In the beginning when we were really young, we had some thoughts that this could be a career thatd make us a lot of money. Featured Image Credit: Instagram/thesecretscout1, Topics:.css-wpf514{color:#72B97D;}England, Scotland, Jake Paul FINALLY proves he is a 'professional boxer' with incredible video after Tommy Fury defeat, Fans claim Saudi Pro League is 'scripted' after Cristiano Ronaldo and Martin Campana's 'bizarre' one-on-one encounter, Alan Smith's horrific leg break injury while playing for Man United 17 years ago left him struggling to walk, Fans cant believe this South Sudan goalkeeper is only 18 years old, Oleksandr Zinchenko tipped to win Premier League 'Player of the Season' award, Arsenal fan claims only one player from Bayern's 2012/13 side would start in their current team, Three Ways England Could Line Up Against Scotland, Here's how England SHOULD line up in their World Cup opener against Iran, Fans worried by England squad's Instagram posts ahead of coming up against Kylian Mbappe, Scotland Fans Showed Incredible Respect By Cleaning Up Leicester Square Before The England Game. Our plan is to get a bunch of great songs together and slowly tease them on TikTok and let people get excited on their own., We always knew where we wanted to end up. The video was posted on Instagram on September 7, 2022. Do you have questions about the biggest topics and trends from around the world? Its about when youre really attracted to someone and you like them for just how they are, he says. First we had to sell our souls, he jokes of the records success. South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. TikTok and YouTube video-makers Alan and Alex Stokes have been arrested after allegedly staging two fake bank robberies for a video. If youre on TikTok, chances are youve heard a remix by London-based duo Altgo in just one year, theyve racked up 1.4 million followers, 4 billion plays of their sounds on the app and scored a Top 40 hit. It seems that some netizens are being trolled by her satirical content, which means that content is captured and posted in a manner that makes it appear to be legitimate. They were really excited about releasing an official version of it because it was doing so well. In August 2019, James and Jack took a trip with their dad to southeastern Germany where they helped find the bones of the three U.S. Army Aviators "who were killed when their B-17 aircraft was shot down by a German fighter plane in May of 1944," according to their father's IG post about their service. So we knew once we got somewhere with it, wewere gonna jump for original stuff., I didnt realize that the bigger our following gets, the more nervous I am to drop something, he says. They appear to ask bystanders to give them assistance in the form of clothes or free car rides. Watch the full story on "20/20" FRIDAY at 9 p.m. We are so proud of them!". The twins, from Anhui province, originally started their short video career in 2015 on Kuaishou, the country's second largest video platform, according to a report by the Phoenix E-commerce Research Institute. On Thursday, the FBI confirmed it had raided the house of YouTube star Jake Paul. The same was also uploaded to Twitter. They rose to prominenceon TikTokin May 2021 with a popular mashup of Lil Nas Xs Montero and Daddy Yankees Gasolina. It was the first time we started seeing loads of people using our sounds, Michael tells Variety of the video, which has over 500,000 views. 2023 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. While the songs hook features a list of high-end brands (Dior. In one high profile case, Viya - whose real name is Huang Wei - was erased from China's cyberspace for alleged tax wrongdoings even though she was a top seller on Taobao, the e-commerce site run by Alibaba Group Holding, owner of the South China Morning Post. The twin brothers also create content for YouTube with their older brothers Cyrus and Darius, and the four embarked on a cross-country tour in 2019 to meet fans. While James and Jack are friends with some of TikTok's most famous stars like Charli D'amelio, Ashley Eastham, and Lil Huddy, they are also close and spend a lot of time with their high school classmates. Theyre on the same wavelength as us., While theyre enjoying mainstream success and plotting their next releases, the brothers have no plans to ditch TikTok: Im just excited for everyone to hearthe sound of Altgo, Lucas says. Read Next: John Mellencamp to Donate Archives to Indiana University, In their videos,23-year-old twin brothers Michael and Lucas Fernandes-Penseenergetically mash up two popular songs, providing the soundtracks to many a TikTok thirst trap (you may even notice several of their sounds on, Their secret sauce may be their strong relationship with their devoted followers, as they take daily requests for what their next medley should be leading to everything from a, They rose to prominenceon TikTokin May 2021 with a popular, After months of growing their following, the brothers hit it big in the final days of 2021 by uploading , The Last of Us: Storm Reid and Bella Ramsey Talk Through Their Heartbreaking Episode, and Clap Back at Homophobic Trolls, Sam Claflin Reflects on His Hunger Games Arc 10 Years Later: Finnick Deserved Better, Sam Claflin Finds His Voice: How the Hunger Games Scene-Stealer Became