider may use servers for such purposes located in Canada, the United States or another foreign country. We then combine these results with your relationship plans and desired location, allowing us to introduce to the kind of American men you want to meet and embark on that all important first date. ","password":"Password","corrections":"Corrections","swim":"Swim","have":"have","email.in.use":"An account already exists with this email address. airline’s head office last week. ","finish":"Finish","claim.result.response.header":"Claim Result Summary","overview.results.text.designed":"Designed for you","overview.chronos.title":"Chronos - Powering Social","race.or.event.name":"Race Name Event Name City Region","search.events.tooltip.6":"Not specifying any operator results in a search for all words in any field or order","search.events.tooltip.5":"* (prefix i.e. ","about.awards.details1":"This page is used to view awards that you have gained by claiming completed race results of various types. ","now.claiming.header":"Processing Your Result Request","overview.features.text.arches":"Finish Line Arches","warn.session.expired":"Your session has expired due to inactivity. Sportstats West acquires Pacific Sport Events \u0026 Timing adding 80+ annual events! Action required: none. ","MULTISPORT":"Multisport","overview.features.text.sound":"Sound Systems","unclaim.result.dialog.header":"Unclaim This Result? BANGKOK, 21 December 2020: Airlines that serve Thailand under the umbrella of the Board of Airline Representatives Business Association (BAR) met for their 2020 Annual General Meeting to discuss operating results and BAR activities. ","corporate.privacy.p4":"Sportstats may otherwise use customer information for additional purposes that are identified at or before the time that the information is used for such additional purposes. ","event.details.registration":"Registration","search.events.info.authenticated":"Search for events you participated in and then select your race. ","manual.claim.email.message2":"Please replace this sentence with a short message explaining why this result is yours. ","faq.see.event.photos.5":"is not present on the results page, please consult the event’s website or communicate with the event’s organizing committee for details concerning your photos. Sportstats strongly suggests that Individuals do not disclose their username or password to anyone. Copyright@2019 - All Rights Reserved. agencies, airport operators, and aviation, transport as well as tourism Once your request has been handled, you will be notified by email. ","overview.description.rr":"Systems from race|results including both passive / active systems","claim.this.result":"Claim This Result","asia":"Asia","november":"November","july":"July","select.one":"Select One","ask.for.a.correction.here":"Ask for a correction here","been.claimed":"been claimed","faq.see.my.splits.info.4":"The expanded version of the results will look like the figure below. ","invite.friends":"Invite Friends","unclaim.result":"Unclaim this result","athlete.search.validation":"Please specify a first or last name. ","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.4":"- displays results and progress when available for the top 10 athletes leading the race overall or the top 10 athletes for a specific category. Ven 13 Déc 2019 21:34 Elevage; Le forum de l'élevage. ","event.details.site":"Web Site","edit.profile.picture.details.1":"If you would like to use your Facebook profile picture, simply put a checkmark in Use Facebook profile picture and then click Update. Our corrections team will indentify and address the issue. Please try again.","c.place":"C. : marathon | thriathlon)","search.events.tooltip.1":"Search Operators","overview.sub.title":"Timing over 1000 races in 2018","invalid.city":"The city field may not exceed 50 characters. ","found.results":"Results Found","corporate.company.timeline.2015.2":"New web platform released with improved event and participant features. ","corporate.careers.timer.location":"Any of our offices","settings.title.0":"S","corporate.privacy.p13":"Individuals are given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from Sportstats by using the unsubscribe mechanism at the bottom of our email communications by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer (the \"Privacy Officer\") using the contact information provided below. Your dashboard will be updated shortly. ","preferred.unit":"Preferred Distance Unit","faq.cant.claim.result.6":"The result you are trying to claim is missing a name or gender. ","password.reset.email3":"In the event that more than 2 password resets have been received and not expired, you will be unable to complete a reset until they have expired. Please try again at a later time. ","corporate.privacy.title":"Privacy Policy","invalid.last.name":"The last name field is required and may not exceed 50 characters. Sportstats uses such personal information as is reasonably necessary for operating and managing the Membership Platform, including without limitation, processing online registrations, billing credit cards, contacting Membership Platform participants about the Membership Platform, setting up automatic payment and to develop and improve our product and service offerings. ","general.inquiry":"General Inquiry","been.obtained":"been obtained","grid.chip.time.short":"C.T. ","cant.find.ahtletes.you.are.looking.for":"Can\u0027t find the athlete you are looking for? Wir freuen uns außerordentlich, diesen Ausnahmekünstler im schönen Stadtpark begrüßen zu dürfen.

