Today, the High Court of England Wales handed down its decision and it doesnt look good for TuneIn. I once managed to get the right station by specifying to play from Planet Radio but then that stopped working too. Since a few minutes ago I'm experiencing problems with Siri on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. but it plays all other radio stations. . (My guess is that the sports station changed something and it now uses a name that's similar to our local station and the last change wins when looking up a station.). Sunday Baroque. How come you didnt see this coming? Hear the audio that matters most to you. I'm having a slight problem getting Alexa to play a particular radio station that I request in the UK. NEWS FROM ALL SIDES Plus, enjoy local stations like KQED-FM or WNYC-FM. However, youre not left with many choices at this stage. Im curious if Im still available. Asking Siri to play podcast stations is something I use all the time.I've emailed Apple, waiting on a reply. VORW had a long editorial on his show about his program not being available in the UK this weekend. The station requires a player that is not available on your product. omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site. That works about 95% of the time. Both Netflix and Amazon Video streaming services, for example, began effectively blocking most of the major VPNs a few years ago. Reply Helpful beachboy999 Level 1 (76 points) You can tune many of the receivers in that to listen to receiver local AM stations too. The claimants say that a finding for the defendant will fatally undermine copyright. This heat map shows where user-submitted problem reports are concentrated over the past 24 hours. Echos all suddenly playing the wrong TuneIn radio station Have a very very strange problem. Tap Personal Requests and toggle it off for your HomePod. Oct 3, 2020 8:29 AM in response to brenden dv, Oct 5, 2020 8:23 AM in response to beachboy999. If the issue continues, consider answering the following questions. I know this is not ideal. TuneIn takes the ads out of your on-the-go real radio The Internet's main spot for AM/FM radio adds an $8 subscription that swaps commercials out of 600 stations, while also opening up a. In the meantime I'd recommend listening either through or through our app on iOS and Android devices ( ). In tunein it is it's official name NPO 3FM in Sonos it's "3FM in the picklist. Im assuming Direct Streams from each station are still available but I cant help but worry that station aggregators might also be in the firing line at some stage. Google has been responding with more network related stations and playlists. /r/AmazonEcho is a community centered around the Amazon Echo, or as we like to call her - Alexa. If anyone has any suggestions to this evolving problem except buying over the air receiving radios, I am all ears. Could even affect YouTube as their content is provided from outside the UK and a good amount of it contains copyrighted audio! You can always count on New Music Nashville to bring you the newest, hottest hits from the biggest stars in Country music - along with sneak peaks and a contest or two as well! 5. The same is true for a "repeater" station of WVIA called WVYA; which a few months ago tuned in the parent station, WVIA, but in April, 2022, has stopped responding and will now tune in only the WVIA HD station from TuneIn radio. Check out this article David shared from November 2019 when the ruling originally took place: In 2017, Sony and Warner sued US-based radio service TuneIn, claiming the company infringed its copyrights in the UK. Please let me know if youare still having any trouble from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further. If you have any questions from here, please feel free to create a new post. - edited No it doesnt anymore. Check Price at Amazon. Alexa is designed around your voice. They have never cared about anyone but the stock holders. It does work when I press and hold the side button. If I ask my nest mini gen 2 to play greatest hits radio, it always plays mfr2. Even the volume is playing up I cant adjust the volume manually (by touching the screen) I have to use voice commands. I find Im using this app a lot more often than TuneIn. Refunds. Sometimes, the tracks on the TuneIn skill can get restricted through the Explicit Filter, and you need to turn off this feature for ideal performance. One day it will find and play a station the next it can't find it! This has recently started happening on my Echo. Very frustrating. "Play Mega 97.9 FM". But when I tried to record I got the following pop-up: Due to applicable law and licensing restrictions, we Jake. I noticed this starring to happen earlier this year starting with Radio Paradise, then JB Radio 2 and now SomaFM. I even typed it into the Alexa app, in case there was a dictation problem. How To Connect Phillips Hue Bridge Without Router? Strange as Alexa doesn't have this issue. It's been a few days since we have heard from you. The issue is only on tunein for Alexa. I can copy and save the TUNE IN link but it comes back with the message - "Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load. Playmen), Reba