a Rock Star in Daisy Jones & the Six, Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch: I Wish People Would Give J.K. Rowling More Grace and Listen to Her, Tom Sizemore, Saving Private Ryan Actor, Dies at 61, Netflix's Joey Sasso Explains Where His Relationship With Kariselle Snow Stands After 'Perfect Match, Reality TV Star Stephen Bear Jailed for 21 Months Over OnlyFans Sex Video, Why Sylvester Stallone Is Not in 'Creed 3', Ke Huy Quan Lost His Health Insurance Right After Filming Everything Everywhere All at Once: Nobody Else Wanted to Hire Me, Jonathan Majors Confronts Those Terrible Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Reviews: It Doesnt Change How I See Myself, Willem Dafoe Made Emma Stone Slap Him 20 Times While Filming, Even Though He Was Off Camera: Thats What You Want From Actors, 21 Best Movies New to Streaming in March: Murder Mystery 2, Triangle of Sadness and More, BTS J-Hope Sees Dream Collab Realized With On the Street Featuring J. Cole: This Song Opens a Door to My Next Chapter, Britain's $4 Billion Boss: ITV Chief Carolyn McCall Bets It All on Talent, 2023 Music Festivals: How to Buy Tickets to Coachella, Governors Ball, Lollapalooza and More. Our first ORIGINAL single is available for pre-save now! thanks for all the support LY #NewMusic #edm #LondonFashionWeek, Lucas says the plan was always to release original music, even if they reached that goal in an unexpected way. At one point, they made the Top 100 Billboard. The brothers posted the first video to their TikTok account in 2021. what's up greg you know i feel like it's,been a while since i found something,real weird on tik tok like something so,strange that i truly cannot wrap my head,around it,but i've done it,it's two twins on tick tock which is not,uncommon for twins to blow up on tick,tock but these twins,are different because these twins,are in love oh,that's so cute with each other,yeah i know,yeah that's right we're watching these,guys today you guys have probably seen,videos titled siblings or dating,how about siblings are dating this is,truly one of the weirdest things i've,seen on tick tock in a while and like,the more that i look into it the more,puzzling it gets it's like there are,layers and it gets deeper and there were,twists in here that i did not expect,these dudes run an account called alisov,brothers i believe they're russian and,the vast majority of their tick tocks is,literally just them doing stuff like,this,i mean like being about to make out with,each other not dentistry,most of their tic tacs are not about,being dentists although they do have,like a surprising amount i feel like,they have like 10 tick tocks in this,dentist chair i don't know if they own a,dentist business on the side that is not,clear to me these dudes heard that,self-care was important and took it so,literally this dude has his literal self,cleaning his teeth and borderline making,love to him but this is like their thing,they have so many tick tocks where it's,like music playing and then at the end,they just kind of like grab each other's,faces and just like breathe into each,other's faces,oh nice nice dude that's awesome has,your brother ever been so right at math,that you wanted to make out with him i,guess that's kind of the relatable angle,they were going for here every video i,watch i feel like peels back another,layer of their lives revealing another,even more confusing layer,totally indifferent to getting married,to literally the biggest day of your,life just so,so nonchalant he became very nonchalant,on his wedding day and then at the end,they hug seems like this is like the one,time in most people's lives it's like,the most acceptable to kiss in public,would be on your wedding day or like,suck each other's souls out or whatever,they do in all their other videos the,old machine gun kelly why are they so,indifferent to their wedding i know it's,a fake wedding but like come on dude act,a little bit enthusiastic you're getting,married,to your brother actually maybe it is,kind of baller,maybe it is kind of cool it's the,ultimate baller move to do literally the,most insane ever like marry your,twin brother and not give a about,it at all oh just another day getting,married to my twin brother nothing weird,going on here just gonna give him a hug,we're getting married in front of a,castle this is our castle by the way we,are,we are russian royalty as a matter of,fact is this like a wedding venue or is,this their castle are these guys russian,royalty i've heard that royal families,can be pretty inbred so honestly i would,believe it i think that marrying your,twin brother is literally keeping your,genes as pure as humanly possible,if they could have a baby it would just,be them again,uh-oh what,people,oh no people oh no people are gonna see,us almost kiss,no,okay thank you i appreciate the modesty,i'm right here thank you for for once,looking at the camera and realizing what,you're doing is insanely weird thank you,yeah i don't know this this tick tock to,me seems a little bit hard to swallow,i'm going to call bs on the entire,premise of this tick tock as if these,dudes are bashful or modest in the,slightest these dudes have a tic tac,account with two million followers that,is centered around these two brothers,who want to have sex with each other,at all the time i don't think that