Preparing for a rustic themed holiday with family? Wow love your friends transformation & all others that got shared in the group! The uniform look of the light gray walls, dull brown, wood flooring and darker gray tone for the floor to ceiling fireplace offer this one a subtle boho look. Oil based paint finishes are still the best choice for brick fireplaces mantel. White on white? Footloose and fancy free with the white paint. Unlike brick, metal surfaces are more difficult for paint to properly stick. This time she planked the top of the mantel and added trim to the sides. So, while it is recommended, best be advised that it is not really a good option. Then use the 6 " roller with " nap to paint the rest of the fireplace, ensuring that the paint is applied as evenly as possible. The elongated textured brick fireplace surround accentuates the play between old and new. For a modern, sleek flush in your brick fireplace, painting it with black is a good move. From that warm, colonial revival look, it became a coastal boho vibe. The formal living room is adjacent to the front door and foyer area. 4. An easy breakdown on my mantel styling tips can be found here. This time around, I applied two coats of Kilz Orginal Primer to my fireplace. The Wild Badger Power 52CC 2 in 1 Multi Trimmer with Brush Cutter: A Everything You Need To Know About 1StopBedrooms, Space-Saving Solutions for Organizing Your Rental Apartment: Easy Ways To Maximize Living Space, How to Organize the Perfect Backyard Lunch, What Color Rug Goes with Teal Couch? It is a perk I offer to my subscribers. What is a good finish for a brick fireplaces mantel? Who says that brick cannot be transformed into a modern aesthetic? A small brick fireplace becomes the focal point on a white wall when painted in a cool, modern, gray color. After vacuuming, use the sponge to clean the fireplace with cleaner/degreaser. So if youre asking the question, What color should I paint my brick fireplace? and youre wondering about white, keep reading! You have entered an incorrect email address! The top half is now modern paneled instead of its previous bare wood backdrop. For a bright white look and a minimal black contrast, this one is something to consider. Whitney knocked it out of the park with Romabio Classico lime wash in Avorio White. Transitioning from an encased fireplace to an open hearth, and keeping these built-in, rustic look floating shelves give it a balanced, and contemporary tone. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. With the wide range of options that you can choose from and the different painting techniques that you can employ, there is a vast design scheme that you can approach for your brick fireplace. It's hard to go wrong with white paint, especially on brick, and the fireplace is no exception. Use a wire scrub brush to remove dirt and dust, and vacuum up any debris. The cohesive look is owed to the white walls and very minimal accent decors including these two potted plants here. Initially,the spots were very subtle, but this summer the brown spots continued to emerge- covering the entire span of my fireplace surround (pictured above). Use the bucket and sponge to scrub the brick. She used Rambio Classico in Avorio White on the brick and took the paneling from vertical to horizontal and made this family room a dream space! A fireplace makeover gave the room a fresh look while preserving the home's original leaded-glass windows. Can you even handle this makeover!!?? Elegant living room library photo in New York with a standard fireplace and a brick fireplace. Description from When my client had to move from her company office to work at home, she set up in the dining room. Painted brick fireplaces have been emphasized here as a low-cost fireplace remodeling tip if not the cheapest of them all. 7. Might as well refurbish your old-school reddish-brown fireplace into something lighter and more updated. Use an angled paintbrush to paint the mortar lines, painting around a few bricks at a time. That was time well-spent, Leslie! Essentially, the only investment involved were the costs of paint and painting supplies. We also converted our fireplace to a magically instant, totally realistic-looking gas fireplace, the story of which you can read about our downstairs stone fireplace here (with 5 reasons why we did it)! (Im actually writing a post about why we did white in the areas we did in this in house.). And that black wood flooring? I was the exact same way, Mary. (21 Options). Join our tips & freebies list and youll get our Design Focus Mini Guide for FREE! This conventional, very outdated brick fireplace and grandma furniture really need some serious refurbishing. And if you dig the