McEntire / Linda Davis - Does He Love You, Howlin Country - Yesterdays Legends & Todays Hits, Luke Combs - Without You {Ft. Amanda Shires}. To get started, just set up your AirPlay 2-compatible speakers in the Home app. In our case instead of getting a local radio station we started getting a sports station from the other side of the country. The same thing happens to everyone, try it for yourself.Ask Siri to play a Podcast Station in iOS 11.3.1 and it works perfectly. So where does the problem lie, Siri, IOS or Tunein? Please let me know if youare still having any trouble from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further. Pretty dumb that the station is listed on iHeartRadio but Alexa cant access it. Sorry, we're still checking this file's contents to make sure it's safe to download. the same ruling that will protect the already massively rich major labels has closed the door in the face of unsigned acts, smaller labels, people whose work I hear from college radio on the west coast & immediately look for on bandcamp or via the artists own sites. Also hear why Matt, Alex, and Ken think Rachel wanted Frank . TuneIn is a free audio app that brings together live sports, music, news, podcasts and over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world. The company argued that it does not store any music, and merely provides users of TuneIn Radio with hyperlinks to works which have already been made freely available on the internet without any geographic or other restriction.. Find out why Matt Blaze is actually giving Alex credit. I wanted to try uninstalling it and re-installing the app but that wouldn't work either. Hopefully, you wont have to worry about the same errors when the servers are back online. also if I ask it to play to the speaker group it says something went wrong yet I can touch the screen and successfully select the speaker group I want. iHeartRadio Help. Also a bad thing that Radio statons are unsorted in picklists. Happy to sit and listen again. Just let us know. The Echo stopped working for some, but the Dot continues to work for those same stations. I mean we all have different opinions about what we love and there's no right or wrong. If I specify TuneIn I get GH North East. Glad to hear the issue has been resolved and you are good to go. what happened to the petersens band father; dorian hamilton board of education; was lexi thompson ever married Search. Who Magoo *Music Review* - Blues, Rock, Indie, Country, Chats :), Thanks, Great tunes; Blues, Rock, Country, Indie, Thanks, Awesome, Music :) @ So, if youre sure that there is nothing wrong at your end, the only thing you can do is wait for the server maintenance to end. TuneIn Radio determines your geographic location based on the IP address of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Ill give that a try but it would be great if this bug could be finally fixed. If I figure out a phrase that works for my favorite stations, it eventually stops working. The two Channel Island commercial stations (Channel 103 Jersey and Island FM Guernsey) are also blocked, despite being (sort of) UK services licensed by the UK regulator, Ofcom. Is this a new issue? But it could require heavy use of a VPN or similar service to trick TuneIn, Sonos, or other Internet devices into believing theyre physically located outside the UK. She's always onjust ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. 8 Top Smart Home Companies in the United States. I have both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, as well as Siri on my phone and . Try asking Alexa play (radio station) on Tunein. From there, go into app settings and find the Alexa app from the list. Update to the latest version of iHeartRadio from the App Store. TuneIn (unlike Spotify) doesnt allow me the play from the App and send it to an Echo as a connected device. Thank you for your patience, I look forward to your response. LRA 36 (Arcangel San Gabriel, Antarctica) Test Broadcasts on March 1st and 4th, 2023, Radio Waves: AM Buzzkill, AM FEMA Push, AM Devitalization, and RFI-Blocking Chips. I gave up trying to say just the right phrase for Siri to play my favourite stations, as it was so frustrating. So, make sure to do your part. Most stations do work. I have been using Home mini's (generation I and II), and Home hub (generation 1) for 2-3 years and have experienced an evolution of problems asking for the same local FM radio station. Previously without issues, I've been able to ask Alexa to "play Absolute Radio in the lounge" for example and Alexa replies "Absolute radio from Tunein playing on lounge". I stop the chime physically on the Play 1 and then use the app to select a radio station. These situations are not that rare, and developers are quick to roll out new updates when users complain about these errors. As of yesterday [September 9, 2020], all of the US-based classical music stations and even some European news outlets are no longer available through TuneIn. This time, it is not found doing a search using the Alexa app. Explore podcasts and radio streams in the WSKG Multi-Verse. After many days of attempts, I started saying