if,they were gonna kiss and they saw,someone watching they would stop they'd,probably be like oh yeah come here,oh someone's watching us hell yeah,dude let's traumatize this guy,okay so clearly whatever's going on here,is just like for shock value to get,views on tick tock i'm gonna give them,the benefit of the doubt and assume that,whatever this is,is not,like a real romantic relationship it's,just these two brothers who thought hey,if we do this like weird we can,probably get really famous on tick tock,and i guess they have like two million,followers but like this video has 70 000,likes which on tick tock is not that,much and some of their videos have like,seven or eight thousand likes which i,don't know about you but to me,makes this a lot weirder like people,will do weird for fame and millions,of dollars all the time you can't stop,people from doing that but for like four,for like 5 000 likes you're gonna make,the whole world think that you're in,love with your brother for 5 000 likes,is it worth it it'd be funny if this is,them just realizing that people can see,all these tick tocks they're like oh, we've been posting these to a,public audience,oh oh that is, The above is a brief introduction to tiktok twins brothers, Let's move on to the first section of tiktok twins brothers, so we just bought this off tick tock and,check this out,it's a pocket-sized staff,hey imagine pulling this out in a fight,if you're on tick tock then you've,definitely seen some really cool gadgets,and you've probably wondered are they,worth buying well today we pretty much,bought every single cool gadget off the,tick tock and we're going to be testing,them out and letting you guys know if,they're worth buying or not before we,begin give this video like if you like,tick tock and let's jump into the video,so this is the next really cool thing we,bought because of tick tock so we heard,if you bite into this bottle right here,it's supposed to sound exactly like it,does when you bite into a real apple and,we're gonna see if that actually works,or not,wait what wait do it again dude,how cool is that dude that's cool,wait let me bite into it,oh dude that is so cool no tokyo thinks,there's food that's awesome stop with,that face,stop guys this definitely works i would,definitely buy one and try it out for,yourself all right guys let's move on to,the next gadget,so this is a kitchen safe lock right,here and basically he got it so he could,lock away my food and help me get rid of,my junk food addiction which i don't,need because as you guys can see there's,no timer on it right now which means i,could eat the food right now so if i,really wanted alex to lose weight how,this safe would work is i would put a,little timer right here set it to,however long i wanted and then you press,down,and it locks and you will not be able to,open it until the timer is out so,therefore alex won't be able to eat that,donut right there it's unbreakable,that's kind of cool right it's,unbreakable,oh hey the timer's up,so basically this is perfect for locking,away any unhealthy snacks or food from,your refrigerator and talking about,refrigerators here are the names on the,refrigerator for this week and if you,want your name written on our,refrigerator all you have to do is like,this video subscribe if you haven't,already and comment down done when,you're done right alan come on erlin,come on we need to get the scene in alan,come on,this is also perfect for when you can't,stay off your phone,and you need to film a scene,i need a text or did you actually lock,it yeah i did alex why did you actually,lock my phone dude my junk food,addiction your phone addiction now we,can get the scene do we need to put,sean's hand in here,so overall guys i would definitely buy,this it definitely works let's move on,to the next gadget,so right here is another cool gadget,that we bought because of tick tock and,check this out all right so we put a,coin right here click the button ah,what's it doing oh,dude what it said thank you dude that,thing is so cute so i would recommend,getting one of these and you know go,around asking your friends to put a coin,in just hey tanner you got any points,come on tanner put a coin there's a red,coin what do you mean all right so yes,definitely get one and get rich,so this is another really cool gadget,that we bought because of tick tock and,check this out,hey don't fight it don't fire it doesn't,work the ball pulled out,it was supposed to be a tennis ball,rebounder,basically if you're lonely you need,someone to play with this is the perfect,gadget for you but it doesn't work,so this is another really cool gadget we,bought because of tick tock and,basically it's a bottle cap opener,except it's also a cap gun all right,guys so check this out,where'd it go it's underneath here which,means it can also be served as,ammunition to shoot your friend which is,perfect because your guys is there for,this week was for us to prank three of,our friends and we're gonna go do that,now tanner you want a root beer there,you go man i know you like ripped,i got it i can open it for you,where'd it go hey do you know where the,cow was so much isn't that so cool what,we're sorry,don't move,wait but no actually have a root beer to,go with that oh hey lucky for you sean i,got a cap opener right here all right so,check this out,right here,all