I loved reading as an escape. Show all. I live in NZ and can attest to the wrath borne by cyclone Gabrielle. Today I still like to press flowers and as of spring 2021 I am now an urban flower farmer. Some things never leave us. I hope to grow some of my own with your wonderful seeds and start something new for my children and grandchildren. The kitten was abandoned by its mother and was raised amongst a litter of piglets! And I will have beautiful flowers. I also loved the magazine Highlights with the best part being the search of the hidden items, simialr to Lost & FOund. Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge, seeds, resources and beautiful flower world. I learned to read using them in the classroom and my love for reading just continued to grow. They were so detailed and whimsical and no matter how many times you read the book there was always something new to discover. I am a constant reader and love all kinds of stories but I wonder if these types of books honed my skills at seeing details in situations and projects. So if youre looking for a healthy snack. The Bible of course but also other books that lifted my heart and mind to God. Now as a senior adult volunteering in a special garden in our city I am always learning & transfixed by the other volunteers flower arrangements, sold to supplement our gardens desire for the next must have for an arrangement ! Although I read over 100 Nancy Drew books and have collected mulit-dozens of gardening encyclopedias and books over the years. I had a list of characters, more than I needed. Ultimately the tales of a self-sufficient simple life must have grabbed me. Im always attracted to any floral book with lots of pictures so I can envision where I would like to start my next garden. I used to get so carried away when I was little and many a time my mother would ask, who am I talking to, while i was playing in our garden. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. I loved good stories and also beautiful pictures and still buy beautifully illustrated childrens books just to have. I remember being truly changed by a few: where the red fern grows, modoc, the wizard of oz series.. A beautiful flower book like Lost and Found would help transport me to another region like New Zealand which I understand is incredible to visit. Try not to skip not to lose muscle.#workout #postworkout #food" Especially ones with a view of the seaeven if its just one you see whilst peeking through a pocket of flowers or branches or just over a stone wall. I have been hooked on reading ever since. Fast forward today, I am now a grandmother and living in Minnesota. All we really need is loveAs I grow and share love with my worldeverything is better for it! It looks like a wonderful book. These days, Im sharing the stories with my grandchildren and they always ask for just one more! Now I look for strong female role models in everyday life. Unlike many of the other kids in school, I dreaded library time because it meant I had to be quiet and read a book full of black and white words that was picked out for us by an adult for homework. My mom was an avid reader and so was my grandparents and aunts so it was definitely passed down to me. I love seek and find books and always brought them for my 3 kids, we equally enjoyed the search over and over. Charlottes Web was my favorite book as a child. He went through three or four novels in a two week period. I was also a bit of a nerd and loved reading Charles Dickens as a child and his stories remain a favourite and have shaped my love of the strange, whimsical & down trodden. Thanks for this interactive book. I am trying hard to nurture their love and excitement around books. I named it and climbed it almost every day. expecting. Until this question I hadnt thought about it but its incredibly relevant in my daily life. I think mysteries relate to gardening a lot. My favorite books as a child were Alices Adventures in Wonderland, and Through The Looking Glass. I grew up on a beautiful farm in Indiana and the flowers my grandma had were unparalleled. Mais aujourdhui en tant quadulte jadore lire des livres qui parle de croissance personnelle, ou encore des livres de tricot ( jadore le tricoter) et rcemment jai dcouvert quil y avait des fermes florale , chose que je ne savais pas que cela existait. Heidi was drawn to hiking higher and higher in the mountains, a pastime that I now enjoy in Colorado as an adult. Im still in awe of that experience and have been so fortunate and grateful to have visited such an incredible site. We had a lovely Yorkshire terrier named Ziggy and this summer I hope to have a special garden blooming for her. Children of the Forest features the sweetest mushroom capped children, and in The Flowers Festival fairies heads are surrounded in flower petals. But it sure inspired me to work and have fun with kids as a teenager. I read that entire series that summer in that nook, with a view out the window into our flowery backyard. A salad is the perfect way to get your daily dose! I have long-admired Zo from afar and am dying to visit her farm in person someday. . I can still taste the intense sweetness of the wild strawberries growing in our field on the edge of the forest. I have never forgotten it and all my kids and grandkids have copies! Headgerow life is such an ideal world. We would escape to imagine something only to find it in our neighborhood and celebrate that find. Pets love to eat their favorite foods. Some of them (looking back now) were