sandy tones of beige and old towns, here is something that you could refer to. The mantel is painted with the same gray color and the thoughtful placement of family pictures make it more intimate. Check out these amazing ideas and modern fireplace designs to find out which design may work best for your fireplace. Fireplace Makeover + CO Safety Tips with First Alert This fireplace received a complete makeover with paint and shiplap. I feel like Kristen and I should be friendsjust look at her happy little houseplants!. This made is simple and required no color-mixing! Whos The Brain & whos The Brawn? Crispy white tones are a good choice to brighten the space but gray, off-white, beige and brown could help in softening the look of the brick fireplace. Paint colors that go with a red brick fireplace. There are painting circumstances where using a primer is unnecessary. A.K.A. Access my FREE E-book Beginner's Guide to DIY Home Improvement. What a fun post! Related: 53+ Best Fireplace Tile Ideas and Designs. Let the brick sit for 10 minutes. 1. Join our Insiders list & you'll get our Design Focus Mini Guide for FREE! (There's a drawer in there too.) Fireplace With Built-In Bookshelves. It can be as simple as a fresh paint job on unfinished or previously painted brick. So it was an easy decision. Because the painters were already in the space with all their paint, dropcloths, and other equipment, they charged next to nothing to add in painting the red brick fireplace. The seat of the bench is painted Chic Gray. Add more highlights if desired. Now we had nice wall for a beautiful console and mirror for storage and serving during parties. See that fun post HERE. You can also do full coverage, depending on your technique. As you are completing your own fireplace makeover, be sure to consider things like the mantel surround, a mantel shelf, and other decorations that can make your fireplace beautiful. The answer is. ft./Ea). So informative and I freakin love it completely white and these are great tips, I was worried about that exact same thing with ours but so far we've had no issues. She only used one can for all of that brick. 1. Next, gently dab the brick you want to paint with the sponge. Why do I always have to learn the hard way? Last summer, while visiting, she asked me if I thought she should.. Painting is exactly what it sounds like. The brick is painted in Behr Ultra Pure White in Satin. Rinse the surface of the brick fireplace. You will need heat-resistant paint that can attach itself to a metal surface. How to Paint a Brick Fireplace 1. Since the whole room would be undergoing a paint transformation and a wood floor transformation, we knew this was the right move: to get this brick fireplace painted for us. Dash a second or third coating point if necessary. In addition, there was everything her family could not store at their own homes. The other day I showed you how I painted the fireplace doors and vents, but didn't . If by better you mean easier, staining is better than painting the brick fireplace. A white, more balanced decoration to adorn your fireplace keeps the design flexibility of your brick fireplace down the stretch. Bonus- no chemicals, like regular paint. More than that, you are also accentuating the wall fireplace in a standout corner like this one here. Whenever I visit my home state of Utah, I love to help friends and family finish up their spaces! New Epoxy floors. Kaley used Rust-Oleum chalk paint in linen white mixed with water (1:1 ratio) for this gorgeous textured look. The bronze firebox is updated to olive green. Sometimes you appreciate hiring things out SOOOOOO MUCH MORE when youve DIYed them yourselves before. Rustic design schemes are always timeless. It is extremely humid here, and it has rained a ton this summerthats when the spots got out of control. Step 1: Inspect the Painted Fireplace Before Whitewashing If your brick is already painted, you can still achieve a whitewashed look. Want to read more about updating your home on a budget? Using a paintbrush, I brushed the white wash onto the brick. I started by wiping down the brick with a damp cloth to make sure I had a clean surface to work with. Primer exists for a reason, my friends. But if you want more versatile choices and easy to work with colors, choosing from different tones of neutrals is still the best choice. For the total minimalist look, here is a latex painted brick fireplace that makes the room crisp and very inviting. This will start to fade after 5 years. It's beautiful and simple. The mantel and hearths color are maintained as well as the side cabinets and carpeting, but the furniture set is also given a whole new, modern, mid-century look. (Although you can see