right sean cheers yeah hey we're,sorry but they wanted us to do it were,we supposed to do like three people,though oh yeah we were,pretty issues all right,so now that i did one of your dares i,dare you guys to like this video,so if you like pineapples this next,gadget is perfect for you so this gadget,right here is a pineapple remover and,it's perfect because summer is right,around the corner and pineapples is,january it's january well hey we're,trying to get that summer body alex so,we gotta you gotta get that outboard i,gotta stop because we gotta stop filming,and start working out right,so the first step is we gotta cut the,very top of the pineapple so let me look,for something really sharp,oh what does that have what are you,doing cut it cut it here we go all right,come on let's cut let's cut it right,there,hey i'm not bread bread could do this,there we go that was a clean slice of,stokes right here that was, After seeing the first section, I believe you have a general understanding of tiktok twins brothers, Continue the next second section about tiktok twins brothers, mother nation you never know but we know,and we're gonna have to get used to you,know seeing each other like this this,will be the look so let me lead as mayor,and let people know this is how we're,going to be seeing each other,just shut up and drive,I don't know how to drive what do you,mean set two cars this is the key yes,turn it right what is start all right,now step on the gas we twist the gas cut,that one don't are you sure you can't,drive it really can't drive,no Drive excuse me who you just play,long who are you just play along,I haven't seen my girlfriend in a few,weeks and I came home a day early so I,could surprise,ah I got it I got it,he's so hot first time,oh she's cute they're wonderfully for,her since you don't love me anymore,because you think I'm an ugly,anomie no good for nothing piece of,trash,hey Alan do you know we're out of cake,wet what do you mean it's right here,nevermind she texted me back,tik-tok go ahead and post a therapist,out on his for you page my baby doesn't,know I'm coming over to surprise him,baby,what,it's kind of cold up here,take my jacket I love you God we are,such the perfect couple I'm cool too,jakey I can't control the weather try to,sit down in that chair without moving,your legs okay that's cheating,whoa Alan you can't do that,Alex Mallin,3 2 1,so are you doing anything after class no,I'm actually free well I was thinking,you and I can get something to eat okay,and then maybe after we can go to my,place and watch Netflix yeah let's go,alright so you're gonna put this,blindfold on okay and I'm gonna spin you,around twice and I'm gonna make,something disappear,Allen Oh all right so big you trust us,yeah all right close your eyes on,account of three we're gonna fall and,we'll catch you all right,one two three hey if it's easy for you,you can actually come inside and use my,beer wait really,yeah okay yeah, After seeing the second section, I believe you have a general understanding of tiktok twins brothers, Continue the next third section about tiktok twins brothers, wait what the is this,did they just,okay,russians are wild these guys are wild,have y'all ever been to russia kissing,my twin sister challenge,they are brothers come on this doesn't,mean they're in love they're twin,brothers just because they kiss each,other on the lips,and they do,very sexual tech talks together that,doesn't mean they're in love like yeah,they're ,but that doesn't mean they're in love so,stop saying they're in love they're only, and sleeping with each other,you nasty,mother efforts you know how i know that,you guys are nasty,so it looks like there's this tick tock,account of these twin brothers you know,nothing out of ordinary just a couple of,twin brothers,making out,kissing,on tiktok,twin brothers,just the normal that we do daily,kissing our twin brothers and sisters,y'all are nasty,you know at this point i've watched so,much that it does not surprise me,because a couple months ago i watched,this girl that was letting,her mom sleep with her husband so,i'm not surprised i don't give a ,what surprises me is that,they have 2.1 million followers,2.1 million people,watch these guys these twin biological,brothers,kiss on camera and they're like that's,some hot follow,so usually people in tiktok like to,follow different trends but you know,what these guys follow they follow each,other's day,the thing is,all of their tech talks,19,probably even 100,it's all about them being passionate to,each other and then sometimes kissing,each other,like,is that i justine,tell me that doesn't look like i justine,why is she,in the background,hello can you stop them can you stop,them wrong oh it's two girls,two twins,is that another twin,is that i think i just see two girls two,twins,i do,yeah,are you thinking what i'm thinking,the new chicken popcorn and popeyes,oh you said oh you were talking about,them uh,so two twins and two twins,does that mean that they also kiss each,other,oh no what's this,social distance people,social distance,so oh oh no oh so,this is,call 9-1-1 now why were they so close to,the point where i felt like his dick,was hitting his arm if he was a little,bit lower it was he was it was gonna hit,his face,your your dick is like hitting my face,but that's hot,you'd really think that they're