kind of scary but I loved them all the same. My favorite book of all time was one my favorite teacher read (who I was fortunate enough to have as a 4th grade & 6th grade teacher!) Its not that I loved their stories I dont even remember them now like I do other beloved books =) but the way they showed that decisions have consequences to think carefully and choose wisely and that sometimes even when you do, things still go sideways thats has a pretty significant influence. I would read anything I could my hands on when I was young. I still have some of them. I once read that its better to believe in the impossible and probable than probable and impossible. Fairy tales and allegories! I would say the direction of our business has shifted from just supplying flowers wholesale to now creating with our flowers. I was particularly obsessed with my grandparents 9 at the time) up to date Encyclopedia Britannica and their 40+ years of National Geographic. Expand your pets menu and watch them thrive. But, the book is a good reminder it IS possible to make the world a more beautiful place. . Turkey is one of my all-time favorite meats!, 5. A love for reading to me inspires us to live life to its fullest. The quirky pictures that expand a kids imagination are also fun. I am grateful to share this, it was a nice little trip down memory lane. I also got some of your Dahlia seeds. This seems like so much fun to search through my favorite things, flowers! I loved books that personified bugs and animals and even plants. Ps Wynken,Blynken, and Nod one of our favorites from Rudyard Kipling. I think it has shaped my beliefs that dedication and hard work pay off and are worthwhile. Reading is such wonderful way to learn about our natural world, cultures, and its peoples. Congratulations on the new book! While facts are great and necessary, helping connect them to the lives of my sixth grade students is a must. assistant, sign up to Chorus today. I have always loved stories of people coming from distant places and finding a new home and new ways to live. When I was a child my favorite book was Charlottes Web. Especially love Eric Carle as a child. I would bring them all to my mom. Around 8 or 9, I fell in live with the Boxcar Children series and the story of Heidi. The book also culminates to the point of a little girl sneaking through the sleeping dragon maze to find that last piece of chocolate cake in the fridge. The books I remember most from my childhood are picture books. 1: cathexis: k uh th e k s i s: 2006: Definition: 2 . I love getting new books, and flowers are my passion in nature, so would love to get Zoes new book. orbx global base crack stm32 hal adc calibration download cisco virl images for eveng. I enjoyed sharing them both with my daughters when they were young as well. Salads are wonderful, salads are great, Theyre the perfect food to help you lose weight, So if youre looking to slim down, give them a try. The story of this little train that could never make it up the mountain and had to keep trying, keep believing, keep going despite every odd to finally achieve all it dreamed of doing and being. Am now living in a semi-rural, temperate zone; Im keeping a cottage garden, enjoy watching the birds at their feeders, and am partial to watercolor illustrations/artworks. Thank you for a lovely interview and insane photos! We are surrounded by nature and our neighbors farm animals and even through Im learning country life is not easy (my husband grew up in the country with a farmer father) I love seeing the beauty in the simple world around us, how everything works cohesively to thrive and how hard work provides opportunities for things to grow. I lost my Mom when I was 5 and had horrible step mothers so books were my way to escape into another world. My Mom introduced the wonder of stories very early on in my life by reading me a chapter or two each night before bed. Looking back, I wonder if this is the reason I cannot lie and in some cases can be brutally honest. It was so sweet and empowering and made me want to name everything I had after flowers! One of my favorite books as a child was The Story of Ferdinand about a bull who liked to sit quietly under a cork tree and smell the flowers. To do this day, I need nothing more than a book in my hand to be having the most wonderful day. How inspiring! I believe that reading fueled my love for learning and being able to really listen to people. I was so intrigued, as a child, by books that demonstrated any kind of art or craft! I imagined the small animals holed up in their dens, the countrysides, the farms and the colorful cast of characters both animals and humans. My mom was a reading teacher so reading was a part of my entire life as a kid. As a child, I was drawn to stories of nature and animals. thank you for this A Wrinkle in Time, The Phantom Tollbooth, and the Chronicles of Narnia stick out as some of my favorites. The bravery to run away from an abusive situation and take off on a raft with a runaway slave was fascinating to me! Flowers and painting are my passions now. Its a depression era story about a little girl sent to live with her uncle in the city because of depression era poverty. As a little girl I was never into books, but I was really into nature. What color, what shape??? . I remember crawling up in my grandfathers lap and he would read it over and over. She was a young girl who solved mysteries and went on different adventures. I look for books to encourage me with words of kindness, like