here they taped it off at first, before we asked them to add it back in.). I bet your neighbors love you, Abigail! ), gas log kit | tray | similar jar | similar tray | planter. Marble and Tile Update. Used the same Romabio Lime Wash in Avorio White on this stunning makeover. The trim is Benjamin Moore OC-21. Painting A Brick Fireplace. Painting the siding and the brick the same color creates such a uniform and inviting exterior. Apply a cleaning solution of dish soap or all-purpose cleaner and water to the brick with a clean cloth or rag. She already had the EuroCave refrigerator, so I incorporated it into the design. On one hand, having your office space right next to the kitchen is handy. The frame is solid smoked walnut that draws the eye and establishes the fireplace as a worthy focal point. 2- Metal. Brush your paint mix on a 1x1 area and then immediately use your rag to rub it deeply into the brick and then remove any excess. We help you create space so you can free up time & energy to do what you love! I no longer design for clients, rather share makeovers, home projects, recipes and things I am enjoying on this website! Good luck in your many painting adventures. This gradual approach was a great way to test the waters of a painted, brick fireplace. (Like when we paid these guys to paint our dry bar cabinets white.) The office space is quite and removed from the main part of the basement. You might have heard of intumescent coating for fireplace mantels but just to give illumination on that, while it is highly resistant, it puffs up when it is exposed to heat for a long time. We also added a flat piece of crown molding + cove to better finish the look of where the brick meets the ceiling. Let us just allow this transformation to speak for itself. We finished the dcor with a painting from my clients father. Hilarious right? I have always loved Nesting. The good news is that there is no limit to the colors used to paint brick fireplaces as we have already emphasized in this list here. To make everything look cohesive, the pastel-colored walls are changed to a more neutral look of beige and moss green. The color is BM Simply White. The previous look was already chic and popping with color but overhauling it into this green color bloc is just phenomenal. Brick fireplaces range from red, reddish-brown, maroon, to beige and burnt umber. And doing it in time for winter is just the best deal that you could ever go for and this one proves that. And if you are down with that grandmother look for your old brick fireplace, here is another white, chalk painted brick fireplace to spruce up your living room. Yes. If you're painting exterior brick, use . But we did use it on our interior fireplace and it has held up great! Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists. ), paid these guys to paint our dry bar cabinets white. Only use a paint brush made for textured surfaces. Giving it a blue green take, potted plants by the raised hearth, improved the effect of the stained wood mantle. Abigail is in the process of making this home her own. Because working from home requires many online meetings, we added a shiplap wall painted in Hale Navy to contrast with the orange fabric on the chair. Designed by Julie Williams Design, Photo by Eric Rorer Photgraphy, Justin Construction, Bettendorf, Iowa - Jennifer Home (by Windmiller Design), ****Please click on image for additional details****. If you do not see yourself sanding the tile anytime, you can use a special bonding primer for the tiles. Here are some ideas to consider. 21 of 41 Display Plants A mantle was made from reclaimed wood. Good luck with your fireplace, friend. Replaced her aluminum siding with Hardy Board. You have heard of whitewashing, but mortar washing is also an underrated method to give a brick fireplace its rustic, distressed tone. Now the columns and chimney match her cute siding color! After the Kilz dried, I then applied two coats of the Brick and Masonry Paint I had initially used (lucky for me, I still had the leftovers from the original gallon). Shannon documented the whole process of her exterior overhaul here. I didn't want to take away the style of the home, I just wanted to update it. (Don't worrywe'll NEVER share or sell your information. Hell at this moment, I can feel the humidity wafting through my chimney. The last and best part of the renovation is the beautiful bar. 3 - Pour paint into mixing bucket and then dilute the Classico Limewash 50% -100% with water and mix completely. Inspect your mortar and make sure there are no gaps or cracks. It became more rewarding when I started preparing the nest for my first, Ella Grace.

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