doing,this for views but their tick tock name,is literally,alisov brothers they're russian and,their actual twin brothers biological,brothers,i i don't know what to say i,wow look at me i really do look like an,idiot usually i have a lot to say on my,videos but damn these guys really got me, up,what's this,oh they're pretending that it's a mirror,not the tongue not the tongue ew,why the tongue,i mean you can get close to each other,but not the tongue,aren't you all siblings yeah no ,sherlock they're twins they're literally,twins you can tell,stop,oh this is the ,why,why,what's with this this is a 52 second,video,they did this for 52 seconds,this makes me want to punch the living, out of my sister,this pisses me off so badly that for,some reason i just want to punch my,sister my question is who the is,recording this who's recording this to,kiss,the mom can you imagine the mom,recording this you guys are doing great,sweetie uh-huh keep it oh you're gonna,kiss,oh you're you're about to oh you you,actually just kissed,you're doing great sweetie,i am so proud of you wow that was like,the most brave thing i've ever seen love,wins,yeah love wins but not when,they're twin brothers,wait are they getting married,wait what,i am confusion,so i don't know the laws in russia but,is that a legal thing hold up no that,that can't i know that russia is,homophobic as ,so that's the first step then second,step,of them being twins,and then people here in america,complaining that they're only making 15,an hour,you're complaining,shut the up have you seen the,alisso brothers the fact that they live,in russia,where they're gay plus,they're twins and they're in love with,each other,and they wanna,marry each other the struggle,even though i feel sick of right,now i can see this struggle,in spain and russia consensual incest is,fully legal,what,however people who are related as,siblings,which is them half sibling the stepping,and a step child may not marry,so it's legal for them to have a sexual,relationship but they can't marry each,other,this is the most complicated case i've,ever seen in my life,wait what the is this,did they,just okay,russians are wild these ,are wild they were complaining about the,tide pod challenge in america and the,licking the ice cream challenge,have y'all ever been to russia do you,see what these guys are doing,the kissing my twin sister challenge,they are brothers come on this doesn't,mean they're in love please guys,just take life in a simple way,they kiss and,they share the same,what did this just say,they're twin brothers just because they,kiss each other on the lips,and they do,very sexual tech talks together that,doesn't mean they're in love like yeah,they're ,but that doesn't mean they're in love s, After seeing the third section, I believe you have a general understanding of tiktok twins brothers, Continue the next fourth section about tiktok twins brothers, this is about to be good i'm going to,break up with you today let me see your,tic talks,let me see give me your phone why not,good i know you have some private,tickets,show them yeah let me see let me see the,private ones let's make a deal,um you guys can see my public tic tocs,well i don't care about your tickets i'm,just here for the ride yeah i'm here,i'm trying to see a tick tock i'm gonna,break up with you depending on how,you're doing okay but nothing how you,shake your booty what's up,uh first off i don't have a booty and,second i can't dance and third,i don't want you opening the private one,why because they're cringy,i know i'm trying to see him i i haven't,even seen the podcast,either you know i know what they're,crazy i mean they might be,i'm just trying to find out what's in,the private you know i haven't seen that,either everyone like it up let's see if,we get two likes and make sure you,subscribe,almost 23 million so if i let you,see mine i can see yours no that's not,today's thing today i'm seeing your tick,tocks and that's all,right let's see let's see your tick,tocks give me your phone,are you check the private ones no not,the private ones,just i'm trusting you on this one just,the public ones,look how many of them were taken down oh,geez i'm trying to see the other ones,that we're taking down all right let's,see,no no actually let me see him yeah get,off that's the public one no i said the,private ones too,you know that was really cringey what's,your password,face id,i don't care all right let me see what,you got in the private,this is i know this is about to be,cringy like yeah,look at them chill,that's good i like it all right first,private tick tock in,2017,actually didn't know that what was in it,all right second one,you only have why do you only have three,private ones because i didn't like doing,talk or musically or whatever it was,back then this was in 2018.,this is weird about the sound,that's funny yeah you remember doing,that,no mike really did mature a lot,then your last one with your sister,who's straight smarter who's more,popular,who's more sensitive that's funny,so there's other there's other private,ones or no is that it go to the giraffes,no i know i know there's drafts you,promised,maybe we'll go through the drafts later,but let me let me see some more to talk,to what,no why,oh no,my girlfriend she laughed because like,you know she doesn't want us watching,her tick tock,she