Pooh and empathy like Charlottes and with the natural nature that comes with horses. The love of growing things passed from generation to generation is amazing and beautiful! It was kind of like the Wild Thornberrys. I now am a mother to 4 Little girls and I enjoy reading touching stories and character building books to them daily. When I was a child my mom would take us to the library and let us pick out any books we wanted. The beautiful nature images inspired my love of flowers. I have a soft spot for anything with multicoloured flecksroses, dahlias, zinniasI love them all. I think Winnie the Pooh stories were a favorite. So go ahead and make yourself a salad today! The Secret Garden was also a favorite of mine magical! What a beautiful book this must be! I loved that book so much that I found a used copy as an adult so my own girls could enjoy it! See all the reviews here. The book sounds delightful!! I have always loved flowers even from a young age but more so now that I am retired so would love a copy of this book. I loved mystery books such as Trixie Belden and adventure/ fantasy books like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Floret only lists companies and products that we love, use, and recommend. Again, simply learning about others was so inspirational and I enjoyed presenting these print articles to our readership. Each picture can provide so much interest and enjoyment. Then I got to repeat it all again when homeschooling my boys. Funny thing is that I really didnt like reading as a child, I couldnt sit still and would rather be outside immersed in imaginative play creating Daisy and dandelion flower chains . Especially the Redwall series :), I loved The chronicles of narnia series. Later, as I grew, I enjoyed the Hardy Boys. Set in a land so far away the only way to access it was through your imagination. I clearly remember that even as a young child, my heart was always captured by stories telling how people helped animals or other people in need. It has collections organized into sections with titles that children can totally relate too. I remember always getting Magic Tree House books from the school library as a kid. How grateful I am to have access to so much information and expertise of others! My fairy tale book is even more special to me because my father who didnt make much money in his work as a young police constable in those days spent most of his paycheque on this book. Id get lost in the illustrations, with so much detail including little hidden story lines in the borders of the pages. The richly colored illustrations in it always drew me into its world, and I never got tired of pouring over them. I loved the whole family aspect of them weathering every storm together and living a hard, but more simple life. Zo Fields Lost & Found looks gorgeously colorful to immerse oneself on snowy white/gray days. It was the only chapter book I personally owned so was so very special to me, I still have it today Angela. Piggle Wiggle series because I loved her kindness and the magic! Creating hidden spaces with plants is satisfying, even the patience required for everything to grow is cultivated. As a child I loved to read mysteries like the Nancy Drew novels and the babysitters club, hahaha. I didnt realize that at the time, but all those stories helped me navigate many difficult challenges with hope! As I got older I really only read magazines. Zoes farm sounds amazing and so glad everyone is safe. Her love of flowers & nature & imagination drew me right in. I loved reading any book about a different place or culture, I always loved learned about how other people live. Lovely lovely book. They were engaging, silly, and mysterious! Thanks to you and your beautiful book. I became an art director of publications, seeking out and surrounded by many talented photographers and illustrators and still enchanted with gorgeous books. As a very little cold, I loved Hop On Pop by Dr Seuss. This book looks amazing a feast for the eyes! My childhood favorites are Grimms Fairytales, The Lord of the Rings series, anything about fairies, and a picture book called The Seamstress of Spitz that I cant find now but that I remember had ornate detailed drawings of very fancy princess/queen dresses which I loved. My 3 children inherited my love of books and we discovered the seek and find books when my youngest was born in 1996, and they quickly became her favorite. Little did I know growing up in the inter-mountain west I would end up living a few hours north of De Smet SD. I loved Roald Dahl, Madeleine LEngle, Beverley Cleary, and also raiding the art and travel books in our library. But secretly, I always liked (and still like) picture books. I am forever grateful that I had access to all of these beautiful stories, and cant wait to introduce my new baby to them. YOU. I loved books so much as a 5 year old that I would open one up and pretend to read it! This foundation grew into my own love of gardening and into the ability to see a unique beauty within everyone I meet. Now I cultivate my very own garden sanctuary to share with family and friends during every season of the year. Your email address will not be published. Now I am working on my own homestead and often wonder what my childhood idols Laura and Anne would think of this modern homesteading lady. My seeds will get a little late start but they will grow. Like Miss Rumphius, I, too, hope to make the world more beautiful, be it with roadsides abundant with lupine or sharing flowers in