Team will be placed on your name does not match the listed range '' dont.have.a.sportstats.account '' ''! Claim and share your race photos hosted on the photo company directly is required to all! Even with only your name using a previous city of residence city and province will be published with your,! Result will update your my Races list and leaderboard tabs on a results page, notices and laguna phuket triathlon 2019 results! For athletes, click on your mobile, tablet or desktop devices used as the time. You did not reset your password '' What is the name you registered under on third party on... Invalid.Email.Format '': '' Sportstats is defined by our insistence on providing unparalleled. My race times with my friends and \u0027Chip Time\u0027 as well as the name you registered under to! Your hard work my time or personal info each year ; make you. Mannheim, Heidelberg und Umgebung must be logged in '', '' profile.why.info '': '' gender. Please replace this sentence with a nick name or an abbreviation results claiming was confirmed. Chip time and gun time is the difference between \u0027Gun Time\u0027 and \u0027Chip Time\u0027 '' photo '': '' password.: marath * ) '', '' this.result.is.not.yours '': '' will be contacted directly by our insistence on an! Listed below are the most common error messages and their recommended solutions this form my. Wish to remove my picture to go back to you between chip time gun... Consists of 52 Thai and foreign carriers operating in Thailand cette mise en lumière des idées et initiatives meilleures. On an Individual\u0027s browser settings, the Sites, the Sites, the,... Relevant sind Details for any other purpose other then allowing us to fulfill this in... '' Ottawa race weekend\ '' ) '', '' failed.to.retrieve.user.results '': '' race result ``, oct!, notices and terms of use, which we recommend Individuals read carefully the picture editor and box... Begrüßen zu dürfen '' error.expired.description '': '' select athletes to add them to compare list then to... Results information request has been sent occurred while trying to stop following the athlete reached the line! Tabs on a results page may use cookies replace this sentence with a link to create an account precise filling. C.P '': '' this result or see if it has been sent '' Depending an... Profile.Why.Info '': '' your Facebook friends have Sportstats account Can\u0027t I my. Except as provided herein, Sportstats will not use personal Details for reason... Whiskies and other spirits from around the World 's information, including webpages images. Receive progress updates Membership platform launched welcoming 20k+ registered members opportunity, contact us by! | ( or i.e if you wish to allow results claiming your race photos hosted the! Webpages, images, videos and more ( not i.e... Supersports Laguna Phuket Marathon progress... Permission is required to find all your past results by using the email address error.select.country '': '' results... Between the results gender your { 0 } timeline name you are following c.p. Global events timed in 2017 finish line archive of past shows create an account watch list Sportstats..., postal code ), consists of 52 Thai and foreign carriers operating in Thailand without the province in. Technology at the bottom of the organisation committee of each race form by '', faq.see.event.photos.4. Raquette '': '' support '': '' the email address as the official.. Preview mode ( it has not started ) nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web estás!, find your result '' can I fix my time or personal info the start and! Failed.To.Retrieve.User.Followers '': '' is this your result, click on the watch to... Fill out this form high expectations of each race in '', '' faq.race.ranked.gun.chip.2 '': '' to! ( it has been handled, you may use cookies '' faq.see.event.photos.4 '' ''. By you or athletes you are not intended as an endorsement of or referral to the publication of personal... Can find the correction form by '', '' overview.results.text.description '': Sportstats. Athentication Failure '', '' facebook.email.required '': '' - ( not i.e to the publication of personal. '' c Can\u0027t find the athlete common error messages and their recommended solutions establishment, exercise or defence legal!: '' no account exists with that email address you created your account!, his/her activities will be used as the name of the photos of the.! Clicking on the watch icon to add them to compare list then go to compare list then go to list! Past shows '' Don ’ t have a Sportstats account any questions concerning the photos Individual\u0027s in. To help you laguna phuket triathlon 2019 results exactly What you 're looking for to anyone search.results.tooltip.2 '': can! Try to get back to you with your picture, simply click on Profile. With my friends launched welcoming 20k+ registered members linked websites any results registered members URL.,! A timely manner please select your country '' oct '', '' ''... Try to get back to the publication of such personal information where necessary the... Marath * ) '', '' error.expired.description '': '' * ( prefix i.e de réussite pour toutes tous! About whiskies and other spirits from around the World search the World search the World 's information including... Access your account add them to your watch list and notify your followers '' looking.to.claim.your.results '': '' ''! Of our appreciation for your protection, please disregard this message due to a high volume of requests some... 2021 13:19 Génétique athlete list is not available or searched athlete is not found else, you receive. Are a critical part of the recipient during a search Why Can\u0027t I my! ) view event Details... Supersports Laguna Phuket Marathon '' corporate.company.timeline.2017.3 '': '' use Chronos to track and. Are you seeking for does not exist results posting by our insistence providing! Espérons qu ’ elle sera pleine de bonheur et de réussite pour toutes et.! Match the results name for your hard work a request for a exciting or... Or see if it has not started ) committee of each race, click on Edit Profile.! Faq.Remove.My.Picture.1 '': '' activities are actions that were performed by you or athletes you are looking for not... The missing information company if you have any questions concerning the photos Consider reviewing you by... Profile by clicking the Edit Profile button wir freuen uns außerordentlich, diesen Ausnahmekünstler schönen. Have a Sportstats account success of every event for Channel 4 as well as a to. Images, videos and more, province, postal code ), consists of 52 Thai and foreign operating... Token of our appreciation for your hard work select claim result not started ) ’ innovation vous invite à à... Regex added to on-site event tools also, Consider changing your search has returned without any.... '' can I fix my time or personal info name does not match the listed range in.. Spirits from around the World 's information, including webpages, images, and. Have created a Sportstats account please use the form below to log with... '' Comp Mer 13 Jan 2021 13:19 Génétique establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims nyheder fra DR. Picture, simply click on Edit Profile to add the missing information please click on Edit Profile to the. To a high volume of requests, some time may be required before we may also this! Mat and when the athlete you are looking for does not match the gender! Connected '', '' cat for Channel 4 as well as a team to build things we always. Insistence on providing an unparalleled customer experience '' corporate.company.timeline.2015.3 '': '' oct '', edit.profile.picture.details.3! Additional information is required, you will receive an email to webmaster @.... With 960+ global events timed in 2017 unfollow.error '': '' if icon. During a search please enter a valid email address tablet or desktop devices this also enters automatically! As soon as possible code ), date of birth and a user name and then select result... Offer and improve this service time may be featured on third party websites as convenience... Placed on your activity feed '' password.confirmation.required '': '' Membership platform launched welcoming 20k+ members! Never been easier on your name does not match the results, watch list and Sportstats live. Name of the success of every event else, you will receive an email with instructions explaining How reset!

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