feels like insecure and like she,feels weird so,all right so let's go watch her tick,tocks without her,yeah she just gets really late i don't,know okay so we're on out to talk right,now,she actually just posted one just now,okay cool,hey,hey,hey that's funny but i love this dance,people go like this hey,it takes her like probably like 10 times,to get her right tick tock and she's,like oh this is not perfect,you know what i mean you're exposing her,bro i am exposing him sorry baby if,you're watching this,that's why she left that's why she left,you know what i mean next to talk,oh she's about to race someone check,this out,oh yeah look at her face did you see her,face that's funny,she got nervous,that's funny she likes racing right yeah,we all do that yeah that was good i have,a next tick tock look at it,i'm not i don't want to look at that,that's that's crazy for me,i feel awkward watching like looking at,my sister yeah literally,stop hey oh,she hit her head that's how she got the,bump,yeah look at the bum bro wait what,happened i,was just trying to be like pretty like,oh look at me like i'm pretty and stuff,and then she slipped and hit her head on,the thing,you know what i mean i told you she gets,really nervous when she films tick tocks,like,that's the thing like i said i'm just,here like,all right next tick tock let's see it,happy new year she said,so yeah right now she has no makeup on,yeah,yeah yeah that was a good transition,okay i'm not gonna lie that was a good,transition pretty smooth pretty smoothly,it does look really pretty,really pretty that probably took her,like two hours to film,because i was texting her and she was,getting so frustrated with me she,stopped texting me like,i was so mad when she posted this one i,got 500,000 likes what happened,so i was i was speeding bro and actually,no i didn't see a cop,and he pulled me over and she went and,posted the tick tock i didn't see this,one,embarrass me like dang,it yeah look at the cop like what i,didn't know she posted that,and i got millions of views it's crazy,people are playing on our downfall what,do the comments say,oh let me guess i'm speeding i bet i,mean yeah just all these,comments you know yeah let's move on,this one looks like she's in a bikini,watch in the ocean yeah i'm not watching,this one,did you fall in the ocean yeah oh she,fell because the wave hit her,i used to be a trend right like i'm,telling you she's trying to look like,pretty,oh it's funny i actually have noticed,this every time she like tries to look,pretty or like, After seeing the fourth section, I believe you have a general understanding of tiktok twins brothers, Continue the next fifth section about tiktok twins brothers, okay what is happening,i'm black,cut the cameras,that ass,okay so,i forgot to put on lotion so there might,be some times where y'all see my hands,and they look really white because i'm,ashy as hell so,yeah if you comment already know,yeah so enjoy the video,what's up youtube welcome back to a new,youtube video so today visit me close,this closet,so today,let me just tell you all the backstory i,was just minding my business scrolling,through tick tock right,and i saw these two twin brothers,and i'm about to say okay like two twin,brothers and it had like i don't know,had like a bunch of like so i was like,why this video got so many likes,basically more of the story is these,brothers be,these brothers,they be,all up on each,basically i can't even explain it how,nasty,i can't explain it just know it's,terrifying,we interrupt our program to bring you,this important message i want you to,wake up,wake up,before we get to this video though,did you like the video,no no no did you like the video,are you subscribed,uh-huh interesting are you really,so you comment you subscribe you like,the video you can follow me on,instagram,okay all right,i'll just start,why do i do stuff like this why do i,react to stuff like this because my,thing is if i'm saying you're going,through pain,i'm like i must like pain then like,cause if i put myself through pain does,that make sense to y'all,okay,okay,oh my god,yes no honestly where's their parents,i know,somebody is watching this video somebody,a parent,a cousin a uncle a brother or somebody,do y'all see what y'all,what,they are twin,siblings,what the f what the is this what is,this,i'm scared,okay what is happening,why are you open,oh pause pause pause how many people,were scared,too,okay okay so,so we gotta,we have to prepare ourselves for this,y'all let's do we we got this we doing,this together we are doing this together,hold my hand hold my hands,disgusting the flipping the flipping,thing,like damn okay wait i love my brother,but not like that,not like that i love my sister but not,like that,what the,jail,jail actually,i'm scared because the caption literally,says p.o.b,he likes to pretend,y'all are going to jail,we doing this,we actually doing this okay okay,okay they went in the video okay,okay,okay they're getting a little bit too,close look,whoa a little bit too close,oh you know what that wasn't that bad,that was that was but it was still weird,it was still weird because,first of all why are you leaning and,getting in on him what are you trying to,lick,why did it look like he was leaning for,the lips though y'all saw that y'all saw,that it looked like he was leaning for,the