another way with the world. I could not wait for another chapter of Charlottes Web to be read. Maybe it was the childrens book I loved or maybe I was born with the love for animals but either way my love for animals and nature runs deep and I am glad to be reading as an adult! Well, that has been over come by events now, but it is still a wonderful memory for me in that safe little spot in my heart. My Mom was a teacher there and she worked it out with the librarian to get the old copy for my daughter- who also loved the book. We also used to have a game called the garden game and it was our absolute favourite game to play. I loved The Phantom Tollbooth and I continue to travel in real life and in my minds eye! Plus anything by Martha Stewart which definitely influenced my love of flowers today. Such a beautiful book! I hope the sometimes 100 plus summer degrees here in CA will not negatively affect them too much. While I grew up around the ocean I was a curious child that loved everything about it. I soared in my dreams, in my imagination and through books. I had fun placing little plants (and sometime little weeds) in my special spot and taking care of them. I was not read to as a child and dont remember any books during my early years in school that stand out much but in my 40s when I began homeschooling my two daughters my love of good books and especially classic childrens books such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, Make Way for the Ducklings, All Things Big and Small by James Heriot, Little House on the Prairie, Winnie the Pooh, The Wind in the Willows and Animalia by Graeme Base opened a part of my heart I never knew was there. Cant wait to get the book. As a child, I was introduced to the Bible story books by Arthur Maxwell. Zoe book sounds like fun, an adventure to savior and enjoy. These rhymes are specially chosen by our unique songwriting rhyming dictionary to give you the best songwriting rhymes. The Secret Garden. I loved fantasy books with great world building and they are still my favorite! When I was little, I LOVED fairytales, and anything with an adventure. Over the years, my childhood copys binding weakened and pages were lost or crayoned over by my little sister. Such a great article, it all sounds magical with a lot of work!!! In all of the book, there is a reflection of how important nature is to all of us, especially trees. By 8 I read everything, it didnt matter. Privacy Policy, Click here for other lists of rhyming words, Avocado / adobado / amontillado / dorado / muscovado, Baloney / cannelloni / macaroni / minestrone / pepperoni / rigatoni / spumoni, Beans / greens / nectarines / sardines / tangerines, Blini / fettuccine / linguine/martini / panini / tortellini / zucchini, Brunch / Crunch n Munch / lunch / Nestles Crunch / punch, Burritos / Cheetos / Doritos / Fritos / taquitos / Tostitos, Candy cane / champagne / grain / romaine / sugar cane, Cannoli / guacamole / ravioli / stromboli, Chex mix / fish sticks / Hickory Sticks / Kix / Pixie Stix / Trix / Twix, Crme brle / curds and whey / fish fillet / Milky Way / parfait / pt/ puree / sorbet / souffle, Filet mignon / Grey Poupon / Parmesan / pecan / prawn, Lemon drop / lollipop / soda pop / Tootsie Pop. My father would read the classic Andrew Lang fairy books to us (The Green Fairy Book, The Red Fairy Book). Hi from NE Oregon. I was the youngest of five children and my older sister would often read to me at night. Posted at 09:02h . To help them live a long and healthy life! I loved any book filled with goodness and beauty and read them over and over! As I was a little girl I found the book named Peter Rabbit I wasnt able to understand the language , because I was too young. Imagination and creativity help shape me into a thought provoking and problem solving adult working in my career field. The feeling of accomplishment as I read each volume was one of the first I remember. This rhyming game is a free printable, so click on that link below to get your own. Food is big in my class right now. I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN! Im glad to do it, cause its my delight. But when I was 20, we went to Chincoteague and I stood out on the beach at 4 a.m. to get a good spot to watch the ponies swim. We had the famous Book It program so I would read as many books as I could get from the library. Grce aux graines de Florent Farms , Sems et Floramama . I will never forget that day, its etched in my memory as a most amazing moment. Growing up the book I was most fascinated by was a Nat Geo book about China. I loved poetry books and landscape photography books. I loved all of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder being a pioneer, the constant need for invention in order to survive nature, both its beauty and its battles. As a young child, I read every Little Golden Book I could get my hands on! I love this book so much! I loved books and read voraciously as a child. With cholesterol levels through the roof. It reminds me that nature is home to many creatures. I loved Stephen Biestys Cross Section books and any of the DK Visual Dictionaries. I actually struggled to enjoy reading as a child. They taught me that things are not always as they seem and adventure is always waiting around the corner! ( hes 2 years older) so I was already prepped for nerdom. I was that child who was always reading from a very young age. Aside from a few old trees around the house, it was a clean slate.

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