the same thing but instead of asking her to play it on TuneIn, I asked to play it through iheart and it got me to the same content I was looking for. So, if youre in a similar situation, just remove the skill and add it again, and your issue will most likely be fixed. You should also inquire about the station status and make sure that the option youre trying to access is available in your region. Go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff > and toggle on Transfer to HomePod as well as Handoff. That decision has to be appealed. TuneIn Pro is a special version of the TuneIn app that, for a one-time fee, removes visual display ads and pre-roll commercials that normally play before content be Searching and providing linkage to otherwise freely available internet streams cannot possibly require a licence the logic of that ruling needs to be challenged. If I can. 11-26-2021 App Website Something else. What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far. I am reasonably tech literate so will probably be able to pull together some kind of workaround but I am concerned that some less tech-savvy users may become disenchanted and lose out on the enrichment that was previously available. That's often the best solution. Sorry, our virus scanner detected that this file isn't safe to download. They also curate lists and provide links. The convenience of listening to a multitude of stations through my so-called Smart Speaker has now been taken away. Oct 6, 2020 8:15 AM in response to beachboy999. The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act of 1967 did the same thing, trying to block the UK from other sources of radio by criminalising offshore radio stations broadcasting to a UK audience. Energy FM Oldies has vanished too and in general the whole Alexa music control thing is bloody hopeless. Sorry to hear you're having trouble tuning into to RNZ at the moment, unfortunately we recently released some audio quality upgrades that have caused issues with TuneIn internet streaming services delivering RNZ content. I have this exact issue with BBC radio 6 via Sonos radio for my daily alarm. I wanted to follow up with you, and provide a helpful article that has some troubleshooting steps. Very strange problem especially since the Spot shows the correct RNZ National wallpaper on the screen while playing, not the RNZ Concert stream it is actually playing! My Radio, which has a limited repertoire of radio stations from Boston, Denver, and Washington DC Alexa plays wrong station I have been listening to a particular radio station on Alexa for 2 years. Its just a shame that we have lost that diversity and even more so for people living g in remote areas with no internet connections whos world view has been severely restricted. No one seems to be responding to radio reception problems except with the same "all you have to do is" answers that no longer work. Surely. I wanted to follow up and see if you are still in need of any help with your device playing the wrong station? Do others have the same problem? Best regards,Jake. Yes, I can for the time being listen to these stations on my dedicated standalone Internet Radio but is what station aggregators do really that much different from what TuneIn was doing? Sweet! Below are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on a speaker or display when you choose and listen to terrestrial and internet or satellite radio. Which Google Home devices are experiencing this issue? Country Hits USA. I've recently been asking for every arrangement this station of call signs, frequency, locality, "from NPR" but always getting something other than the FM station WVIA. Oct 30, 2020 3:59 AM in response to beachboy999. However,. Jango is a simple internet radio app which offers curated music radio stations. Try streaming a video or opening a website in your . Thanks for being an RNZ listener, and I hope we can get your streaming services working well for you again in the next day or two. Apologies I thought I had to reply to the email I was sent, which I did and it bounced. Alan Roes Music Programmes on Shortwave, List of QRP General Coverage Amateur Radio Transceivers, List of VHF/UHF Multimode Amateur Radio Transceivers, Check out this article David shared from November 2019, Hurricane Watch Net Activated September 13, 2020, March 2023 Program Schedule for Texas Radio Shortwave. There are other radio skills that can be used, the MyTuner skill is good for foreign stations. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. TuneIn Pro offers exactly one Siri Shortcut and it's actually. We hope you understand, and are grateful for your support. (and many of them will also play your Bluetooth phone, same as the speakers). Want to buy me a cup of coffee? I don't know what Greatest Hits Radio is; a radio station or a playlist from a network (Like TuneIn) but it sounds like user must be more specific. Very annoying particularly using Car Play as wrong station is played necessitating manual selection and taking eyes off the road. I wanted to follow up and ensure you are good to go. TuneIn Radio: News, Music & FM.

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