lips,they're twin brothers y'all like is,anybody else concerned they're like i,tried to see,i was like no no maybe they're maybe,maybe,they pretending,and they're different you know i try to,make it make sense,and obviously i was wrong cause i,ain't no bill nye the science guy i,tried to build not my science way in,this but i did i had to see my way out,of it because,it's clear as that they twin brothers,and they out here doing this,he landed on a pillow ain't nothing,wrong with that he landed on a pillow,when somebody say brotherly love that's,not what they mean y'all they talking,about just communicating and and being,nice to each other,not getting up all in each other's face,like you're getting ready to kiss,and don't don't you dare tell me i'm,being dramatic,don't you dare because you see what i'm,saying you see what i'm seeing,okay,you had to put the ring on them and then,look at the hip swing,what you're swinging your heels keep,swinging the hips like that,swinging hips on each other,putting rings on each other,twin brothers,this is a little bit too too much i'm,starting to sweat,i am starting to sweat,this is,how yes i'm actually y'all i'm i'm,sweating a little bit this is just this,is stressing me out low-key this is it,oh my god not to spin the bottle,i can't do it anymore i can't,what,what is the reason what is why,why,why do you need to be olivia brother,face like that,and where is their mother i don't know,how old they are,but the parents i give me to give me the,number give me the number give me the,number,i give them,i give them my therapist number or,something like that because child,doesn't that needs,other's face like that,i hope y'all enjoy i y'all probably,didn't even enjoy that child i didn't,even enjoy that,i about screamed every damn time when i,watched one of them videos but you know,what,we did this together we conquered,i love y'all,y'all are brave,y'all are brave,all right but anyways hope y'all enjoyed,the video subscribe if you're not,subscribed like the video and,leave a comment and tell me like what,else y'all want me to react to because i,like i actually enjoy reacting on,youtube it's been very fun and you guys,seem to really like it so let me know,what you want me to do next,and i will talk to y'all later,you, After seeing the fifth section, I believe you have a general understanding of tiktok twins brothers, Continue the next sixth section about tiktok twins brothers, as it did,not pulling up,oh wait this is actually gonna work,no way,yo,what are you doing bro,what are you doing,go get my keys i can't get it now bro,look at my teeth,excuse me i was just wondering,copy me okay,no,you can't have that,wait what,what are you doing,nothing,no okay no okay,not again not again,yo my bad chill,your dobre brothers,yo jill what are you doing,chill come on,going bro if you walk through that door,we're done if you walk through that door,if you walk through that door we're done,wow,what the heck yo are you dead serious,right now fake dog prank on girlfriend,watch this everyone,catch the puppy okay,yo you forgetting something,yo i swear to god give me my phone,you're forgetting something give me my,phone bro,yo,yo i'm pushing your mouth,oh,my laptop,hey dobry brothers yo,i like your videos thanks bro,yo,yo is that your girl,yo why do you have your girl in your,underwear bro it's no simp september bro,what is that bro,don't put that,recording i'm recording my back my bad,two,hey baby,you still by your girl,picture one,that's crazy,you filming yeah i might have run over,my two mother's laptop everyone like,this up yo you're a savage my man get in,there get in the counter,oh,dude,oh,your checking account available balances,twelve million six hundred seventeen,thousand two hundred ninety dollars and,fifty six cents,who's the favorite child,who's the most annoying,who asks mom and dad for more money,who treats mom and dad like a chauffeur,who's most likely to move back in after,college who's more athletic,who's more musically inclined,who has better taste in music,whose room is decorated nicer,whose room is the messiest,who complains the most,who takes longer to get ready,who has the better love life,who's doing better in school,who watches the most tv,who's funnier,who gets away with the most ,who does the most chores,i'm after my girlfriend in the pool,everyone like it up,oh,really,i got this,your mortgage what how many likes does,this have to get for me to shave your,head both i'm not doing that wow stop,recording no what i'm not recording how,many likes well five million likes five,million nobody's gonna get that get that,camera out of my face all right,yo everyone let's get it light get up,link it up,yeah what are you looking at are you,serious what are you looking at what's,up what are you doing,that was my phone,oh my god,oh my god,pose pose that's good,no why would you do that joke,yeah i got that,that can make you clean my room right,now with one word no you can't jessica,you know who jessica is bro,says jessica who's jessica where's your,murphy your buddy nah who's jessica,no no one i'm heading out thank you,yeah yo,seriously come on,right now,go,whoever spills it first gets soaked at,the end,oh my gosh,next one,oh,is it dripping no not yet,this is it,oh,it's dripping is it,so,i told my twin,to watch this video,i'm about to raise my girlfriend,i'm winning again she's gone,she's gone,that guy's too fast,don't shoot me i got your money,hey hey whoa it's them,dobby brothers yo what's up,yo what are you doing bro,oh,go go,invisible ink prank on my twin brother,everyone like it up it's about to be,crazy what's up marcus what are you,doing,yo,what are you doing,what are you doing bro,what is this,it's invisible ink chill well i don't,care what's wrong with you bro,yo everyone watch this this is invisible,ink i'm about to get lucas's girlfriend,really good,what's up everyone,yeah are you serious bro,yo are you serious oh go check this out,bro i've never seen this before oh look,there's a hole for her too you're,breathing everything it's cute right hi,blue,wow bro this is insane i need one of,these yeah for sure,man,yo,yo,yo what's good shawty yo man still,around,yo what's up what's up you guys the,dober brothers,so,so i got you something crazy what,what mortgage boom,488 pizza,yo isn't this the first one in the,country yeah how did you get this,we just got it,uh yeah i don't even know how it's,possible bro this is a masterpiece,yeah,how,bro drive it just just get in there bro,go,give him the keys bro,let me hear it bro let me hear it,you got 15 seconds to think of your,ugliest face all right he only got 15,seconds and during that 15 seconds,everybody that's watching this is gonna,click on the arrow click on the message,and then cancel that okay now make,your dirtiest ugliest,put a finger down if you've kissed over,five people,put a finger down if you've been pulled,over while driving put a finger down if,your body count is larger than three put,a finger down if you've ever stolen your,friend's man put a finger down if you've,ever farted in class,put a finger down if you've ever,shoplifted,put a finger down if you've ever been in,a physical fight put a finger down if,you've ever been arrested,put a finger down if you've ever caused,a car crash,put a finger down if you ever got caught,vaping in the bathroom put a finger down,if you've ever been fired from your job,put a finger down okay l, After seeing the sixth section, I believe you have a general understanding of tiktok twins brothers, Continue the next seventh section about tiktok twins brothers, all right guys we're closed don't open,your eyes okay okay,we've known you for a really long time,and want to give you something special,and we know that you guys like red color,right yeah so are you guys ready yeah,yeah yeah yeah guys,come on this is my car you guys doing so,this is,my,thanks guys,going bro if you walk through that door,we're done if you walk through that door,if you walk through that door we're done,wow what the heck yo are you dead,serious right now,cool thanks all the twins can do it,oh my god done it was so good but i,gotta use the restaurant i'll be back,okay okay,oh my god are you good actually,everything's good yeah okay i'm not,going to rest him let's just do it again,okay,not again not again i'll be reading,and you go work out genius so we become,smart,and strong at the same time really,interesting book brother i really love,that part yeah i know and i also feel,like we're,growing uh just a little more okay i got,you,why are you looking at her but what are,you talking about and your girlfriend no,i wasn't looking i wasn't looking no you,didn't do exercise,hey i love your style do you want to,hang out oh so are you have a good time,hold on a second i'll be right back okay,yeah hey man,yo don't worry about this what's up,yo let's go surprise the twins yo twins,left to right arm i'm taking the right,eye this is mine,is small i just get a piece give it to,me,okay fine,wait what what are you doing,nothing are you,impressing people and seeing their,reaction,right and wrong ways to pick up girl,my laptop,you filming yeah i might have run over,my two mother's laptop everyone like,this up,yo you're a savage my man get in there,get in the candy,oh dude,excuse her by any chance can you break,hundreds we're trying to get some ice,cream,i'm sorry guys but there is the grocery,store over there i think it might be of,help,thanks anyways have a good day,excuse us sir by any chance can you,break a hundred dollars we just want to,get some ice cream,a hundred again but then i just guys,tell you where to go,you don't have it grocery store no over,there,we'll see,why you guys again you again do you know,him,no breaking a hundred 100 ice cream,you want ice cream all right we don't,even know we buy have a good one,hey dobry brothers yo i like your videos,yo you're childish,hey dover brothers what's up i like your,car,thank you,yo are you serious i'll go whoa it's,them don't be brothers,yo what's up what's up yo what are you,doing bro,oh go go go oh my god this is such a,fish,let's do it can you please record it,one two three good luck hey,there you come on,yo what's up what's up you guys the,dober brothers,frank,yo everyone watch this this is invisible,ink i'm about to get lucas's girlfriend,really good what's up everyone,invisible ink prank on my twin brother,everyone like it up it's about to be,crazy what are you doing,yo what are you doing,what are you doing bro,it's invisible ink chill but i don't,care,what's wrong with you bro,you get that yeah yeah i got that,divide and tolerate,no,you can't have that,you, Congratulation!

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